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The Most Trusted Public, Private and Pediatric Hospitals in Singapore

June 21, 2020
Singapore is the kind of city that sort of feels complete. And most probably, it is. The 'tiger city' of Southeast Asia, Singapore has been leading the region in so many areas, from business to entertainment, and even to social order. No wonder many people from all around the world continue to move here. It's a business haven that rivals even the most important cities in the West, particularly in Europe and in the USA. Even when it comes to hospitals, don't think that Singapore is trialing behind! The city is chock-full of fine institutions that will ensure people's health and recovery.

The Most Trusted Public, Private and Pediatric Hospitals in Singapore


Singapore General Hospital 

Arguably the most famous entry on this list is the Singapore General Hospital. Ranked first by Newsweek as the top institution in the country, it's a popular go-to facility for many people staying in the city. for one thing, the hospital holds up Singapore's healthcare system like no other. As long as you're covered, you'll get the best quality care here. Furthermore, despite not having one specific specialty, the hospital is able to treat all kin of patients for all sorts of illnesses, payments health defects, and more. No matter what you have, you're guaranteed to get treated best whilst here. 


Tan Tock Seng Hospital 

Tan Tock Seng Hospital's strong focus on wellness is what makes this institution one of the finest in Singapore. Not only are they working hard to ensure that every patient within their facilities recovers well, but they also make it point to encourage them to remain strong and healthy even when they're cured or healed. Part of that is through their medical delivery service. With a tap on the app, a type on their website, or even just a phone call, you could get all your health needs delivered to you in a flash. Practically no other hospital has this kind of service in the country. 


The Most Trusted Public, Private and Pediatric Hospitals in Singapore


National University Hospital

Don't get it twisted! Just because the National University Hospital is teaching hospital doesn't make it any less "official" as the other institutions on this list. In fact, its very academic nature is actually one of its strong aces. With well-trained professionals and medical students at your beck and call, you're guaranteed to be well-take-care of while you're here. Also, your treatment might just be part of their many studies and researches in various medical fields. Beyond all of that, however, the place itself is a nice, clean, and standard facility that has everything a hospital needs to take care of a patient. 


Mount Elizabeth Hospital 

Do you know just how fine the Mount Elizabeth Hospital really is? Well, many people view it as a luxury hotel as it is a top healthcare institution in Singapore. Firstly, one of its many prime locations in Orchard—a great area in the city to work in—gives people open access to it wherever they are in the city. Secondly, several of the rooms hare are practically suites that can rival even those in actual five-star hotels. Though you won't exactly find a luxurious pool here, you will get treated by some of the best healthcare providers in the country. 


The Most Trusted Public, Private and Pediatric Hospitals in Singapore


Khoo Teck Puat Hospital

In terms of giving patients or loved ones of patients an easier time, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital is already one step of every other hospital on this list. Of course, taking care of patients is their number one priority—and their fine facilities and many medical experts stand proof of this—but there's no denying that the logistics part of entering a hospital is the one that gives everybody headaches. So because of this, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital has set up online services to make everything easier, more accessible, and less difficult. Most of the paperwork can be done online so you don't she to worry about anything else! 


Gleneagles Hospital

When it comes to offering up above-average healthcare in a very clean space, Singapore's Gleneagles Hospital is one of the hospitals in the lead. Above everything else, they ensure that their facilities are germ-free, removing any other risk for patients to get any sicker while they're there. Furthermore, they also take time to help people understand their conditions to them instead of holding back. A common practice here is that many healthcare providers are encouraged to really explain to patients what's wrong with them and how they (doctors) plan to treat them to help them recover. 


Changi General Hospital 

Though it's not exactly a teaching hospital, the Changi General Hospital in Singapore has its own research facility that focuses on both medical studies and finding innovations in various treatments. At face value, the hospital may seem like your standard institution, but the place itself is decorated to improving their ways of treating, curing, healing, and taking care of their patients. Though don't worry, virtually none of that they do here are hardly experimental. Rest assured that if you choose this hospital, you'll be in good hands. And if you want to stay updated with what they do, they have their own magazine too! 


The Most Trusted Public, Private and Pediatric Hospitals in Singapore


Singapore is a complete city through and through. The many hospitals here are some of the finest institutions, not only in the country but in the rest of the Asian region as well. You'll find that whatever it is that you may have, you'll be in safe and good hands here! 

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