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The Best Public, Private and Pediatric Hospitals in Paris

June 11, 2021
Paris is just so beautiful, isn't it? The iconic monuments and landmarks. The stunning parks and avenues. The cafe society found in every corner! Just about every part of the French capital is worthy to put on a postcard. And if you live here? Every single day you'll see this beauty and you won't ever get tired of it. But there are other reasons what Paris is a great place to call home. Not the least of which are its fine hospitals. No matter what happens to you, the city's best hospitals will ensure your health and safe recovery!

The Best Public, Private and Pediatric Hospitals in Paris


Antoine-Béclère Hospital

Paris is both the "city of lights" and a foodie capital. From brunch hotspots to great restaurants for business lunches, there are so many places to go ear here. And with that comes the risk of contracting two health defects. Indulging in the French city's fine foods are all well and good and going to the nightclubs is fine. However, if you overdo both, you won't just get a sleeping disorder, but you also might gain so much weight that you become more at risk of obesity. Fortunately, the Antoine-Béclère Hospital in Clamart specializes in those two illnesses, among many others. 


Bichat-Claude Bernard Hospital

Beloved for their expertise on cardiovascular and neurovascular diseases, the 18th arrondissement's Bichat-Claude Bernard Hospital is one of Paris' most popular hospitals. Though they treat all sorts of health problems, they focus on the heart and the nervous system the most. In fact, this is one of the hospitals that have undertaken several successful heart transplants in its history. when you have a problem with your heart, this is one of the safest places to go to! 


The Best Public, Private and Pediatric Hospitals in Paris


Bretonneau Hospital

Within the same district is Bretonneau Hospital, another prominent hospital known for different reasons. For many Parisians, this hospital has become synonymous with dentistry even though they also specialize in other areas too. And everyone knows that when you're in Paris, you're pretty likely to contract a few cavities during your stay here. The moment you feel pain or discomfort, this is probably one hospital that many locals will recommend you visit. Their expertise in this area is truly noteworthy. 


Gustave Roussy Hospital

It's no secret that cancer treatment is one of the most expensive treatments in the world. Fortunately, the French healthcare system allows non-resident visitors to pay the same amount for it as residents do. And in Paris, if there's one hospital that's worth paying a lot of money to treat your cancer sickness, it's Gustave Roussy Hospital. A non-profit facility located in Villejuif, this hospital has specialized in the disease since it first opened. It was one of the first of its kind in Europe too! 


The Best Public, Private and Pediatric Hospitals in Paris


Pitié-Salpêtrière University Hospital

The Pitié-Salpêtrière University Hospital in Paris' 13th district is one of the most effective hospitals in the city. They specialize in a whole host of health problems, many of which they've successfully cured and helped people recover from. One of their main focuses is on problems with the nervous system. Their facilities here are equipped with the latest technology and well-informed experts to ensure that whatever defect you have in your system will go away. No wonder it's become one of the most well-regarded hospitals in France. 


Saint Anne Hospital

Similarly, the Saint Anne Hospital in the 14th arrondissement also has a strong focus on the nervous system. But theirs is connected to the mental health of their patients as well. In fact, the hospital has one of the finest psychiatric wards in all of the city. Here, they safeguard their mentally-ill patients—as well those involved with criminal cases of the Paris Police—and ensures they're treated well and fairly. And it's through their intense research of the system that has helped them tackle all sorts of mental health problems. 


The Best Public, Private and Pediatric Hospitals in Paris


Sainte-Périne Hospital

With so many people living in Paris' many neighborhoods, there's bound to a few hospitals in the city that caters to specific groups of people. The Sainte-Périne Hospital in the 16th district is one that specifically treats and welcomes elderly patients. Most of the illnesses they specialize in, bet it regarding the cardiovascular, nervous, digestive systems and more are those that many people aged 65 and above are most at risk of contracting. 


Tenon Hospital

Ladies, don't you worry! Paris also has a hospital that specializes in gynecology! In the city's 20th arrondissement, the Tenon Hospital stands as one of the finest facilities to treat the female reproductive system. In fact, it's even said that they've helped with the births of many Parisians and visitors alike throughout their years as an operating hospital. Which, in turn, also led them to set up a great pediatric ward for the little ones. 


The Best Public, Private and Pediatric Hospitals in Paris


The American Hospital

If you're from the USA, your best bet of getting cured of an illness or recovering from an injury whilst in Paris is at The American Hospital in Neuilly Sur Seine. First established as a special hospital set up to specifically treat American ex-pats in the French capital, it has now become open for all sorts of patients. And despite being a non-profit facility, it has become a state-of-the-art hospital known for its advanced treatments and the latest equipment in medicine. 


Trousseau Hospital

With a pediatric ER and a level III maternity, 12th district's Trousseau Hospital has become a go-to hospital for many families. Their expertise in nutrition has helped children grown up to be strong and healthy, as well as transform the diets fo many adults. Furthermore, the facility has a special department specializing in burn injuries for kids of all ages. It's the most prominent of its kind in al of Ill-de-France. 


The Best Public, Private and Pediatric Hospitals in Paris


Despite what you may have heard from others, Paris is actually a safe city to visit and stay for a long period of time. Their many great hospitals ensure that you will remain healthy and happy throughout your time here in the "city of lights!"

Fortunately, a lot of Parisian luxury apartments are located near many of these fine facilities. Booking one for your accommodation may just keep you safer and healthier. You won't have to worry about a thing!



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