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Moving to Atlanta: Your Relocation Guide

October 07, 2021
Any conversation about major American cities ought to include Atlanta. As the capital city of the state of Georgia, it's an important metropolis with a booming economy and a diverse population. The city is on its way to becoming as important of a place as New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, and more. That's why more and more people are moving to Atlanta. You ought to consider relocating here too. It's a big city with lots to do, many job opportunities, good weather, and fairly affordable costs. There's no doubt you'll have a great time here!

Moving to Atlanta: Your Relocation Guide







Why Move to Atlanta?

There are many good reasons to move to Atlanta.


  • It boasts a booming economy.


  • It has affordable living costs.


  • It has a diverse population.


  • It's the “Party Capital of The South”.


  • It's a big foodie haven.


  • It's near many nature-centric attractions. 


Is Moving to Atlanta Worth it?

For the most part, it is. Atlanta is an up-and-coming metropolis with lots of job opportunities, great nightlife, and good weather. There's a lot to look forward to here, especially if you love living in big cities. 


Where to Move in Atlanta

Some of the best places to live in Atlanta are Kirkwood, Midtown Atlanta, the Old Fourth Ward, Piedmont Heights, Underwood Hills, Westview, and Sandy Springs. Some of these are family-friendly while others are bustling areas perfect for the cosmopolitan in you. 




Overview of Atlanta


Atlanta serves as the capital city of the state of Georgia. With a current population of around 512,047 residents, it's one of the biggest cities in the United States. As well as among the most diverse. Atlanta has become known for having one of the biggest African-American communities in the country. Size-wise, Atlanta covers 133.2 square miles (344.9 km2) in southeastern America, right by the foot of the Appalachian Mountains. Thanks to its geographical location, the city experiences all four seasons. Its hottest month is every July, which has an average temperature of 88°F (32°C). Conversely, its coldest month is every January, which has an average temperature of 33.5°F (0.83°C). 



What is Atlanta Best Known For?


Apart from its role as the capital of Georgia state, Atlanta is also best known as one of the biggest cities in the American South. Since the region is notorious for its largely rural areas, metropolises like Atlanta stand out and draw in people from different parts of the country or even the world. Other things about the city that make it famous include:


  • Birthplace of Coca-Cola.


  • The Centennial Olympic Park.


  • A huge part of the Civil Rights Movement. 


Moving to Atlanta: Your Relocation Guide

Source: Wikimedia Commons 



Visa for Atlanta


If you're coming from a different country, you need to apply for the right US Visa to move to Atlanta. Though some countries don't need to get a visa to enter the country, it's different when it comes to relocation. The US is pretty strict when it comes to its immigration process. Even if you're from a place that's eligible for the ESTA Visa Waiver Program, for example, you still need to apply for the right US immigrant visa. Different kinds pertain to your objective of moving to Atlanta (or to the US, in general), including a visa for work, school, family, and more. 



Apply for a Visa to Atlanta


The method for applying for an American immigrant visa differs from country to country. However, there are common steps done in all countries, which include:


  • Filling up the application form.


  • Paying the visa application fee.


  • Submitting the required documents.


  • Going in for the in-person interview. 


Moving to Atlanta: Your Relocation Guide

Source: Wikimedia Commons 



Getting Around in Atlanta


It's not exactly difficult to get around this city. Atlanta's public transport is both efficient and affordable, a good alternative to renting or buying your car here. It helps that most, if not all modes of public transportation in the city are overseen by one big entity, namely the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, or "MARTA." From the railway systems to the buses and even elevators in buildings, this important governing body practically runs everything. You can also visit its site when you need to know certain info regarding the public transport systems. 



How to Get Around Atlanta


As already mentioned, there are many options for you to get around Atlanta. Thanks to the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA), there are trains, buses, streetcars, and shuttle service that you can take to where you need to be. To make it easier, you can always buy any of the MARTA Passes available, most famously the Breeze Card, so you don't have to fall in line and buy a ticket every time you take public transport. 



How to Get Around Atlanta Without a Car


Apart from what's already mentioned, you can also use a transportation app to get around Atlanta without a car. Popular ride-hailing apps like Uber and Lyft operate in this city. Though they're usually the more expensive option, they're undoubtedly efficient and offer quality service every time. 



Is It Safe to Walk Around Atlanta?


The short answer is yes, it is. There are sidewalks and designated areas for pedestrians to take when they want to take a stroll around the city. However, considering how bad the city's traffic can get, you're better off commuting when you need to go somewhere instead. 

Moving to Atlanta: Your Relocation Guide

Source: Wikimedia Commons 



Where to Live in Atlanta


One of the first things you need to do when moving to Atlanta is choose where you'll stay. There are many neighborhoods in Atlanta, each more unique than the next. You need to pick the right place for you (or your family) and it all depends on what you're looking for, your current vibes, how close it is to your work/school, and more. Take Midtown Atlanta, for example, which is a popular place to stay in the city. This neighborhood is perfect for those who want to live the big city lifestyle. But for a place like Kirkwood, a largely residential part of town, this area is better suited for raising a family. 



Where to Stay in Atlanta


As mentioned previously, some of the best places to stay in Atlanta include Kirkwood, Midtown Atlanta, the Old Fourth Ward, Piedmont Heights, Underwood Hills, Westview, and Sandy Springs. They each have something to offer for all sorts of residents, be they single adults who want to live independently or big families with little kids. 



Where to Stay in Atlanta with Family


Virginia-Highland, Lake Claire, Kirkwood, Peachtree City, Sugar Hill, and the Old Fourth Ward are just some of the best neighborhoods in Atlanta for families. These are all peaceful areas that are largely residential, have the best schools, and there are beautiful parks nearby. 



What Part of Atlanta is The Safest to Live?


The safest parts of Atlanta include North Buckhead, Peachtree City, Druid Hills, Candler Park, and Brookwood. They have the lowest crime rates in the entire city and are pretty peaceful for the most part. 

Moving to Atlanta: Your Relocation Guide

Source: Wikimedia Commons 



Living Costs in Atlanta


One of the best parts about moving to Atlanta is the cost of living. Despite how big it's gotten, it's not that expensive to live here. The living costs in Atlanta aren't that high, especially when compared to those in New York City and Los Angeles. But this isn't to say that it's cheap here either. If you want a comfortable life in Atlanta, you'll still need to spend a pretty penny. For example, your typical utility bills would cost around $125.00 to $381.22 here, far higher compared to other, smaller cities in the US. 



How Much Does it Cost to Live in Atlanta?


Typically, a single adult living in Atlanta would spend about $1,330.20 per month on top of their rent. A family of four, on the other hand, would normally spend around $4,797.00 per month on top of their rent as well. Now, considering that the average net salary one earns in Atlanta is $5,980.23, these numbers aren't all that bad. 



Is it Expensive to Live in Atlanta?


Not necessarily expensive but definitely not cheap either! Just renting a luxury apartment in Atlanta would cost a pretty penny, even if the prices here are far lower compared to bigger and more popular American cities. The common rental fees in the city range from a minimum of $1,350.00 to a maximum of $2,900.00 per month. That's not too bad, right? 

Moving to Atlanta: Your Relocation Guide

Source: Wikimedia Commons 



Employment in Atlanta, Georgia


As far as the US job market is concerned, Atlanta is one of its brightest gems. As already mentioned, Atlanta has a booming economy these days, thanks in large part to its many major industries. This is the reason the city came to be the bustling metropolis it is today. Its location in the Deep South may seem detrimental, but in truth, it has helped the city draw in more workers and improve its job market, resulting in its emerging economy today. 



Atlanta Employment Rate


According to Data USA, there are about 258,000 people employed in Atlanta today. At the same time, the city currently enjoys a low unemployment rate of 3.40%. These figures show that the job market in the city truly is strong and stable. 



Jobs in Atlanta, Georgia for Foreigners


As mentioned many times over in this relocation guide. Atlanta boasts a booming economy. As a result, there are also many job opportunities in store, even for foreigners. If you're looking for a job in the US, Atlanta—much like New York City or Los Angeles—is a good place to start. The city's main industries include entertainment, transport, technology, fintech, food processing, aerospace, advanced manufacturing, business services, and of course, tourism. 

Moving to Atlanta: Your Relocation Guide

Source: Wikimedia Commons 



Education in Atlanta


Education is something you and your kids have nothing to worry about. If you're moving to Atlanta with your children, rest assured that there are many fine schools here that can help them continue their studies. It's worth noting that Georgia state ranks 17th for K-12 achievement in the entire country. With 50 states in total, that's an impressive feat on its own. And this is thanks in large part to the prominent educational institutions in Atlanta, both public and private! 



Does Georgia Have a Good Education System?


Yes, it does. Apart from the many great schools in the city, Georgia also consistently ranks in the upper half of the country's best-educated states. WalletHub even analyzed the best and worst American schools and found that Georgia public schools rank 36th overall. 



How are Schools in Atlanta, Georgia


Now, let's focus on the best schools in Atlanta. Places like the Atlanta International School, Galloway School, and Springdale Park Elementary School have all proven to be commendable in teaching all sorts of students. If you're coming from a different country, it may be best to enroll your kids in an international school instead. They offer the highest-quality education in the entire city. 

Moving to Atlanta: Your Relocation Guide

Source: Wikimedia Commons 



Healthcare in Atlanta


Don't let the healthcare debate in American politics get to you. The moment you move to the US, be it in Atlanta or another city, you have to get health insurance for yourself. For your family as well if they went along with you in your relocation. For now, the Affordable Care Act remains the biggest part of the American healthcare system. Thanks to this law, you can still get access to various healthcare coverage in the country, be it through Medicare or private insurance. 



Does Atlanta Have Good Healthcare?


Yes, it does. Regardless of what you think of the country's overall healthcare system, Atlanta still offers quality medical services and proper care to those who need it. The city boasts prominent hospitals with great wards, top-notch emergency clinics, and tons of private practices that'll keep you as healthy as can be! 



Hospitals in Atlanta


Speaking of Atlanta's best hospitals, you need to take note of prominent institutions like Kennestone Hospital, Piedmont Hospital, and St. Joseph’s Hospital. These are hospitals that can tend to all sorts of health problems, welcome foreign patients, and are well-equipped to take care of thousands of patients at a time.  

Moving to Atlanta: Your Relocation Guide

Source: Wikimedia Commons 



Safety in Atlanta


There's no going around it: Atlanta's crime rates are high. Just how high is it? Well, the city currently has a general crime rate of 74.91%, which is considered high. On top of that, Atlanta's rate of increasing crimes is 74.71%, which is practically the same. This just goes to show that the city has a lot more work to do to ensure everyone's safety. It may be a bustling metropolis with a booming economy, but if the crime rates are this high, it poses a major concern to those who plan on moving to Atlanta. 



Is Atlanta Safe at Night?


Unfortunately, it's not. Atlanta's safety rate is already at 59.54% during the day, which is just moderate. At night, this drops to 26.25%, which is considered low. Pair this with the high crime rates and you're better off not going out at night at all! 



Areas to Avoid in Atlanta


Despite how high its crime rates are, it's unfair to say that Atlanta is a dangerous city overall. Apart from the safer parts of town, you only truly need to avoid the dangerous areas to keep safe here. You're better off not going to places like Mechanicsville, Lakewood Heights, Center Hill, Adair Park, Oakland City, and West End, among many others. These places are notorious for their high crime rates and sketchy characters, especially at night. 

Moving to Atlanta: Your Relocation Guide

Source: Wikimedia Commons 



Taxes in Atlanta


You probably don't need someone to tell you that the US takes taxes very seriously here. If you're not familiar with the American tax system



Does Atlanta Have Income Tax?


Yes, it does. Much like the rest of the US, Atlanta imposes taxes on your income, with the rate depending on how much you earn per year. Within the state of Georgia alone, the income tax rates range from 1.00% to 5.75%. But for the entire country, the federal income tax rates range from a minimum of 10% to a maximum of 37%. 

Moving to Atlanta: Your Relocation Guide

Source: Wikimedia Commons 



Relocation Tips for Atlanta


Before ending this Atlanta relocation guide, here are a few tips worth following as you settle down in the city.


  • Learn other languages when you have the time. 






  • Memorize the route you'll be taking every day.


  • Pick a place that's near your work/close. 


  • It's often better to commute than to drive your car here. 


  • Always reserve a table when you eat out. 


Moving to Atlanta: Your Relocation Guide

Source: Wikimedia Commons 


Moving to Atlanta anytime soon? Then let this relocation guide help you out! It has all the basics of what you need to know about this beautiful big city and what life would be like when you settle down here. 




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