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Going to Singapore as a Medical Tourist

July 03, 2020
If you were to a five-star country club to be an actual country, it'd be Singapore. It's a luxurious place, somewhat of a haven for the rich and famous. You can do business here, socialize with the world's elite, and there are enough fun things to do here. When it comes to luxury, Singapore is practically second to none, at least in Southeast Asia. But also, they provide some of the finest health services in the region as well. Similarly to going to a fancy country club, you'll feel great and better than ever whilst staying here.

Going to Singapore as a Medical Tourist


Entering Singapore as a Medical Tourist

The legality of entering Singapore varies from country to country. For instance, citizens/residents of fellow Southeast Asian countries, as well as western countries like Great Britain and Ireland, they don't need to get a visa to travel to Singapore. but for countries like Australia and Japan, they do. Still, whether a patient needs a visa to go to Singapore or not, he/she will only get to legally stay in the country for a maximum of 30 days. If the treatment will require more days—possibly even months—the patient will need to apply for an extension. 


The Singaporean Healthcare System

Singapore's universal healthcare system gives people both the private and public option. For the latter, it allows citizens and residents of the country to avail of the many quality health services with subsidized rates. Whilst for the former, even though this is often the more expensive option, people get to save a lot more with such As for medical tourists, similarly to other countries, they can't access the public healthcare system as they're not citizens or residents of Singapore. However, they can still avail of their needed treatment and other medical services through private and travel insurance. 


Going to Singapore as a Medical Tourist


International Patient Service Centres

Another avenue that foreign medical tourists can take when accessing Singapore's healthcare system is the International Patient Service Centres. They act as travel agencies for patients, helping them connect with hospitals and, at times, even specific doctors and experts toa vial of their services whilst in the country. They also offer the International Health Insurance plan, which helps international patients to cover any medical costs they have in Singapore. Since such plans are associated with a good number of private hospitals in the country, medical tourists so go for hem will have everything covered. They won't need to worry about anything anymore! 


Top Hospitals in Singapore

It's no secret that Singapore's hospitals are some of the best in the region, arguably even in the rest of the world. Traveling here as a medical tourist, you'll be given many options and they're all top choices! Mount Elizabeth Hospital, for instance, is as luxurious a place as any other in Singapore. Not only will you get treated well here, but you'll also be pampered to perfection to help you fully recover. Meanwhile, Changi General Hospital has its own research facility, which means they have their own innovative ways of treating all sorts of diseases, illnesses, ailments, and other health problems. 


Going to Singapore as a Medical Tourist


Singapore's Best Medical Treatments for Tourists

As with any other country, Singapore has its own top services to offer medical tourists fro around the world. Surgeons here excel at heart bypass surgery, for example. The operation is actually one of the most common reasons why medical tourists travel all the way here. The country has quite a high success rate when it comes to heart bypass surgery. One could also say that same about hip and knee replacement surgery as well. Rest assured, anyone in need of a new body part or even anew organ, he/she will find them here and get them replaced successfully. 


The Luxury of Warmth in Singapore

Since Singapore is located near the equator, the country enjoys a tropical climate. It's warm here all-year-round, with rainy days becoming the colder parts of the year. With such a climate, anyone recovering from an illness or surgery will have a grand time here. The sun and summer breezes will prove necessary to improve the condition of patients. Not to mention the fact that Singapore is also home to a lot of five-star hotels, luxury resorts, and even first-class gyms. Paired with the warm weather, these can all help one heal physically, mentally, and emotionally in no time! 


Going to Singapore as a Medical Tourist


At face-value, Singapore might seem like your ordinary haven for the rich and famous, but it's actually more than that. the country has quite the lively medical tourism, especially with their very helpful healthcare system and top-notch hospitals and institutions. 

If you're traveling here to get some of the finest quality healthcare, you'll also deserve to stay at some of the finest places. Singapore's luxury rentals are just what the doctor ordered when it comes to a nice, clean, and safe accommodation in the Southeast Asian retreat.





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