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What Public Transport is Like in Miami

July 19, 2021
Miami is, without a doubt, such a lively city! You can see it in the street art you'll see all around town. The colorful communities that make up this richly diverse city. And the different districts with its own unique offerings. It's no wonder Miami has become a favorite for tourists to explore. There's so much to do, see, and experience here. And you can do all of that without a hassle thanks to Miami's public transport. Fortunately, the many modes of transportation in the city are not only easy and effective but affordable as well!

What Public Transport is Like in Miami


Hailing a Cab in Miami

Cabs are a dime a dozen in Miami. Though not all cities—particularly LA—don't have as effective a taxi system as New York's, Miami's isn't to be overlooked. There are a lot of taxis roaming around but be very aware as some might be illegal. To spot the legal ones, see if it has a 'Taxi' sign, as well as the driver's credentials displayed on the outside. If they are, then more often than not, that's a legal taxi. Some in Miami accept credit cards but you have to ask first before starting your ride. And if all else fails, you can always use a ride-hailing app to get one. 


Miami's Transit Pass

Now, similarly to New York and London, Miami actually offers its own pass you can use to access various modes of transportation in the city. The pass covers for Miami's Metrorail, Metromover, and Trolley systems. Both locals and tourists alike benefit from them. It's much faster for the former to get to any place, especially to work, with such a pass. While for the latter, the pass allows them to see as many places as possible with an easy commute. Ultimately, you can get passes that last for a whole day, week, and month! 


What Public Transport is Like in Miami


Miami's Metrorail System

The Metrorail system covers 25 miles of the city with two tracks that go on different routes. Each stop throughout various spots within the different neighborhoods of Miami. A one-way ride costs about $2.25 (with discounts going as low as $1.10), making this one of the more affordable systems on this list. It's also one of the most effective as it really goes around the city, leaving no area behind. This means you can take the metro and you can definitely drop off at a stop that's either at or near the place you're going to. 


The Metromover in Miami

Downtown Miami is so big that it actually needed its own public transport. And this comes as no surprise considering how urban this area is. Most probably, you haven't seen anything quite like the Metromover. Operating on its own smooth railway, it sort of looks like a toy. But it's not! It's the fastest and cheapest way to go around Downtown Miami. Now, since it doesn't necessarily go beyond this district, you can't exactly use it to the other places in Miami. Still, as for serving its purpose within its area, it certainly does the job well! 


What Public Transport is Like in Miami


The Sunshine State's Old-Style Trolley

If you thought that San Francisco was the only city that still had a trolley system, think again! Miami actually has its own and it's just as quirky and delightful as the one in the Californian city. Here, old-school-style trolleys show what it was like to live in Miami during the olden days. However, as far as transportation goes, it's not exactly one that locals would use every day. It's more for tourists, offering a quirky way to see the city. 


Miami's Special Transportation Services

Miami has long been the senior citizen capital of the country. Home to a lot of senior centers and old folks' homes, as well as the pleasant tropical weather, many have spent their golden years here. With this in mind, the city has made sure that its public transport is still very much accessible by those in wheelchairs, with canes, and the like. Think ramps instead of staircases, special machines to help those in wheelchairs get in the train/bus/trolley, and the like. Because of such innovations, the city's modes of transportation have become renowned throughout the country. 


What Public Transport is Like in Miami


Thanks to its modes of public transportation, traveling Miami is a breeze. Not just for tourists who want to see the sites and locals who need to get to school/work, but also for senior citizens and the disabled as well! It's innovation at its finest! 

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