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Discovering Mexico as a Medical Travel Destination

July 01, 2021
Mexico is one of the top summer destinations in the world. Their beautiful beaches, their delicious cuisine, their lively nightlife—these are all top ingredients for a dream getaway for the warmer seasons. Paired with their colorful culture, this is one place you'd want to explore beyond and back. However, in recent years, there's a new type of tourist that's going to Mexico now: the medical tourist. Despite everything you know about Mexico as a country from the outside, it actually has a great healthcare system. As well as hospitals and professionals worth traveling thousands of miles for.

Discovering Mexico as a Medical Travel Destination


Traveling to Mexico as a Medical Tourist

First thing's first, you need to know if you can enter the country legally for medical tourism. As of this writing, about 108 countries do not require any sort of visa to travel to Mexico. Such nations include the USA, Australia, Japan, Brazil, and any of the Schengen visa countries as well. If you're not a citizen nor resident of any of these countries, you will have to apply for a normal tourist visa to Mexico. Requirements and process vary from country to country, but the granting of visa will give you permission to enter the country both for tourist and medical processes. 


Can You Access Mexico's Healthcare System?

Once you've entered Mexico, there's still the task of gaining access to its healthcare system. Since the country operates on a universal public system, you'll need to be a citizen or a resident to be able to enroll in it. This means if you're just visiting the country—even for medical purposes—you won't be allowed access to public healthcare. You'll need to get private and/or travel insurance to get treated in any hospital here. Fortunately, many internationally-known companies also operate here, the likes of which are Allianz Care and Cignal Global


Discovering Mexico as a Medical Travel Destination


The Costs of Healthcare in Mexico

But even with your private/travel insurance, how much will you have to pay for your treatments here? Mexico boasts of a great system that helps people get treated without having to shell out tons of money. Mexico is, after all, not that well-off a country in the general sense. For it to have an effective healthcare system, it has to ensure that not a lot of its citizens won't get bankrupt when they access it. Furthermore, a patient in Mexico gets to save about 40% to 65% of his or her money here, especially compared to that in the US. 


The Best Treatments in Mexico

So what exactly will you go to Mexico for? Well, the country is well-known for its aesthetic medicine. Dentistry, in particular, is a huge hit in Mexico. And it makes sense, considering that Mexican cuisine doesn't even have a lot of sweet highlights. From something a simple as tooth extractions to more complex treatments like root canals, they really know their stuff here. Moreover, people also travel to this Central American nation to get plastic surgery. Whilst it's not exactly an urgent treatment, Mexican healthcare professionals have certainly proven their worth in this medical craft. 


Discovering Mexico as a Medical Travel Destination


The Healthy Weather in Mexico

A huge proponent of Mexico's medical tourism is its weather. It rarely gets so cold here that one will need more than three layers. The country doesn't even have a winter season. They only have tropical and temperature seasons, both of which will do anyone recovering from illnesses, ailments, and other health problems some good. Think of how nice it will be if you spent some time on a beach in Mexico after a severe operation. Though it won't necessarily speed up your recovery time, it will tremendously help. You'll need these types of retreats for your wellbeing as well. 


Visiting Mexico for Your Wellbeing

All in all, visiting Mexico is good for your wellbeing. A huge plus is its delicious cuisine. As already mentioned earlier, Mexican dishes are rarely sweet, though most are spicy. Either way, their chock-full of vitamins and nutrients that will help people recover from whatever illness or ailment that they have. Their lively culture—which consists of first, festivals, and the like—is good for the soul. It brings about energy and helps one achieve a better outlook in life. It's no wonder that many medical tourists who have gone to Mexico stay longer even after their treatments and/or operations. 


Discovering Mexico as a Medical Travel Destination


Mexico is a country worth visiting as a medical tourist as it is for a tourist of leisure. Its effective healthcare system, fine weather, and even lively culture will help anybody—with whatever health problem they may have—feel a whole lot better. 


More than Mexico's hospitals, the country's luxury apartments are worth the visit as well. If you book one for your trip here, you'll have a much easier time getting treated and recovering, that's a guarantee! 



Bucerías, Mexico
73 $ / night    
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms4-6
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
95 $ / night    
1 bedroom2 bathrooms1-3
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
114 $ / night    
1 bedroom2 bathrooms1-4
Flamingos, Mexico
140 $ / night    
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms1-6

Playa del Carmen, Mexico
149 € / night    
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms6
Playa del Carmen, Mexico
150 $ / night    
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms6-6
Aguacate, Mexico
156 $ / night    
2 bedrooms3 bathrooms1-6
Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico
162 $ / night    
3 bedrooms4 bathrooms9-9
Aguacate, Mexico
168 $ / night    
3 bedrooms3 bathrooms6-6
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
207 $ / night    
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms1-4