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You know you’re becoming a New Yorker when…

May 28, 2021
From getting used to the extreme seasons and dealing with angry taxi drivers to understanding the nuances of your fellow city people and counting Central Park as the countryside, these are the 12 things that will prove you can officially call yourself a New Yorker…

You no longer bat an eyelid at the Times Square cowboy

This iconic street performer in Times Square is there every day attracting a line of tourists waiting to get their photo. He even ran for president back in 2010. But while visitors to the city might be struck by the sight of a man in cowboy boots, underwear and not much else, real New Yorkers walk right by without even turning their heads. And that’s if they’re even there. Because lets’s face it, real New Yorkers don’t got to Times Square. 


you know youre a new yorker when

You never trust the driving time on Google Maps

Before heading out you check the route on Google Maps and automatically add an extra 20 minutes. This is partly because you know that the traffic is always worse than it says, but also because you need to factor in some time for a disagreement with your taxi driver who has absolutely no idea where they’re going. 


you know youre a new yorker when

Waiting for the green man at traffic lights is too much to ask 

Walking around New York is great, as long as the crosswalk lights go green when you want them to. But if they don’t? Well, it doesn’t matter too much. You just go ahead and cross anyway. And when you visit other cities you are shocked by the site of everyone waiting patiently for the lights to change to cross. Is no one else in a rush around here? 


you know youre a new yorker when

You have very strong opinions about pizza

Pizza in the United States has a long history – the first ever pizzeria was set up in New York in 1905, by Gennaro Lombardi. Now, there’s so many styles of pizza in the USA, but when it comes to some of the country’s very best pies, New York is where it’s at and that’s why you have such strong opinions on it. Slices or the whole pie? Deep pan or thin crust? Pepperoni or olives? You could argue about it for hours. 


you know youre a new yorker when

Somehow you now only own black clothes

New Yorkers are famous for having quite a conservative style of black, black and more black, and after living there for a couple of years, your wardrobe seems to have changed to a monochrome palette too. You didn’t even notice it happening. But all of a sudden, you’re dressed like everyone else on the F Train. 


You know youre a new yorker when

Source: Pinterest

You have never been to the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building

When friends or parents visit and request to visit either of these places, you look at themas if they’ve lost their mind. Sure, you’ve seen them both on your daily commute for years, but you’ve never actually bothered visiting either of them. 


you know youre a new yorker when

You think Central Park is nature

When a friend suggests going for a walk in nature, the only place you can think of is Central Park. It’s the country to New Yorkers. The huge green expanse in the centre of Manhattan Island has been your playground and escape from the hustle and bustle of the streets. But you know that boating on the lake is strictly for visitors. 


you know youre a new yorker when

Seeing celebrities no longer surprises you

When you first moved to New York, your head was turned by Robert De Niro and Sarah Jessica Parker going about their daily lives, but now, spotting a scrum of paparazzi surrounding Kim Kardashian won’t even surprise you. You’re so used to seeing celebrities that it’s just part of daily life. You eat in the same restaurants as them and shop in the same supermarket as them. It’s no big deal. 


You know youre a new yorker when

Most other cities seem pretty small in comparison

New York is HUGE, and when you visit pretty much another city, it feels more like a village. And we don’t mean the East Village. You love the sprawling mass of NYC and feel stifled anywhere else. You love the unique feeling of each neighbourhood and love that each of them makes up the unique patchwork of this city. 


You know youre a new yorker when

You know where all the good happy hours are

Drinking in New York is not cheap, that’s why you have a favourite happy hour in every neighbourhood and every corner of the city that you can always rely on. You know the best place for buy one get one free margaritas between 4pm and 8pm as well as the best sports bar for beer at half price. 


you know youre a new yorker when

A snow day means nothing to you because you know the city never stops

You’ve heard about the troubles that happen in London when the city is struck by light snow, but you know even a heavy snow storm in New York won’t put a stop to business. There will still be street sellers, business people and service staff doing their thing. 


you know you

Your breath is still taken away by the skyline

Even though it’s expensive and dirty and busy and grimy, you take one look at that magnificent skyline and know that you live in one of the world’s best cities. Whether you view it from the East River, New Jersey, Brooklyn Bridge or the Empire State Building, there’s no denying that it’s pretty impressive. 


You know youre a new yorker when



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