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New York’s Ten Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants

February 26, 2022
If there's one place that you know will have great food, it's New York. In this diverse bustling metropolis, where many cultures collide, you can expect amazing cuisines, seasonal menus, and even quality street food. The foodie in you will burst with glee the moment you go on a tasting tour of the Big Apple! And among the many places you'll check out, a good number of them ought to be some first-class Michelin-starred restaurants. There are a lot of them here in New York, each more upscale and as delicious as the next. Especially these ten notable hotspots!

New York’s Ten Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants


Beyond the K-Dramas and K-Pop stars, Korean food is slowly taking over the world as well. It's even hit New York City, a diverse metropolis that's known for embracing different cuisines from around the world. Thanks to that, it shouldn't surprise anyone that the amazing Korean restaurant on E 30th St, Atomix, boasts two Michelin stars. Its delectable Korean-European fusion menu is one to look forward to, particularly the scrumptious seafood dishes that will change your life forever!
New York’s Ten Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants
Source: Atomix NYC Facebook Page

Casa Enrique

Technically speaking, Mexican chef Cosme Aguilar's Casa Enrique isn't located in New York City. His largely humble but high-quality Michelin-starred restaurant is actually in Long Island, which is only an hour drive away, probably even less if you take public transport. But with that said, why is Casa Enrique still on this list then? Because the food here is just so darn delicious. Chef Aguilar brought back the many scrumptious dishes of his hometown of Chiapas, the southern Mexican state, to share with New Yorkers and the rest of the world. And yes, they are good enough for the Michelin Guides to take notice!
New York’s Ten Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants
Source: Casa Enrique LIC Facebook Page

Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare

Although is New York Michelin-starred restaurant is named Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare, the place has actually moved from the borough of Brooklyn to its new and current location on West 37th Street, right smack in the Broadway neighborhood of Manhattan. But make no mistake! Despite the change, the hotspots bustling Brooklyn vibe remains the same. As does its mouthwatering Japanese-French fusion cuisine. Their burdock root-crowned single scallop and fried monkfish liver rife paired with spicy sansho are some of the best in the city!
New York’s Ten Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants
Source: Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare Facebook Page

Eleven Madison Park

Swiss chef Daniel Humm offers up 10 extraordinary courses in his three-time Michelin-starred restaurant, Eleven Madison Park. Known for his pure and simplistic cuisine, this chic Art Deco-designed hotspot serves as a sophisticated safe space for foodies and connoisseurs alike. They even go as far as to ask their customers to list down their allergies so that they can come up with a delicious seasonal meal that's right for them. That's the sort of tailor-made approach that both Humm and Eleven Madison Park are known for.
New York’s Ten Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants
Source: Eleven Madison Park Facebook Page

Le Bernardin

Craving some seafood? Le Bernardin, a three-time Michelin-starred restaurant in New York, should be your next stop! Located on W 51st St, this upscale hotspot serves up as much tuna, caviar, oysters, scallops, and more to satisfy all your cravings. And the best part is they don't just prepare meals from a certain cuisine. From the east to the west, Le Bernardin offers up some of the most sumptuous seafood dishes from around the world. You can practically taste all the seven seas here!
New York’s Ten Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants
Source: Flickr.com/ Arnold Gatilao

Le Jardinier

Le Jardinier, a Michelin-starred restaurant in Midtown Manhattan, couldn't have picked a better name to let everyone know what they're all about. Translated into English as 'The Gardener,' the place is known as one of the premier vegetarian hotspots in all of New York. Not to mention one of the finest French restaurants in the city as well. Gourmet chef Alain Verzeroli presents his healthy haute cuisine by reimagining traditional French vegetable dishes and providing modern and contemporary touches on each one. What's not to love?
New York’s Ten Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants
Source: Le Jardinier Facebook Page


Since Marea is located near Central Park, you can expect the lunch hours here to be pretty hectic! Add to that the fact that this New York Michelin-starred restaurant serves up some of the most scrumptious Italian seafood in town. Who wouldn't want to go on a business lunch or even a romantic dinner date here? From clam and calamari-ladened spaghetti to seared sea scallops with cabbage and grilled onion, chef-owner Michael White lets the flavors of the Mediterranean sea swirl in every dish.
New York’s Ten Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants
Source: Marea NYC Facebook Page


Out of all the Japanese restaurants in New York City, the three-time Michelin-starred hotspot, Masa, near Columbus Circle is definitely among the most famous. Japanese culinary legend Masayoshi Takayama brought all knew about sushi and sashimi and offered it to the high-brow connoisseur in the Big Apple, impressing the latter with his exotic flavors, tantalizing textures, and savory hits. If you were to ask any New Yorker where the best sushi place is, you can bet that many will mention Masa!
New York’s Ten Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Ryanckulp/ Naho Kubota

Per Se

Per Se is another Michelin-starred restaurant near Colombus Circle. Boasting three stars under its belt, California-born chef, Thomas Keller, offers up nine-course tasting menus that change every day. He aims to serve something new and different each time, going so far as to never repeat the same ingredients throughout the meal. And that's saying something considering that his vegetarian cuisine relies heavily on the local produce they gather each day, ensuring that all the dishes served would be as organic as ever!
New York’s Ten Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants
Source: Per Se Facebook Page

Sushi Noz

Providing an authentic Japanese-style interior that will leave you wanting to redesign your own luxury home, chef Nozomu Abe's one-time Michelin-starred restaurant on E 78th St, Sushi Noz, is a mecca for sushi. Of course, Abe also prepares other Japanese dishes, but as its name says, this place is all about the famous traditional Japanese dish. Paired with either sake, champagne, or white wine, each and every bite is enough to take to taste buds on quite the Eastern adventure!
New York’s Ten Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants
Source: Sushi Noz

The Big Apple certainly doesn't have anything to prove when it comes to its status as a food capital. New York's Michelin-starred restaurants make it abundantly clear that the culinary scene here is unlike any other!

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