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About Florida
 About Miami  When Should You Visit Miami?  The Most Notable Neighborhoods in Miami  Must-Visit Places in Miami    How Much Does it Cost to Stay in Miami?  General Customs You Need to Know    Traveling Within Miami  Healthcare in Miami  What's the Food Like in Miami?    Important Holidays in Paris  Relocating to Miami      

Miami: City Travel Guide
Miami: City Travel Guide

About Miami

Ahh, Miami! Just hearing its name will bring about thoughts of palm trees, white sandy beaches, neon colors, loud music, and a whole lot of partying. “Vivacious” is the best word to describe this infamous city, since the energy seems to always be at over 100% no matter what time of the day it is. Known as the “spring break capital” for college students yet a haven for retired senior citizens as well, Miami truly is a city where everyone can and will have fun. Yet despite what everyone else says and thinks, this rowdy reputation is only the surface of what makes this city so great.

With a current population of 6.265 million residents, Miami is truly one of the biggest major cities in the US. It's definitely among the most populous in Florida state as well. Boasting a diverse community, the city is rich with different cultures, exciting cuisines, and a whole lot of good times. Notably, Miami is known for its huge Latin community, with cultures from Caribbean, Central, and South American countries reigning supreme here. Though English remains the dominant language here, learning how to speak Spanish will prove beneficial for new residents and tourists alike.

When Should You Visit Miami?

Typically, you'd expect that the best time to go to Miami would be in summer right? With all its beautiful beaches with great sunset views, spending your summer vacation here is an absolute must. However, the spring season is actually the best time to head to Miami. Specifically, from mid-February to May. During this time, it'll already be hot and sunny in the city but the humidity of the summer season hasn't set in yet. Moreover, hurricane season is still a long while away. And as for the incoming tourists, these months are the off-season. So a fine day in Miami when the sun is bright and the crowds are small is what you can expect!

Miami: City Travel Guide
Miami: City Travel Guide

The Most Notable Neighborhoods in Miami

As much as you want to believe it, Miami isn't all about Ocean Drive. Though it's the definitive area of the city, this place has a lot more must-visit neighborhoods than that! Take, for instance, Brickell, a sprawling metropolis where skyscrapers and luxury apartments run abundant. as the concrete jungle that it is, you can easily forget the sunny coasts and palm trees that make Miami such a dreamy escape. Downtown Miami, on the other hand, has a more electric vibe. Not to mention a poppin' nightlife that defines the lively Miami lifestyle.

Must-Visit Places in Miami

There are loads of reasons why Miami is a top summer destination here in the US. Of course, there's the city's collection of beautiful beaches, from the famous and often busy South Beach to the more open and peaceful Surfside shoreline.

The iconic Ocean Drive is also a must-see! It’s the most famous part of the city. With its neon lights and a rather seedy atmosphere, the area has appeared in countless media, ranging from gangster movies to even video games. And for those who want a feast for the eyes, the quirky Art Deco Historic district makes for great Instagram snapshots too!

Miami: City Travel Guide

How Much Does it Cost to Stay in Miami?

Although Miami can be pricey, it's not as expensive here as it is in New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., or even San Francisco. The living costs here are slightly higher than the standard, but that doesn't mean only the wealthy can visit or live here. If you want to rent a luxury apartment with seaside views, for example, it'll only cost you around $1,000.00 to $5,000.00 a month. To shop for food, all you really need to prepare is $110.20 for one to two weeks' worth of groceries. And if you want to join Miami's fitness craze, most mid-range gyms & fitness centers here cost $100.00 to $150.00 per month in membership fees.

Miami: City Travel Guide

General Customs You Need to Know

It can't be stressed enough that Miami is a diverse city. It's full of close-knit communities that are open to welcoming people from different backgrounds and walks of life. With that said, it'd do you some good to keep an open mind and embrace the diversity of the place. It's not okay to be racist anywhere but it's especially not okay in this colorful city.

Respect people's different cultures, viewpoints, and beliefs, and you'll definitely have a wonderful stay here. At the same time, it won't hurt to smile and greet people back when they greet you first. Just follow the typical American social customs and you’ll have no problem at all!

Miami: City Travel Guide

Traveling Within Miami

If it's your first time in Miami, you really ought to familiarize yourself with public transport here. The wisest move is to purchase a Miami Transit Pass, a travel card that will help you pay for the different modes of public transportation in the city. With this in your hands, you’ll barely need to line up in order to get tickets. Specifically, the Miami Transit Pass works in the Metrorail, Metromover, and Trolley systems. The Metrorail is Miami's efficient underground subway system, the Metromover is its innovative above-ground transit system, and the Trolleys have been around since the early 19th century. And if you prefer a more modern way to get around, there’s always the transportation app on your phone!

Miami: City Travel Guide

Miami: City Travel Guide

Healthcare in Miami

It's no secret that healthcare remains a tumultuous topic here in the US. It seems the country can’t come to an agreement on how to go about its national healthcare system. Nevertheless, in terms of fine hospitals, Miami has plenty of them. The Mount Sinai Hospital and Memorial Regional Hospital are just among the most notable ones.

What's the Food Like in Miami?

Since Miami is home to a number of cultures, international cuisines are all available here. There are the spicy and rich dishes from Latin American countries, the well-seasoned delicacies of East, Southeast, and South Asian cuisines, and even the “Soul Food” of African Americans. No matter what you're craving, you'll find that there’s a great Miami restaurant that will serve it.

However, despite the diversity of flavors around, Miami remains a patriotic American city through and through. Old-school diners, steakhouses, and awesome bars remain all too common here. You'll have no problem getting your hands on burgers, steaks, French fries, milkshakes, and more.

Miami: City Travel Guide

Important Holidays in Paris

All of the important American holidays, from the 4th of July to Thanksgiving Day in November, are all celebrated in Miami. Not to mention various social holidays that celebrate minority groups, such as Black History Month every February and Pride Month during June. And since there's a strong Latin presence in Miami, some notable holidays from these cultures are widely observed as well. The most famous of which is, of course, Mexico's 'Cinco de Mayo.' On any of these special days, don't be afraid to join in on the fun and celebrate with the loud and vivacious people of Miami.

Miami: City Travel Guide

Relocating to Miami

Moving to Miami entails a lot! Firstly, you'd be wise to join a local mobile network while you're here. This will help you stay connected and keep in contact with everyone you know, whether they're in the city, in the country, or abroad.

If you'll be staying in the city for a long time, setting up a local bank account will also be a smart move. Opening one, even if you don't plan to relocate here, will help you manage your finances more properly here.

Miami: City Travel Guide