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Top Tips for Visiting Central Park

October 09, 2021
Is there any other park more famous than New York's Central Park? Even if you haven't been to New York in person, you've probably seen the park in countless movies, various TV series, a ton of documentaries, or even simply in the news. Not to mention, of course, all over social media too! All 843 acres of this world-famous urban park is a must-see, but it can get overwhelming if it's your first time here. To help you navigate Central Park as best as you can, here are some tips you might want to follow!

Top Tips for Visiting Central Park

One Day Isn't Enough

To say that Central Park is big is quite an understatement. In totality, all 843 acres of this park are probably as big as more than two of New York's neighborhoods. So don't think that you can explore the area in one day. If you intend to cover as much ground as the entire park itself, you'll likely need more than a week. So remember that if want to visit different parts of the park and different activities here, you won't get to them all in one day. Even if you cleared your entire itinerary for just a day in the park, it still won't be enough.

Get A Map

Again, the fact that Central Park is a large and encompassing space can't be stressed enough. If it's your first time here or you're still not that familiar with the place, you'll need to use a map. Else, you'll easily get lost and probably end up far from where you need to be in the first place. Fortunately, you can get a copy of the Central Park map online and print it or download it on your phone. And if you need more help, a bevy of transportation apps, particularly the navigation programs, will work well too.

Top Tips for Visiting Central Park

Walk By The Side

Although you're free to walk wherever you want in Central Park, it's better to do so by the side. The many streets and pathways inside the park are mostly used by those riding their bikes, jogging, and the like. If you get in their way, it will lead to a problem. You know the notorious stereotype that New Yorkers are rude, right? Well, although not all of the city's residents will jump at you, they will make a fuss. Simply put, most New Yorkers don't like people getting in their way and it's as true in Central Park as it is on the bustling sidewalks of the sprawling metropolis.

Keep Some Change On You

While there are tons of shopping districts, high-class restaurants, and the like that accept credit cards in New York, don't include Central Park on that list. In fact, most of the establishments here only accept cash. From the food stalls to the bike rentals, many of them will only accept paper bills and coins. So if you intend to spend some time in Central Park, make sure you have some loose change in your pockets. Don't worry, many of what you'll buy here aren't that expensive. Most won't even warrant enough for you to list as part of your living costs in New York!

Top Tips for Visiting Central Park

Wear Comfortable Shoes

You've probably seen those New York-based movies and TV series where the stylish characters walk all over Central Park in their heels and thought that you'd want to do that someday, haven't you? Well, that's not exactly a good idea! As already mentioned, Central Park is a large and busy place. Simply walking from one to the other will already take a couple of hours, what more when the park is crowded on a sunny day in the afternoon? If you wear uncomfortable shoes, your feet are done for. Flats, espadrilles, and the like are more suited for visiting Central Park.

Expect An Event

Concerts, fashion shows, off-Broadway plays—you name it, Central Park probably has it! Since the place is extremely large, with a vast expanse of free space to boot, it's no surprise that it will host many events. Oftentimes, there'd be more than one going on at the same time and it's highly likely that one day's schedule would be jam-packed. Going to one would be quite the New York experience so if you've already set a date for when you'd like to visit Central Park, research the events that might take place on the same day. Many of them will probably require you to buy tickets.

Bring a Blanket

Finally, never forget to bring a blanket. Even if you're not one to sit on the ground, bringing one along just in case will be more helpful than you probably expect. Although Central Park is such a huge space, the unfortunate thing about it is that the seats available are scarce. There are only about so many benches, dining areas, and the like in the park that they'll hardly accommodate at least 20% of the people here. And you wouldn't want to spend most of your time walking and standing, right? If you brought a blanket, you can relax on the grass without your clothes getting dirty.

Top Tips for Visiting Central Park

Visiting Central Park may seem easy but ensuring that you get to maximize your visit here won't hurt. If you follow these tips, you're guaranteed to have a great time in this world-famous park!

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