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The Best Pizza Places in New York's Little Italy

October 11, 2021
In New York City, pizza isn't just another dinner option or an easy snack, it's practically a way of life. Pizza is as much a part of the Big Apple as the tall skyscrapers, the yellow cabs, the busy pedestrians, heck, even the Statue of Liberty too! The food is so entrenched within the city's culture that you'd easily forget it came from Italy originally. Well, New York does have its own Little Italy so it makes sense! Located in Manhattan, Little Italy is a neighborhood where, among many others, you can get the best pizza in the city. Here are a few places worth checking out!

The Best Pizza Places in New York's Little Italy

Nolita Pizza

Ever get a craving for pizza at 3 am in the morning? Well, thank God for Nolita if you do! Located on Kenmare Street, this pizza place stays open practically 24/7, or at least, up until 4:30 am in the morning. Anytime within the day, you can order a fresh slice or an entire pie delivered right to your door. And to make things even better, if you order online, you'll get 10% off your purchase! What's not to love? Especially with the fact that their delectable marinara sauce is made fresh every morning. So even if you order at the dead of night, you're assured of delicious pizza nonetheless!


Walk along Mulberry Street and you'll likely get a whiff of the homemade-style pizza that's baking in Amici. This is place is as Italian as you can get in Manhattan's Little Italy. Most of their pies are made Neapolitan style, boasting thin and crispy crusts as if they were made by an Italian grandmother somewhere in Naples. Add to that the many Italian dishes they serve alongside their pizzas such as seafood salads, risotto, pasta, and more. And what of their toppings? Authentic Italian favorites like pepperoni, Margherita, and at times, even served as Quattro Stagioni for your culinary pleasure!

The Best Pizza Places in New York's Little Italy

Little Italy Pizza

With a name that's bascially taken after its own New York district, Little Italy Pizza has a lot to live up to. But you know what? They meet those expectations just fine! Open every weekday from 9:00 am in the morning to 6:00 pm at night, this place has become a staple for locals and tourists alike. It helps that they serve huge pizzas, mainly 18 inches in each slice, and paired with the affordable prices, it's a win-win for most customers. In terms of their bestsellers, their famous nine-sliced 'Grandma’s Pizza' is a definite must-try!


Brick-oven pizza is what's waiting for you at this classic-looking pizza place along Church Street. East to get to via public transport, Saluggi’s is an absolute must-visit for any pizza lover in New York. Their old-school way of baking their pies are second to none, particularly when you indulge in the crunch of their thin crust varieties. And the way the brick oven melts everything together in a satisfying way? Perfection! Whether you go for their delicious meat-filled flavors or their healthier vegetarian options, there's a lot to look forward to in Saluggi's!

The Best Pizza Places in New York's Little Italy

Gelso & Grand

Another classic-looking pizza place worth visiting in Little Italy is Gelso & Grand. A hip and happening red-bricked restaurant on the corner of Grand and Mulberry streets, it's an often-crowded hotspot and there's no surprise why! Firstly, their menu of brick-oven pizzas changes seasonally, offering up a variety of flavors many of which you won't find anywhere else. Secondly, their unique concoction of calzone and pizza called 'capizza' is a treat worth tasting. It has the ease of the former while retaining the fulfilling flavors of the latter. And thirdly, the spacious place makes for a great hangout for dinner with friends.


As far as New York snacks you can enjoy at home go, pizza from Emporio might just top your list! Their wood-fired pizza can trump all the other brick-oven-backed pies in the city, especially when bitten when it's still hot. Although you risk burning your tongue if you do, the way the melted cheese, the rich marinara sauce, and the bits of meat and vegetables will all swirl in your mouth is worth the pain! It helps that Emporio makes use of unique ingredients to begin with. From buffalo mozzarella to Corbezzollo bitter honey, you won't find these flavors anywhere else in Little Italy!

The Best Pizza Places in New York's Little Italy


Classic Italian cooking is what you can expect here at Paesano. Nestled in the bustling Mulberry Street in Little Italy, this place has become a major favorite among locals who crave Italian food. Apart from the pizza, their scrumptious seafood appetizers, different kinds of pasta, and organic salad options make for a rich meal worthy of the Mediterranean country. But if it's the pizza you're only focused on, their menu of both classic flavors and unique creations will take your taste buds on quite the trip! A heavy favorite is, of course, cheese pizza. Although you can also make your own if you're feeling creative too!

Enzo Bruni Le Pizza Gourmet

Finally, there's Enzo Bruni Le Pizza Gourmet. An underrated pizza place located inside Canal Street Market, the place is also a mix of classics and contemporary concoctions. Their pepperoni pizza, for instance, is all sorts of meaty goodness you'd swear there's more to it than just the classic topping. Meanwhile, their La Monella pizza has all sorts of unique ingredients, ranging from buffalo ricotta to pecorino Sardo and everything in between. Whether you're craving your usual favorites or you're feeling adventurous, Enzo Bruni Le Pizza Gourmet has got you covered!

The Best Pizza Places in New York's Little Italy

As far as New York pizza goes, the best place to get your delicious pies or slices is at Little Italy. Just as its name says, you find better hotspots that can combine Italy's classic culinary creation and turn it into New York favorites quite like these ones!

If you don't have time to go to any of these New York pizza places, you can always have it delivered right to your luxury home here!





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