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Atlanta's Top Hospitals Worth Looking Into

July 21, 2021
Atlanta may not be the most famous city in the US but it's still one worth visiting. Don't pay attention to what others may think about this southern city. You can experience Atlanta in your own way and once you do, you'll realize that it truly is an underrated destination in the Land of the Free. You don't even have to worry about your health here either. The city has a good many hospitals that are some of the best in the 'peach state.' Whatever happens to you here, you'll receive quality treatment and proper care. That's a solid guarantee!

Atlanta's Top Hospitals Worth Looking Into


Emory University Hospital

Emory University is the top educational institution in Atlanta. So it makes sense that its affiliated hospital, Emory University Hospital, is the top medical facility as well. Not only will you get treated by acclaimed experts and top-notch medical students in this institution, but you'll also receive various treatments that are recognized throughout the country. Emory University actually ranks in the top 50 of a few medical treatments. It ranks top 20 in psychiatry and ophthalmology, while it made the top 50 when it comes to neurology, cardiology, and chemotherapy. It's safe to say you'll be in good hands here! 


Kennestone Hospital

Why is the Kennestonre Hospital one of the best in Atlanta? It has a great emergence services system. Once you call 911, you can expect their ambulance to get to where you are in a snap. And once you get to the hospital for whatever health problem you're facing, rest assured the staff is more than ready to treat you the best way they can and with caution. Interestingly enough, they also excel in various surgeries, particularly when it concerns orthopedics. This hospital has quite a commendable track record regarding successful knee and hip replacement surgeries. 


Atlanta's Top Hospitals Worth Looking Into


Northside Hospital

Northside Hospital isn't exactly exclusive to Atlanta but the institution here is completely top-notch! It has one of the best intensive care units in the city, helping stabilize patients and improving their conditions. If there's a medical emergency in Atlanta, it'd do the patient good if he/she was rushed to Northside Hospital. He/she will not only be in safe hands, but there's a huge chance that he/she will fully recover as well. As for other treatments that this institution is known for, their cardiology department is also noteworthy. They have quite a track record of successful cardiac surgeries. 


Piedmont Hospital

When it comes to cardiology, Piedmont Hospital is an institution worth mentioning. It's actually the finest center for such in Atlanta, Georgia. From aortic valve surgery to abdominal aortic aneurysm repair, this hospital knows what it's doing when it comes to matters of the heart. Those who suddenly suffer heart attacks would have nothing to worry about if they were rushed to this hospital. Additionally, Piedmont Hospital also ranks in the top 60 when it comes to gynecology. It seems that the women of Atlanta trust and have good faith in the professionals that work here. 


Atlanta's Top Hospitals Worth Looking Into


Shepherd Center

Rehabilitation is perhaps one of the most necessary yet criminally underrated types of medical facilities in the US. People seem to view it in a negative light, seeing it more as a center for deviants than a helpful and safe space for those recovering from ailments and addictions. Still, that hasn't stopped many great hospitals from making their own rehabilitation centers high-quality. In Atlanta, the Shepherd Center practically trumps others here. Their rank as the top 10th rehabilitation center in the entire country. But even beyond that, the institution has also been recognized as one of the safest spaces for patients in the city. 


St. Joseph’s Hospital

Part of the Emory group of hospitals in Georgia, you know that St. Joseph's Hospital in Atlanta is a high-quality hospital. It's practically a given. But what's very remarkable, especially for the locals who go here, is the welcoming ambiance and friendly service they provide. The hospital itself doesn't exactly excel in any particular medical field—they give quality care and treatment for patients of any ailment or health problem—they do strive to make people comfortable here. And you can't even say that about any other hospital, no matter how top-notch the institution is! 


WellStar Douglas Hospital

Wellstar Douglas Hospital is another institution that doesn't exactly has a specialty, but the quality care they give their patients is truly commendable. They know how to cater to people's needs, whatever they may be so that they'll remain comfortable and happy as they recover. Like many other hospitals on this list, they also have a noteworthy track record fo successful surgeries. And as far as emergency services are concerned, WellStar Douglas Hospital is as efficient as the rest of them. They welcome any patient who needs help and are willing to take care of them until they're good and healthy. 


Atlanta's Top Hospitals Worth Looking Into


What many people might not know about Atlanta, Georgia is that it has its fair share of quality hospitals and top-notch institutions. You won't go wrong in picking any of them for your medical treatment and you're guaranteed to fully recover as well!

Of course, when you're staying in this city, it's better to choose an accommodation that's near any of these fine hospitals. Fortunately, many of Atlanta's luxury rentals are in those exact prime locations!