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The USA's Best Transportation Apps for Various Needs

July 20, 2021
Admit it, one of the best things about living in this day and age are the transportation apps. As recently as just a decade ago, it was survival of the fittest to getting a taxi in any city around the world. Most especially when it's rush hour and there are more people on the streets looking to go home via a cab. But now, thanks to various ride-hailing online platforms, not only is it easier to get a taxi for yourself, but there are even more vehicles for hire to get you to where you want/need to be. Here are some of the top apps of such in the US.

The USA's Best Transportation Apps for Various Needs



It's no secret that Uber is the most popular app of its kind. while it might not have been the first ride-hailing app to ever exist, it did set the blueprint for other similar platforms to follow suit. And now, it's used all over the world, as well as throughout the country as well. Though ther are many things about the service that contribute to its immense popularity, its varying options certainly hold it to a different standard. You can go for either a private car or a public taxi, a solo ride or share with others carpool-style, and more! 



If Uber has one big rival in the US, it's Lyft! As with the former, Lyft's popularity stems from the different types of services that they offer. If you want to go solo on a ride, you'd likely get a modern car to get you to where you want/need to be. While if you choose to share with others, expect that you'll ride a bigger car but with a smaller cost. And just recently, the platform has also ventured into scooters and bikes. For those solo riders who want to get to ther destinations as fast as possible, this service has proven to be quite efficient. 


The USA's Best Transportation Apps for Various Needs



Now, if you're hell-bent on taking a taxi, you can always use Arro to get one. Just book a taxi and expect it to get to your location in a matter of minutes. But while Uber and Lyft offer private cars (often luxurious ones at that), why would anyone go through the trouble to get a taxi through Arro instead? Especially if it's easy enough to hail one on the street?  Two things! One is that it's not always easy to hail a cab on the street, hence the need for this app. And secondly, taxi drivers are often more knowledgeable on various road routes (i.e. shortcuts) than volunteers of the aforementioned services. 



Let's face it, the worst place to travel to and from is the airport. It's always so busy there, hailing a taxi often end up in fights, and expect to see a traffic jam or two within the area. But, at the very least, there's Wingz. This San Francisco-born app helps people in the airport to go home or wherever they want/need to go to after having just landed in the area. The taxis lined up outside? Forget them! You can just use this app and you'll get a ride with a fixed price and an efficient driver. 


The USA's Best Transportation Apps for Various Needs



Are you going to a new city as a tourist? Do you know what's a great way to meet people there? Share a ride with them. And not an Uber Pool ride neither. In this regard, it's better to use Via. What's so great about this platform is that it's designed specifically for carpooling. Book a ride and you'll be riding with people either going to the same place as you or their destinations are not the way. And unlike Uber and Lyft wherein you can't go off until you're actually in the destination you booked your ride on, Via allows you to drop off wherever you want along the way. 



Did you know that you can actually book a bus to go to a place with your family or friends? Well, not exactly a bus, but a vehicle close enough to resemble one or serve as a shuttle service. And in fact, the Bridj app actually does serve as somewhat like that, but more of a private kind. Book a ride through this app and you get to reserve SUVs, vans, and other large vehicles so that you can ride with your whole family or group of friends to where you need to go. 


The USA's Best Transportation Apps for Various Needs


Thanks to these amazing apps, traveling the USA is a lot easier, more manageable, and less of a hassle. With just a few taps on your phone, you'll have a ride ready to take you to wherever you want/need to go! Thank goodness for technology!

Oftentimes, these apps serve you best if your location is in a popular area. If you book a luxury rental as your accommodation in any of the big cities of the USA, these services will be able to serve you better!





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