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What You Need To Know About Atlanta's Crime Rate

July 23, 2021
You better get ready if you want to visit or even stay in Atlanta. It's going to be a bumpy ride here! As fun and lively as Atlanta is, it's not exactly the safest city in the world. There are multiple parts of the city that are prone to seeing crimes committed, leading to an unfortunate reputation for the city. Still, this shouldn't dissuade people from traveling to the city. It's still a pleasant place to go to and a nice enough city to stay in. You just really have to get familiar with its crime rates to form an accurate opinion on the city.

What You Need To Know About Atlanta's Crime Rate


The General Crime Rate in Atlanta

Overall, the general crime rate here at Atlanta is 57.76% for every 1,000 residents. While it's fairly high compared to other cities, it's not necessarily a cause for alarm. Especially since violent crimes only account for 7.99% of that. Property crimes, on the other hand, account for 49.78%. It's not a total relief, per se, but the silver lining here is that you'll generally stay safe while in the city. Your things, on the other hand, you're better off protecting them more.  Fortunately, if you stay aware of your belongings and you have a great security system at home, it's easy to do. 


Which is More Common: Violent or Property Crimes?

As already mentioned, property crimes are more commonly committed than violent crimes. In fact, statistically speaking, you have more chances of getting robbed than you are at getting assaulted in Atlanta. 1 in 125 people are prone to becoming a victim of violent crimes as opposed to the 1 in 20 people for property crimes. As for the specifics, assault is the most commonly committed violent crime with a rate of 2.47% for every 1,000 residents, Meanwhile, theft has a crime rate of 36.45% for every 1,000 residents of the city. 


What You Need To Know About Atlanta's Crime Rate


Crimes with the Highest Rates

Overall, there are about four crimes that have high rates here in Atlanta. Drug-dealing is the highest at 70.11%. More often than not, they do their business on the down-low, The good news is, however, this isn't exactly a violent crime, though it may have violent implications when it comes to the bigger picture. Vandalism comes at second with a rate of 69.14% and you could see it on the many walls, sidewalks, and more in various parts of the city. And at third, it's car theft at 66.26%. They're often committed at night when car-owners are asleep. 


Safety Rate of Walking in Atlanta 

With all this in mind, can you actually stay safe when you walk around in Atlanta? Arguably, it's fairly safe to do so during the day. You're 63.62% safe when you walk around the city, more so when it's within the crowded and more open areas. Meanwhile, at night, it's better to stay inside as you're only 27.74 safe to walk around the city. This is one of the lowest-rated for such among many cities. If you can't help it, better to spend money on a taxi or use a ride-hailing app in order to go home or to wherever you need to go to. 


What You Need To Know About Atlanta's Crime Rate


Least Dangerous Areas in Atlanta

It's important to remember that Atlanta is a big city. There are still a good many areas that are safe to go to and explore. Cedar Grove is one of them. Regarded as the safest part of Atlanta, it's a highly suburban area where kids can practically spend time outside and they'll still remain safe. Oak Grove is another similarly gentrified neighborhood where many families have settled in. While Kirkwood, on the other hand, is a place that's very peaceful and has seen very few crimes committed. If you go and stay within these laces, you'll be safe in Atlanta. 


Areas to Avoid in Atlanta

On the flip side, there are also areas in Atlanta that you should avoid. Mechanicsville is a prime example. It sees around 213% more crimes committed than in other parts of the city. Grove Park, while seemingly suburban, sees 151% more crime than in other places in Atlanta. And Adair Park is a place where the crime statistic is there are 1,832 crimes committed for every 100,000 people. It's not that hard to avoid such places considering that these aren't exactly areas where a lot of expats frequent. But if you end up in these places, better to stay vigilant and go with crowds if you're there. 


What You Need To Know About Atlanta's Crime Rate


Atlanta is a good enough place to visit but it's not exactly the safest place in the world. The crime rates here show that you need to be vigilant and extra careful of your surroundings when you're here. And if you are, you can still enjoy your time in the city. 

If you stay at an Atlanta luxury apartment in the city, you have better chances of avoiding the more dangerous areas as well as falling victim to various crimes.