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The Crime Rate in New York

July 22, 2021
Let's face it! New York might be the 'greatest city in the world,' but it's definitely not the safest. As one of the most populous places in the country—as well as the rest of the world—there's no escaping crime here. Out of the millions who live here, a good many of them will commit a crime. That's a given in most cities anyway. However, this shouldn't dissuade those who want to visit or even live here. Before passing judgment on the city at large, it's best to take a look at what the crime rate of New York City really is.

The Crime Rate in New York


New York Crime Rates

The crime rate in New York varies depending on the level and kind of crime committed. Fortunately, the rate of violent crimes 4.78%, meaning though it happens from time to time, it isn't as frequent as to cause alarm to the residents of the "Big Apple." In contrast, the rate of property crimes in New York is at a whopping 18.64%, more than quadruple that of the violent crimes rate. In context and in comparison, this is a good thing. But in the bigger picture, it does say that you're property isn't as safe as you are. Whatever you think about this is up to you! 


Reported Crimes in New York

What's more staggering are the rates of the crimes reported. For every 1,000 people, only 0.03% report about a murder to the police. When it comes to rape, that number goes up to 0.34%, which still doesn't look good. It's only assault and robbery among the violent crimes that got percentages above 0. The former being 3.11% and the latter with 1.29%. Meanwhile, property crimes are more often reported to the police, with the rate of burglaries amounting to 1.12% and theft to 17.03%. It seems people in New York are more comfortable reporting about their stolen property than they are about violence committed against them or someone they know/saw. 


The Crime Rate in New York


Crimes based on Discrimination 

One good thing about crimes in New York is not a lot of them are based on discrimination. In fact, only 34.46% of the crimes in the city are related to discrimination against one's race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, and the like. Though this shouldn't come as a surprise considering that New York is a pretty progressive and openly liberal city. Just about any type of person is welcome here and will have no problem fitting in. And it helps that the city at large is pretty diverse, with particular types of people forming their own communities within the five boroughs. 


Safety of Walking in New York

Perhaps what might surprise you the most about New York is that it's a city that largely safe to walk around in. A common perception about the city, especially in areas such as the Bronx, Queens, and the like, is that you're more likely to be a victim of crimes—be the big or small—than not. But according to Numbeo, it's 74.87% safe to walk around New York City during the day time while it goes down to 52.83% at night. That's not too bad considering that walking is a part of daily life here in the "Big Apple." For many people, they have no choice but to walk to get to where they need to go. 


The Crime Rate in New York


How to Avoid Becoming a Victim

As with any other city, the best way to avoid falling victim to a crime is to stay vigilant. Always be aware of your surroundings, ensure the safety of your most important belongings on you, and try to avoid sketchy areas when it's late. While at times, it can't be helped that you're in a rather dangerous district in New York when it's dark out, always stay within the crowded parts fo where you are. If you can, call someone you know to be with you as you walk or commute going to where you need to be. 


Safest Neighborhoods in New York

With a city as largely congested as New York, there's bound to be more places that are susceptible to crime than those that are completely safe. So, instead of focusing on the former, it'd be better to get to know the latter areas instead. Unsurprisingly, a good number of them are in Manhattan, covering some of the more high-end neighborhoods of New York. Madison Avenue, for instance, known to be one of the most crowded streets in all fo the city, is a safe area no matter what the hour. The same goes for Broadway, though you'll likely fall victim to pickpocketing here more than anything else. 


The Crime Rate in New York


New York may be the best city in the world, but if you're not careful, it might be the most dangerous to you. Just stay aware of where you are, avoid certain areas, and you'll be fine while you're here! You'd be surprised at how truly safe it can be in the Big Apple! 

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