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Some features of this site rely on services offered by third party sites. These features deposit cookies, allowing these sites to trace your navigation. However, some cookies are only deposited after you give your permission and won't affect your usage of our site.

The following cookies, however, does not require any consent or agreement from you because their usage is essential for sites to properly function :
- session identifiers which identities the duration of a session/cookie-based authentication
- session cookies created by a media player
- cookies that customize the user interface such as the user’s choice of language

Manage your cookies

You always have the upper hand as to how you manage your cookies. You can change these options anytime.
Important : Disabling certain options will not delete the associated cookies. These will simply be not used anymore. If you want to disable the same option on several different browsers, you will have to repeat the same process on each browser.

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How Do I Delete Cookies Manually?

Manually deleting cookies differ depending on the browser you are using. Below are links to the removal conditions of the most commonly used browsers :

Browser Documentation
Microsoft Internet Explorer"
Microsoft Edge"
Google Chrome"
Mozilla Firefox"
Safari (MacOS)"

If you want to know more about cookies, click on this link :