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Ultimate New York City Guide by Neighborhood

April 13, 2021
Picture what a city should look like in the modern age and your mind will probably think of New York City. When it comes to the urban lifestyle, no other place defines it better than this iconic city. Most especially in Manhattan! Tall skyscrapers, bustling business districts, lively nightlife scenes, and more. It's no wonder so many people live and would want to live here. But to experience the real New York lifestyle, which parts are best for you to stay in? Well, these Manhattan neighborhoods might be what you're looking for!

Ultimate New York City Guide by Neighborhood



Best Neighborhoods in New York City

While it's hard to say which ones are the best neighborhoods in New York City, there's no doubt that the most popular are Midtown Manhattan, the Upper East Side, Greenwich Village, SoHo, and Tribeca. Midtown Manhattan and Greenwich are known to be bohemian hubs with a lot of youthful energy and creative spirit. On the other hand, Tribeca and the Upper East Side are upscale districts where many of the rich and famous live in New York City. 

Richest Neighborhoods in New York City

The Upper East Side, Gramercy Park, Chelsea, and the Upper East Side are some of the richest neighborhoods in New York City. If you want to live the high life and you can afford to rent a luxury apartment in New York City, these are the areas you'll want to focus on. 

What are The Safest Neighborhoods in New York City?

Staten Island, one of the other boroughs of New York City, is admittedly the safest part in all of New York City. But within Manhattan, you'll be much safer if you stay in Battery Park City, Chelsea, Greenwich Village, the Financial District, and Tribeca. Security is tighter in these neighborhoods compared to the rest of the borough. 

Gramercy Park in New York City

First up is the very underrated Gramercy Park. Whether you're staying in Manhattan for just a week or you're moving to New York City altogether, this neighborhood is one of your best options. Along with the countless apartment buildings, it also houses several hotels ranging from five-star establishments to more modest accommodations. And if you want to rest, there's no area better for it. Gramercy Park is a good distance away from all the major tourist attractions and crowd-inducing hotspots of the city The only iconic places here are the Flat Iron Building and the Empire State Building. 

Ultimate New York City Guide by Neighborhood

Source: Wikimedia Commons 

Greenwich Village in New York City

When they say that New York is one of the art capitals of the world, they usually mean places like Greenwich Village. Home to artists, writers, musicians, designers, Broadway performers, and more, this is where a lot of the city's creative magic happens. The tree-lined area of brownstone apartments is also a major LGBTQ+ hub, complete with hotspots and safe areas where the queer community can hang out and have a ball. It's where the iconic Stonewall Inn is located, an institution of a gay bar that helped start the Pride Movement. If you're celebrating Pride Month in New York City, this place is a definite must-see! 

Is Greenwich Village in Manhattan?

Yes, it is. Greenwich Village is located just south of Midtown Manhattan, making it part of the Lower Manhattan area. 

What to Do in Greenwich Village, New York City

Greenwich Village is all about hanging out, chilling, and having a good time. Walk along the unique High Line Park for a spot of botanical bliss amidst the sprawling metropolis. Check out the Whitney Museum of American Art to see some of the most thought-provoking pieces ever made. See the Stonewall Inn and learn more about the colorful history of the Gay Pride Parade. Then at night, to the Comedy Cellar and have a few laughs in between sips of cocktails. And while Hell's Kitchen arguably has some of the best drag shows in New York City, the gay bars in Greenwich Village are just as exciting too! 

Ultimate New York City Guide by Neighborhood

Source: Wikimedia Commons 

Harlem in New York City

Speaking of art, the old-school neighborhood for it in Manhattan is definitely up in Harlem! From jazz to streetwear, this place continues to inspire artists and other relatives to keep up its timeless legacy. As one of the birthplaces of the genre, you'll find a good number of awesome jazz places to spend your night in each weekend. Not to mention some soulful poetry readings in the lively novel cafes that have been here since the 1920s, possibly even beyond. And as for fashion? Streetwear is the name of the game and the vintage shops and old-school boutiques are your arena! 

Is Harlem, New York City Safe?

Yes, for the most part, it is. No matter how the media portrays Harlem as a nitty-gritty district, it's still a largely residential neighborhood with peaceful homes and a welcoming community. 

Ultimate New York City Guide by Neighborhood

Source: Wikimedia Commons 

Little Italy in New York City

Little Italy is one of the biggest proofs that New York City has long been a haven for immigrants. It's one of the oldest districts in the city, thanks in large part to the many Italian immigrants that have immigrated here in the early 20th century. Today, it's become one of the foodie hotspots of New York City. It's the place to be if you're craving Italian food, as well as if you want to get into authentic Italian culture. 

Little Italy, New York City Restaurants

Love Italian food? Who doesn't? New Yorkers are certainly obsessed with Mediterranean cuisine. So much so that they've devoted an entire neighborhood to Italian food. For one thing, you need to check out the best pizza places in Little Italy. Nolita Pizza, Amici, Saluggi’s, and Gelso & Grand are some of the spots you need to check out. Emilio's Ballato deserves your attention too. It serves such delicious Italian dishes that even big stars like Taylor Swift and Lenny Kravitz eat here. 

What to Do in Little Italy, New York City

You don't need anyone to tell you that eating is the best thing to do in Little Italy. If you want to spend an entire day in New York City just eating to your heart's content, this neighborhood is the best place to start. At the same time, you can also get to know the locals and make friends. Italian-Americans are known to be lively and welcoming so who knows how many acquaintances you'll make here? 

Ultimate New York City Guide by Neighborhood

Source: Wikimedia Commons 

Lower East Side in New York City

The Lower East Side of Manhattan converges between the high class and the nitty gritty. Amidst its myriad of trendy bars, underground clubs, and hipster eateries are luxury apartments and elegant townhouses where people who earn six-figure salaries reside. This eclectic neighborhood offers the best of both worlds. Some parts are upscale and up to par with the city's cosmopolitan vibe and others pulsate with new and exciting youthful energy. Even if you can't afford to live here, you'd want to hang out at the Lower East Side as much as you can. 

What is Considered the Lower East Side of Manhattan?

Manhattan's Lower East Side comprises Chinatown, Little Italy, and the East Village. They're known for their fascinating cultures, amazing culinary scene, and a whole host of electric hotspots. 

What to Do in Lower East Side, New York City

The Lower East Side is the best place to be “in the scene” in New York City. Check out the hipster coffee shops and hang out with the fresh new creatives. Shop at some of the chicest vintage shops in New York City and curate a designer wardrobe for less. Eat at the best restaurants, especially in Little Italy or Chinatown. And at night, go out on the town and visit some of the coolest bars in the borough. 

Ultimate New York City Guide by Neighborhood

Source: Wikimedia Commons 

Meatpacking District in New York City

With such a name, you'd think this was one of the lower-class areas of Manhattan. But nope, that's the beautiful irony of the place. Manhattan's Meatpacking District is actually one of their more cosmopolitan areas. This is the place where shows like Gossip Girl, Sex and the City, and more were set and shot. This comes as no surprise because the area is full of high-class bars, sophisticated nightclubs, and even a few Michelin-starred restaurants all ready for you to splurge on. It's the type of neighborhood that's livelier at night, further proving that New York truly is the city that never sleeps! 

Restaurants in The Meatpacking District, New York City

If you want to go at night and have the time of your life—or more specifically, the meal of your life—then the Meatpacking District is the place for you. RH Rooftop Restaurant New York is an iconic hotspot where you can enjoy great food paired with even greater views. Carmine's, on the other hand, is a chic family restaurant where South Italian cuisine reigns supreme. The place is just as good and as authentic as the ones in Little Italy! And if you're craving Chinese instead, look no further than the lavish Buddakan Restaurant on 9th Avenue. You'll need to reserve a table and prepare to shell out a lot of money, but rest assured that it's all worth it! 

Ultimate New York City Guide by Neighborhood

Source: Wikimedia Commons 

Midtown Manhattan in New York City

Midtown Manhattan is a treasure trove of iconic sights. Here, you'll find Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Grand Central Station, Madison Square Garden, and a whole host of Broadway theaters. When people think of Manhattan—or New York City, in general—this is what they're often picturing in their minds. It has all the hustle and bustle of the world-famous metropolis, as well as where most tourists gallivant from one popular spot to another. Though it's one huge tourist attraction, Midtown Manhattan is also a relatively residential district. 

What is Considered Midtown Manhattan?

Midtown Manhattan extends from 34th Street to 59th Street and from 3rd Avenue to 8th Avenue. It's among the biggest neighborhoods of New York City. 

Is Midtown Manhattan Safe?

The answer is technically both yes and no. There are parts of Midtown Manhattan that are safer than others. Certain areas, on the other hand, are notoriously dangerous at night. Times Square, despite how big of a tourist attraction it is, is one of them. The crime rates in New York City are mostly moderate, but it's high in places like this. You'll even find that most New Yorkers avoid Times Square as much as they can. It tends to draw in all sorts of sketchy characters at night. 

Ultimate New York City Guide by Neighborhood

Source: Wikimedia Commons 

SoHo in New York City

New York is a city of bohemians. At least, in SoHo, it is! Nowadays, the neighborhood has become so gentrified that it's now one of the most expensive areas in Manhattan. But if you explore it even further, you can still see glimpses of its bohemian past. They hide in plain view, amidst the district's chic designer boutiques and luxurious hotspots. Today, SoHo is where most of the fashionable people in the city congregate. Celebrities, designers, models, social media influencers, and more live and hang out here. It's the combination of the old-school charm with the new-age style that draws such people into this area! 

Is SoHo, New York City Expensive?

SoHo is undoubtedly one of the most expensive neighborhoods in New York City. The average rental fee for an apartment here is $6,098.00 per month, considerably higher in most other parts of the city. When they say that the living costs in New York City are high, they're usually talking about places like SoHo. 

What to Do in SoHo, New York City

Shop and eat in SoHo to your heart's content! As the most fashionable neighborhood in New York City, this is the best place to splurge and let out your inner shopaholic. If the sky's the limit for your bank account, you couldn't have picked a better place to go shopping! The district is home to many of the city's designer flagship stores, not to mention a few exclusive boutiques that carry many of the world's most luxurious brands. You can also eat in the finest restaurants in the area, which range from Michelin-starred restaurants to edgy eateries. 

SoHo, New York City Stores

As already mentioned, SoHo is where you'll find many designer flagship stores in New York City. You'll recognize big names like Saint Laurent Paris, Chanel, Céline, Burberry, Miu Miu, Isabel Marant, Alexander Wang, and more. 

Ultimate New York City Guide by Neighborhood

Source: Wikimedia Commons 

Tribeca in New York City

Tribeca, or the Triangle Below Canal, has become one of the most popular neighborhoods in New York City. This is thanks in large part to the Tribeca Film Festival, a cinematic event held every spring. Over time, the relatively young film festival has become just as prominent as the likes of the Cannes and Venice Film Festivals. But even beyond all that, Tribeca remains an upscale district that maintains a nice balance between a peaceful residential area and a bustling part of Manhattan. Celebrities live here in their spacious loft apartments, chic art galleries are all around, and the restaurants serve the most exquisite feasts. 

What to Do in Tribeca, New York City

Apart from watching movies in keeping with the spirit of the district's famous film festival, Tribeca is also a great place for local New Yorkers to bring out their inner tourists every once in a while. The area is where you'll find the haunting 9/11 Memorial & Museum, for example, which is the actual site where the former Twin Towers once stood. Nearby, the One World Trade Center stands in all its glory. As of this writing, the building remains the tallest in the entire city. If you want to see the Statue of Liberty in person, go to the riverside Battery Park where you'll find ferries that travel to the nearby islands.  

Is Tribeca Safe?

Tribeca is one of the safest neighborhoods in New York City. It's a largely residential district where many of the elites reside. It makes sense that security here is tighter compared to other parts of the city. 

Ultimate New York City Guide by Neighborhood

Source: Wikimedia Commons 

Upper East Side in New York City

Finally, one of the most famous and high-class neighborhoods on this list is the Upper East Side. Known as the hotbed for the wealthy, only the most elite get to live here. Think high-rise apartment buildings filled with multiple-story penthouses, five-star luxury spas, American luxury department stores, exclusive society clubs, and more. Famously, the area is also where Central Park is located, the most iconic park in all of New York City. It's not far-fetched to say that it's the best-known city park in the world and it helps that many of the city's best museums are located here, also known as the “Museum Mile.” They include the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim, The Frick Collection, the Museum of the City of New York, and more. 

Upper East Side, New York City Apartments

The Upper East Side perhaps has the biggest number of apartments in all of New York City. The district is famous for its high-rise apartment buildings filled with many available real estate. Though they cost a fortune to purchase or even rent, they're some of the best luxury apartments in New York City. If you can afford it, consider moving into the available properties here. Perhaps even invest in some even if you don't need to reside there. 

Ultimate New York City Guide by Neighborhood

Source: Wikimedia Commons 

Upper West Side in New York City

Fine arts are alive and well in the Upper West Side district of New York City. This is famously where the Lincoln Center is located, one of the city's premier performing arts venues. Home to both the Metropolitan Opera and New York City Ballet, this is the best place to get some high culture in your life in the Big Apple. Beyond that, however, the Upper West Side has always been one of the affluent residential neighborhoods in New York City. It's filled with both modern and pre-war apartment buildings with lavish real estate just waiting for the next residents. 

Restaurants in Upper West Side, New York City

It's practically impossible to choose the best restaurants in the Upper West Side. The area is famous for its diverse culinary scene. There are upscale restaurants where fine dining is the name of the game as well as humble diners where good food won't have to cost you an arm and a leg. Among the most notable include the Atlas Kitchen at W 109 St., famous for its sumptuous Chinese dishes. Malecon on Amsterdam Avenue is worth checking out too, especially if you're craving Cuban and Dominican cuisines. And finally, there's Barney Greengrass, an institution of a restaurant that's known for its heart sandwiches. 

Ultimate New York City Guide by Neighborhood

Source: Wikimedia Commons 

This New York City neighborhood guide shares the basics of the central and some of the most popular neighborhoods in the city, specifically in Manhattan. If you ever want to live in New York City, these are the best places to stay. 



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