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Israel: A Prime Destination for Medical Tourism

July 03, 2021
What do you know of Israel as a tourist destination? The exotic location surrounded by deserts and wildlife? The exciting Hebrew traditions passed down from generation to generation? The beautiful landmarks with biblical significance? It's no secret that Israel is a country worth exploring. But did you know that it's also a place worth visiting for medical reasons? Not many people may know this but Israel is actually a prime destination for medical tourism. Their quality healthcare is severely underrated and it's high time it's recognized for the great system that it is and the fine services it offers to people, particularly to tourists.

Israel: A Prime Destination for Medical Tourism


Do You Need a Visa to Go to Israel as a Medical Tourist?

First thing's first, you need to determine whether you can enter Israel as a tourist at all. Well, it actually depends on your country. Some countries require a visa to enter Israel while others don't. And there has since been a policy wherein citizens/residents of certain countries can enter Israel without a visa for medical reasons. It allows them to stay in the country for a maximum of 90 days (approximately three months). Now, for those that still require a visa, a normal tourist visa will do, even if you're traveling to Israel as a medical tourist. 


Can You Access Israel's Healthcare System?

Since 1995, Israel has had universal healthcare for its citizens and residents. Anyone and everyone paying taxes in this country are entitled to public healthcare coverage. However, this does not extend to non-residents, namely visitors and tourists. In order to gain access to Israel's healthcare, medical tourists will need to get covered via private/travel insurance. Only through such will they be able to avail of the various medical services in the country whilst still saving some money in the end. At least there are companies like Allianz Care and Cignal Global that offer such packages and operate in Israel as well as the rest of the world. 


Israel: A Prime Destination for Medical Tourism


What are Israel's Best Health Services for Medical Tourists?

Among the many treatments offered in Israel, in-vitro fertilization is one of their best and most in-demand. This arduous alternative process to natural conception has drawn couples with specific problems in the area to travel all the way to Israel just to get it done. And the costs for such are considerably low than in many countries. Furthermore, many hospitals and institutions in the country boast their advanced medical research facilities. They study all sorts of illnesses and other health conditions in the hopes of finding effective cures or more innovative ways of treating patients. 


What can the Dead Sea Do to Patients?

Another popular reason why medical tourists go to Israel is the Dead Sea. This notorious body of water and the area tha surrounds it actually has a lot of healing properties that have proven to be effective in treating patients. From sunbathing by the shore to actually immersing oneself in the salty water, going to the Dead Sea area has developed in various therapies and treatments for different patients. Thalassotherapy is probably the most popular, letting patients swim in the sea to better recover from any physical ailment that they have. Meanwhile, since the area seems less of the UV rays of the sun, heliotherapy is also common here. 


Israel: A Prime Destination for Medical Tourism


Are Health Services in Israel Affordable?

To say that the medical costs in Israel are lower than those in other country's is an understatement. Oftentimes, the difference between the prices a patient pays for medical services in some countries to those in Israel are in the tens of thousands. A common example to this fact is bypass surgery. While a patient with no health insurance will have to pay a staggering $120,000 for the operation, here in Israel, it will only cost him/her $30,000. The difference in prices is mind-blowingly big, to say the least. And it's this reason why many patients travel to the country for medical tourism. 


What's Israel Like for a Tourist?

Overall, however, Israel, with its warm climate, fascinating culture, and even historic significance, is a great enough place to visit for one who's recovering. Even if a patient doesn't get his/her treatment here, the medical tourist can still better recover whilst spending time here. If he/she is physically up to it, the recovering patient can better explore the country, focusing on his/her adventures here instead of worrying about his/her health (which, in turn, can affect his/her mental health as well). As already mentioned, the Dead Sea area itself is a great retreat for holistic recuperation as well. 


Israel: A Prime Destination for Medical Tourism


Israel is more than the place you've read about in the Bible. It's actually a great country to visit if you're in need of important medical attention but you want to save money. For that reason alone, Israel has become a popular destination for medical tourism. 


Beyond that, however, the country is still a great place to stay in, whether you're recovering or not. And booking one of Israel's luxury rentals as your accommodation during your stay here will do you some good, both healthwise and as a normal tourist.