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Understanding The UAE's Medical Health Care System

June 29, 2020
The United Arab Emirates may seem like a distant, exotic, Middle-Eastern paradise but it's still a country. It still operates as one with the many laws and systems in place just like any other nation. And in relation to that, the UAE also has its own medical healthcare system. In fact, it's regarded as one of the finest in the world. Just as innovative the country is in many areas, the UAE's healthcare system has its fair share of advancements and upgrades. When you're staying in Dubai or any other place in the country. you'll find this out for yourself.

Understanding The UAE's Medical Health Care System


Understanding the UAE's Healthcare System

As with any other country, you'll have to understand the UAE's healthcare system when you move here. Similarly to many other countries, the healthcare system was instituted by law here. This means that every person in the country is legally required to get health coverage. It's better for your finances if you are anyways. The system, as a whole, is run by the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) but each emirate is headed by its own department under this entity. This way, they can better provide quality services for those living in their respective emirates. 


Can You Register in the UAE's Healthcare System?

Yes, you can, actually! Even with the UAE's healthcare law, expats and visitors can still gain access to it whilst in the country. Though the easiest way is always through private insurance. While costly, this sort of coverage will allow you to avail of more and better services than that of the public option. For non-citizens and visitors alike, you can register for a national public health card through the MOHAP, providing you with the same subsidized prices as those enjoyed by citizens. As compared to other countries, this makes the UAE's system much more relaxed and open to foreigners. 


Understanding The UAE's Medical Health Care System


What You Need to Submit to Register for the Healthcare System

Upon registering for a national public health card, there are certain documents you'll need to show with your application. They include a passport photo, a photocopy of your actual valid passport (pages 1 and 2), two copies of your EIDA application, and a valid visa for your stay in the UAE. If you are a citizen already, you'll need to show a copy of your family book as well. As for diplomates staying in the country, you'll need to provide a copy of your diplomatic passport, the card issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and a letter proving that you work at the consulate. 


The Best Hotspots for Healthcare

If you're moving to the UAE, you're probably moving to Dubai, aren't you? Most foreigners emigrate to this city, especially for work and such. And this is no surprise considering there are many places to work in the city. Fortunately, Dubai itself is also a healthcare hotspot. Dubai hospitals, clinics, and other institutions are some of the finest in the world. Some lead in innovative studies and research amongst many fields in medicine. While others employ a number of the world's finest professionals. Throughout many of Dubai's districts, you'll find a good hospital or two that can answer your health needs! 


Understanding The UAE's Medical Health Care System


Women's Healthcare in the UAE

It's a misconception among those from the outside that the UAE isn't a good place for women. Notwithstanding the fact that there are still many parts of the country's culture that relatively holds women back, generally-speaking, however, women are very much taken-care-of and revered here. Particularly when it comes to healthcare. For one thing, many aspects of the healthcare system give special focus and attention to women and their needs. Most especially when it comes to expecting mothers. Furthermore, there are even some hospitals and clinics in the country that exclusively employ women. They're there to provide a safe and healthy space for their fellow females. 


UAE's Children's Healthcare

And what of the children? What about their healthcare? Well, even the little ones are also given special attention within the system. Similarly with the women, there are many fine hospitals, clinics, and the like that exclusively cater to children. These pediatric wards provide a whole host of health services for children, from basic dental care to serious operations and treatments. Furthermore, vaccination is mandated by law in the country up until grade 11. This means that your children can get vaccinated for free up until their late teens. 


Understanding The UAE's Medical Health Care System


Emergencies in the UAE

As with any other country, the UAE gives healthcare access to citizens in times of emergencies. You'll just need to call the 998 emergency hotline and you can expect an ambulance service right at your door in no time. They will then transport the patient to the nearest general public/private hospital where doctors cant great him/her immediately. At this time, all treatment given to the patient to help stabilize his/her condition will be free-of-charge. Once stabilized, the patient can then be transferred to a specialized clinic or department under the same hospital. And it's only when there's a need for further treatment that extra charges will apply. 


Private and Travel Insurance

it's always better to get complementary private health insurance on top of the public option. Having one helps you control your finances better in the event of severe treatment, medical operations, and even in times of emergencies. And it's also through private and travel insurance that foreign visitors can gain access to the UAE's healthcare system. Fortunately, there are many international companies that offer both private and travel insurance that are reliable and will help you save more money in times of medical emergencies. Here in the UAE, ther include Allianz Care, Cignal Global, and the like. 


Understanding The UAE's Medical Health Care System


The UAE may seem like a totally different country than what you're used to in terms of laws and cultures, but their healthcare system is practically similar to those from other countries. And if you have plans of moving here, you'll need to familiarize yourself with it. 


Another thing you'll need to get familiar with is where you'll stay in the UAE. If you're moving to Dubai, the city's many luxury rentals will work best for you, especially those situated near the hospitals and clinics! 





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