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The Italian Medical Tourism Destination

July 01, 2021
Why do you go to Italy? To see the Vatican? Why not? To eat the country's fine cuisine? Surely enough! To see the iconic Colosseum in person? Of course! To find love? Si! Whichever reason you have for visiting Italy, you're sure to have a great time here! But did you know that people also go here to get medically treated? Yes, apart from seeing the sights and eating the food, people travel all the way here to go to the country's hospitals and get treated by its finest professionals and experts. Over the years, Italy has become such a fine medical tourism destination.

The Italian Medical Tourism Destination


The Italian Healthcare System for a Medical Tourist

As with any other healthcare system in Europe—and practically the rest of the world—Italy's healthcare system is only accessible if you're a citizen or resident of this country. Even if you're visiting the country as a medical tourist, you still won't be able to avail of the health services here that easily. Despite it being a universal system, it's only strictly open to citizens and residents. It'd do you some good if you just get private or travel insurance instead. While the costs, overall, may remain high, you'd still save a ton of money. And that's one of the most important things, after all. 


Will the Weather Agree with You?

There's a good—nay, great!—chance that the weather in Italy will agree with you when you visit here. Especially if you go to the southern parts of the country. As a whole, the weather patterns in this country are diverse. Some experience really cold weather while others practically get summer all-year-round. It's better to go to the areas with warmer climates as this will benefit your recovery in the long run. Fortunately, many of the country's great hospitals are located within these places. You'll have no trouble enjoying the sunshine here, that's a guarantee! 


The Italian Medical Tourism Destination


Medical Tourism and Scientific Research

A huge ace in Italy's medical tourism is actually its medical research. The country has probably countless facilities devoted to studying various illnesses and how to cure them. And though such research, they're able to better treat patients, both local and foreign. While such institutions may seem like a hassle in terms of treating patients, they actually help the medical field more than what many people realize. They're the keys to finding new and effective ways to curing people of their ailments. On how to apply different sorts of therapy, and the like. 


Vacationing as a Medical Tourist

Ultimately, with the country's beautiful culture, relaxing ambiance, and religious significance (if you're a believer), Italy really suits any medical tourist best. That's because it's not just the medical aspect that will effectively help the patient, but the tourism part as well. traveling to Italy is a holistically healthy experience. The rich cuisine alone can fill a patient up, especially since many of its dishes are vegetable-based. Its many gardens, beaches, and even ancient ruins will provide a peaceful atmosphere, one were people can relax and learn while they recover. Still, patients should not exhaust themselves whilst in Italy. It's better to take it slow at first. 


The Italian Medical Tourism Destination


Hospitals to Go to in Italy

So, what hospitals should a medical tourist go to? There are many in Rome and Milan alone, two of the country's major cities and well-known tourist destinations. For cancer patients, they'd get the best treatment at Milan's European Institute of Oncology. Not only do they study the life-threatening disease here, but they also have a good track record of successful recoveries too. And since it's an internationally-recognized institution, you'd find a doctor who speaks English—possibly even your native language too—here. Meanwhile, the university hospital San Raffaele Hospital, located in the same city, is perfect for any patient with a problem with his/her cardiovascular system. 


In Rome, on the other hand, there's the Concordia Hospital. this is the place when a patient needs something done with his/her hip, knee, shoulder, or all of the above. With its state-of-the-art equipment and first-class facilities, they can operate on any patient and there'd be a high chance that it will be successful. Meanwhile, as medical tourists will need English-speaking doctors and professionals, the Rome American Hospital is their best bet. Patients are guaranteed to get treated with international experts who know what they're doing and can easily communicate with them. 


Italy's Best Treatments for a Medical Tourist 

Apart from all of these hospitals and their aces in the medical field, Italy is known for a lot of other kinds of operations and treatments. Plastic surgery, nowadays, is getting a lot of traction from foreign medical tourists. Patients in need of such surgery to improve their physical appearance pay tons of money to travel and get operated here. Cancer treatment is also, as already mentioned, quite prominent here. Those who get their chemotherapy here have a lot more chances to become cancer-free after intense treatment. Not to mention they'll possibly participate in important studies on the matter as well. 


The Italian Medical Tourism Destination


Italy is far from the historic landmarks, rich food, and stunning fashion for tourists. For many people out there, their main purpose in visiting the country is to get the finest medical treatment for their various illnesses, ailments, and other health problems. 

No matter what your objective of visiting the country is—be it for medical purposes or otherwise—you'd fare a lot better if you chose one of Italy's luxurious rental apartments for your accommodation. Your recovery would be better for it, that's for sure!





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