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The American Public Holidays Worth Noting

November 13, 2021
No one can deny that the Americans are a lively bunch. They know how to turn up and turn everything into a party! So much so that, in the eyes of many other countries, they've garnered quite the polarizing reputation. But that has never stopped them to always celebrate and have fun, most especially during their holidays. With such a tumultuous history, it's no wonder there are loads of holidays the US celebrates and practices. And know that when they do celebrate them, they go all out! Here are some of those public holidays that you might not know about yet!
The American Public Holidays Worth Noting

Martin Luther King Jr. Day (January 15)

Born January 15, 1929, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was the most prominent civil rights leader in US history. Displaying courage, intelligence, and resilience in the face of adversity, he led the movement that revolutionized the country. To this day, his legacy—from the policies he championed to the speeches he gave that riled people—is venerated and studied. Most especially every January 15, which has since become 'Martin Luther King Jr. Day.' At this national holiday, adults take a break from work, kids don't have to go to school, and the country, as a whole, remembers the historic man that gave a voice to the African-American community.

Black History Month (The Whole Month of February)

Thanks to the hard work of the likes of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the heroism of the likes of Rosa Parks, the sacrifices of the likes of Harriet Tubman, and the greatness brought about by the likes of former President Barrack Obama, the US celebrates Black History Month. Held every February, it's sort of like a 28/29-day-long holiday where people, no matter their race, pay tribute and fully recognize the African-American community. A people whose sacrifices, struggles, and achievements are often forgotten, as many schools, even in cities like New York, District of Columba, and more don't teach about them enough.

The American Public Holidays Worth Noting

Memorial Day (Last Monday of May)

Perhaps one of, if not the most infamous time in US history was its Civil War. From 1861 to 1865, the now-United States of America was the most divided as ever, bringing about one of the most violent internal conflicts in any country's history. It was a battle between the Confederacy, which was made up of Southern states, and the Union, which included mostly Norther states, all for the sake of either preserving or abolishing slavery. Ultimately, the Union won, leading to the freedom of the African-American community from slavery. And every last Monday of May, the country remembers those who lost their lives in the war.

St. Patrick's Day (March 17)

Because the US has a large community of Irish immigrants, St. Patrick's Day has become a popular holiday in the country. Though it's not exactly a public holiday—meaning American banks, offices, and similar institutions remain open—many Americans, particularly those of Irish descent, tend to go all out on the day. Think parades of proud Irish-Americans clad in green while waving the Irish flag. Leprechaun mascots playing about on the streets, bringing joy to the children. And, most stereotypically, people drinking to their hearts' content. From the swankiest bars in New York to the roughest pubs in Boston, Americans will make it seem like the US is Ireland during this day.

The American Public Holidays Worth Noting

Labor Day (Last Monday of September)

Every country celebrates labor day, right? So what makes the US special than any other country out there? Well, while most other nations regard May 1 as the date for this holiday, the Americans celebrate it on the first Monday of September. And you know that Americans are workaholics. Most are career-driven to the point that, even though this day to give workers a day off, many might still prefer to work during this holiday. After all, the US job market is one of the biggest in the world. The country deserves to have a holiday just so that the many professionals in the country get to take a break.

Independence Day (July 4)

Fireworks, barbecue, beer—these are just some of what you'll see on many American families' dinner tables on this famous holiday. Commonly referred to as '4th of July,' the American Independence day is one of, if not the most widely-celebrated public holiday in the country. Since many Americans are patriotic, they'll often decorate their homes with the American flag or continue its red-white-and-blue motif as much as they can. The capital city, Washington D.C., becomes quite the lively city. Just about every corner of this city celebrates the holiday. And you'd expect nothing less from them!

The American Public Holidays Worth Noting

Veterans Day (November 11)

Another patriotic public holiday for the Americans? Veterans Day! Honoring all the veterans from the United States Armed Forces, the country pays tribute to the military's history of sacrifices, losses, and of course, victories. Though the date, November 11, alludes to the end of World War I, the entire day venerates the veterans of World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and more. Because of this, many veterans enjoy discounts in retails stores, special treatment in various government offices and other establishments, and more. It's quite the heartwarming holiday in the American calendar.

Thanksgiving Day (4th Thursday of November)

A big turkey on the dinner table, families reunited, a huge parade in New York, and a football game or two. There's really nothing like Thanksgiving Day. Though it commemorates the time when the Native Americans invited the pilgrims to a united feast, it has become quite the cultural celebration every November. Through the years, Americans have come up with various traditions, all defining what it means to celebrate this holiday. More historic than religious, people of all faiths, walks of life, and more gather around the dinner table and share what they're thankful for.

The American Public Holidays Worth Noting

It's safe to say that Americans are at their best during their holidays. You won't see a more patriotic, a more nostalgic, and ultimately, a more grateful people than those in the US when they celebrate the many holidays that have defined their history and culture.

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