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Why You Should Also Explore The Other Boroughs in New York City

August 11, 2023
When people think of New York, they mostly think of Times Square, tall skyscrapers, and yellow cabs all around. But in truth, these are all (or mostly) just in Manhattan. Let's not forget that New York City is made up of five big boroughs, each with its own unique flairs. And the four other boroughs are just as worthwhile as Manhattan! In Brooklyn, you'll love the nightlife! In Queens, you'll enjoy the big parks! Don't forget about the iconic Yankee Stadium in the Bronx! Or about peace & quiet in Staten Island too. With so much to look forward to, you'll finally realize why New York (not just Manhattan) is one of the greatest cities on Earth.

Why You Should Also Explore The Other Boroughs in New York City


Why You Should Also Explore The Other Boroughs in New York City

Check Out The Startup Scene

What truly sets Brooklyn apart from Manhattan and the rest of the other boroughs and neighborhoods in New York is its youthful energy. Over the years, this area has become the epicenter of the city's youthquake. It's where most young adults settle down, hang out, and most notably, work. Brooklyn's startup culture is through the roof. From tech companies to fashion lines, small businesses are dominating this borough. While Manhattan has all the big businesses and handles all the big money, Brooklyn is where a dreamer can get their start.

The Best Nightlife Scene in The City

Because it's such a hotspot for the youth, it's no surprise that Brooklyn's nightlife is arguably the best in the entire city. From nightclubs to drag bars, there are many places to check out when you're on a night out. Bushwick, for example, is beloved for its diverse nightlife. There are your standard bars and pubs but there are also cabaret clubs, retro discos, and more. Williamsburg, on the other hand, has a more high-brow appeal. A haven for hipsters, there are dive cocktail bars and cinema bars on offer here. Which do you prefer?


Why You Should Also Explore The Other Boroughs in New York City

Visit The Big Parks

Central Park may be the most famous park in New York City but many would argue that Queens has the upper hand in terms of green spaces. As the city's largest borough, it's no surprise that this borough offers a ton of great parks. Take the Flushing Meadows Corona Park, for example, which is a combination of manicured gardens and man-made marvels. Its famous Unisphere sculpture is a definite must-see, even if it's not as famous as the Statue of Liberty. There's also Queens Botanical Garden which, true to its name, offers a botanical bliss-filled escape amidst the bustling metropolis.

Escape To The Beach

New York City—or the entire Upper East Coast, for that matter—isn't exactly known for its beaches. There are a couple of good ones, sure, but they're nowhere near as paradisical as those in Florida or California. Nevertheless, if you're craving some vitamin sea in the Big Apple, you can always head over to Rockaway Beach in Queens. Here, the sand is soft, the sun is sizzling, and the sea is so awesome! It's even got its own dedicated surf culture too, reminiscent of what you'll see over on the West Coast. Pretty cool, right?

The Bronx

Why You Should Also Explore The Other Boroughs in New York City

Experience New York's Diversity

New York City is among the most diverse metropolises in the world world. It's not far-fetched to assume that there's at least one person here who comes from every single country on the planet. And the most diverse borough among the five is definitely the Bronx! From the Irish and Italians to the South Americans and Caribbeans (and don't forget the Asians too!), the communities here can practically put the UN to shame. What's even more amazing is that they've imprinted their own culture into every corner of the borough. Exploring the Bronx is like traveling the world!

See The Iconic Yankee Stadium

Are all the most iconic sights in Manhattan? Of course not! The other boroughs in New York City have their own must-see monuments too. In the Bronx, it's undoubtedly the Yankee Stadium. Standing proudly on E 161 Street, it's the home of what is perhaps the most famous baseball team in the entire world, the New York Yankees. Even if you're not familiar with the sport itself, you've likely seen a Yankees shirt or cap, haven't you? And if you've traveled to or even moved to New York, you can see their massive stadium in all its historic glory!

Staten Island

Why You Should Also Explore The Other Boroughs in New York City

Learn About New York's History

Many like to dismiss Staten Island as the most boring borough in New York City. They say it's not as exciting as Manhattan, as youthful as Brooklyn, as massive as Queens, or as diverse as the Bronx. It is, however, among the most historic in the Big Apple. From Historic Richmond Town—a great place to celebrate the 4th of July!—to Casa Belvedere, there are lots of places on Staten Island that have a story to tell. Moreover, this is where the iconic Staten Island Ferry docks, a free ferry service that can take you to equally historic spots like the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

Enjoy The Pease & Quiet

What Staten Island has that you'd definitely not see (or rarely see) in the other boroughs of New York City is peace and quiet. Part of what leads most people to believe that this area is boring is that's largely residential. There aren't as many museums here as there are in Manhattan or as many bars as there are in Brooklyn, but do you know what Staten Island has? Luxury New York homes, peaceful communities, and more. It's the nearest thing that New York City has to a typical suburban town.

As great of a place as Manhattan is, it's worth exploring the other boroughs in New York City too. Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island has a lot to offer too, many of which Manhattan doesn't and will never have!

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