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Countries with The Best Medical Tourism

July 04, 2020
Traveling the world is quite the experience. You get to see all kinds of culture, taste exotic dishes, and even meet new people who you can relate to even though you live and grew up in different countries. Traveling is what connects people with each other, unites them despite cultural, language, and perhaps even societal barriers. But more than that, traveling can also save your life. Not just in giving you a different perspective and peace of mind when you so desperately need them, but also quite literally. Medical tourism is now common and here are some countries that have proven to be quite the hotspots.

Countries with The Best Medical Tourism



Beyond the charms of Paris and the Mediterranean escape that is Cannes, France's healthcare system has actually drawn countless tourists to visit the country. Though its universal structure prevents visitors from gaining access to the public option, patients with private or travel insurance are able to avail of the excellent medical services that France provides. Not to mention Paris' very fine hospitals. A lot of which are internationally recognized, meaning they welcome foreign medical tourists as they do local patients. And with that signature French "joie de vivre" atmosphere, any patient is bound to recover smoothly whilst here/ 

Countries with The Best Medical Tourism



Spain is definitely a country you'd want to live in—or more accurately, in this situation, remain alive in—due to its colorful culture and passionate people alone. But it is its national healthcare system that will help you stay healthy. Like France, the country is very welcoming with medical tourists, even with their slight strictness when giving them access to their public healthcare system. Still, many of the hospitals here boast specialties in fields of neurology, oncology, orthopedics, and more. As well as excelling in maternity care and running great pediatric wards for the little ones. No matter your age, you can get treated well here! 

Countries with The Best Medical Tourism



What's so great about Thailand as a medical tourist destination is that foreign patients will actually feel like they're prioritized here. Though this isn't to say they don't pay as much attention to local patients as they do medical tourists. But the focus and care are divided equally between the two. With Thailand's national healthcare system—of which medical tourists can gain access via private/travel insurance—patients will no longer have to wait long to get treated. And they're guaranteed to look as good as they'll feel since part of the country's medical aces includes dentistry and aesthetic medicine. 

Countries with The Best Medical Tourism



With over 250,000 from around the world agreeing that Germany is one of the best places for medical tourism, the European country sure has proven that their own national healthcare system is running just fine. There are many factors that make it so, from their state-of-the-art equipment and innovative methods of treating people to their home-made medicine, many of which are even approved by the EU itself. Of course, the question of costs still come into play, but compared to other countries and their healthcare systems, going to Germany still saves medical tourists considerable amounts of their hard-earned savings. 

Countries with The Best Medical Tourism



In Israel, the world of medicine is an equal playing field. To be more precise about it, the country's public hospitals are on par with its private institutions in terms of the latest technology, the caliber of staff, and the quality of healthcare. This alone should convince any patient to travel to the Middle Eastern country to get treated. And many already have. Around 30,000 people visit Israel every year for medical tourism. Such a number is a strong testament to the country's efficacy in treating patients, both local and from abroad. And it's expected that the number will grow in the years to come! 

Countries with The Best Medical Tourism



Singapore is somewhat of an international community itself. It's quite a congregation of different people from different countries, packed with diverse cultures and an international understanding of a quality way of life. This is why the Southeast Asian territory has since become one of the top medical tourist destinations in the world. Though gaining access to its national healthcare system required private or travel insurance, the diversity in Singapore alone make sit a comfortable and welcoming place for overseas patients. And, of course, the quality of healthcare they provide here, whether from public or private hospitals, is truly top-notch! Don't' expect anything less from Singapore! 

Countries with The Best Medical Tourism



In the same vein, you'd only see and receive high-quality healthcare from the UAE as well. The country's system allows everyone to take part in it, even visitors. Medical tourists from overseas countries will only need to register for a national public health card to gain access to public health options. But whether one goes for public or private healthcare, the quality of treatment and care remains the same across the board. Dubai's hospitals alone stand testament to this, many of which are even accredited by the Joint Commission International. Though you will need to shell out more than what you might have bargained for when it comes to costs. 

Countries with The Best Medical Tourism



The rich cuisine, historic landmarks, and beautiful people aren't the only reasons to visit Italy. If you have a health problem, this country's medical tourism will help you out just as well. Italy's healthcare system is one that benefits most people, even foreign patients traveling to the country to get treated. While there is a requirement for private/travel insurance for non-immigrant visitors, jumping over this hurdle is easy peasy. Not to mention the many fine hospitals in Rome and Milan that are more than willing to welcome medical tourists, treat them, and possibly even let them participate in their medical studies. 

Countries with The Best Medical Tourism



If there's one word to convince any medical tourist to visit Mexico, it's 'affordable.' Getting quality healthcare in this country won't break the bank for a lot of overseas patients. And it's because of this that the country has seen a considerable rise in the influx of medical tourists over the years. With an effective national healthcare system and countless high caliber hospitals and clinics, it's no wonder people go here just to get treated. But they stay here longer for the fine weather, beautiful culture, and delicious cuisine. After all, a holiday is just what the doctor ordered for one's recovery! 

Countries with The Best Medical Tourism


Don't underestimate these countries when it comes to providing quality healthcare. They will treat and take care of medical tourists just as effectively and carefully as they will local patients. And that's why they've become the best countries for medical tourism!






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