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Atlanta's Public Transport: What You Need to Know

July 20, 2021
Atlanta, Georgia is perhaps one of the more underrated cities of the USA. while it's not as busy as New York, as glamorous as LA, nor as historic as Washington D.C., it has its own unique charms and a lively community too. It's one of those cities in the south wherein you could feel the stories of the past, the excitement of the present, and a great future to look forward to. Not to mention it's becoming quite the advanced city as well, with various businesses setting up shop here. Fortunately, it's easy to travel within the city with its efficient public transport systems.

Atlanta's Public Transport: What You Need to Know



The main transport system that many locals and tourists in Atlanta take is the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, also known as the 'MARTA.' Simply put, this governing body is in charge of the trains and the buses going to various areas and districts of the southern city. More often than not, the most common MARTA system people go for is the rapid rail system. It covers 47.6 miles, four separate lines, and has a total of 38 stations throughout Atlanta. It's not only fast, but it commonly stops at each station on time. Not to mention it's cheap as it only costs $2.50 for a single ride. 


Go On the Bus

MARTA's buses are also popular among locals considering it covers more ground than the rapid rail system. They cover about 101 routes across the city and their stations often intersect with those of the latter. With practically the same pricing as with the rapid rail system, its affordability has garnered many patrons of local commuters. Though perhaps the reason why the latter is still more popular is because the buses often get stuck in the Atlanta traffic. Since the city is a bustling metropolis, it's prone to seeing more than its fair share of traffic jams. 


Atlanta's Public Transport: What You Need to Know


The Atlanta Streetcar

Quite unique to Atlanta is its streetcar, owned and run by the city's local government. Opened back in 2014, it has since become one of the most popular modes of transportation in the city. Though not everyone in the city uses it because the system only covers the downtown area of Atlanta, which itself is quite the busy district indeed. Those who live and work within this urban district take the streetcar to get to where they need to be in a jiffy. Very rarely do Atlanta locals who live beyond the downtown area take this, making it one of the least busy public transport systems in the city. 


Shuttle Services

Little do many outsiders of Atlanta know, the city quite commonly make use of their numerous shuttle services to travel throughout the city. They're fast, effective, and often have a limit on how many are allowed to board it, ensuring that those who get to ride it have a comfortable time on it as well. In contrast to the other public transport systems, there isn't exactly one governing body that takes charge of the shuttle services in Atlanta. Various institutions make use of their own, such as universities for their students, national/theme parks for their own visitors, and private businesses. 


Atlanta's Public Transport: What You Need to Know


Taking a Taxicab

Of course, as Atlanta has become quite the bustling metropolis, expect that there will be a good many taxicabs roaming about. They're mostly within the busier areas of the city, such as Downtown Atlanta. Though you could easily hail one wherever you are if you're lucky to see one without a passenger. Or, when you're running out of time, you can always make use of ride-hailing apps. A good many of them can contact taxicabs—not just private cars—to take you to wherever you need to go. Though if you're using those apps, expect to pay more than the metered fare. 


Bike to Where You Want To Go

Similarly to New York and Washington D.C., Atlanta has become a great city to ride your bike in. though most do it for leisure, it has also become an effective mode of transportation. Especially since the city has since welcomed many bike rental businesses. Furthermore, the city has its famous Atlanta Beltline, a 22-mile pathway specifically reserved for the city's cyclists and those who'd want to explore the city on foot. On it, people can ride their bike without having to clash with the traffic jams and such that go on in the city. They can ride their bikes as they please. 


Atlanta's Public Transport: What You Need to Know


More and more, Atlanta is becoming quite the hotspot for tourists and new locals alike. Fortunately, the city is ready to welcome all of them, especially with their efficient public transport systems to ake exploring and traveling within the city as easy as pie! 

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