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The Best English-Language Schools in Miami

June 10, 2021
Admit it, out of all the cities in the United States of America, Miami is probably not part of your list of where to learn English. Since the city is known to be one of the most diverse in the country—and with it, an abundance of other languages and dialects—you might have assumed that English isn't that much of a priority here. Well, that assumption is wrong. There are a lot of fine English speakers here, from your friendly neighbor to the most revered of academics and politicians. Many of which were taught by some of the top language institutions in the city.

The Best English-Language Schools in Miami


EC English

When you think of South Beach Miami, one of the city's hippest districts, you're bound to think of clubs, parties, booze, and more, right? It's highly likely that the farthest thing that would enter your mind is an educational institution. Well, this area actually has one—EC English. A respected school in the country, with multiple campuses throughout the nation, they've been teaching people proper English for a long time now. And many of their students, a  lot of which have become excellent speakers, praise the school for their pleasant environment, staunch dedication, and welcoming approach to teaching the language. 


JUST.Go Languages

The real clincher of JUST.Go Languages school is already in its name. This institution encourages people interested in learning the language to just go ahead and speak it. Even when you don't know more, you have to begin sometime. Their approach to teaching English is all about application. They hold all sorts of activities so that their students get to practice using, writing, and speaking in English. They include field trips, group-sharing, social events, and more. It's only through ample experience will students get the confidence and knowledge they need to become fine English speakers. 


The Best English-Language Schools in Miami


Kaplan International

Set in the beautiful Coral Gables area of Miami, Kaplan International has long been a worldwide fixture in teaching English to those who want to learn it. They have campuses all around the world, each equipped with teachers and instructors dedicated to sharing their expertise on the language. Their Miami campus is no different. Here, native speakers are all-in in teaching you how to use and speak English the proper way. You even have the choice to learn conversational English or business English that's appropriate for the corporate world. And whichever you choose, you're still guaranteed quality education.


Language On

Miami's Language On School is accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation, which means it's a pretty huge deal! But even without this accreditation, their complete selection of courses and dedicated teachers should already tell you that this is a great place to learn English. Here, they subscribe to a strong structure and system that lets people learn the language in a more specific, personal, yet still proper way. Despite the diversity in their programs, the quality of education and the focus on the student's progress remains the same all throughout. You can't say that about any old language school! 




OHC Miami

Similarly to other major cities in the US, Miami has its own OHC English campus. And just like the others, this school takes on a slightly personal approach to teaching English. Here, you get to choose whether you want to learn just the basic conversational type of English or the more formal language used in corporate settings. And whichever you choose, you're given a breakdown of important courses to go through in order to come out as a well-spoken English speaker. Inevitably, all of what you've learned here will help you in the long run. 


Open Hearts Language Academy

As how its name suggests, the Open Hearts Language Academy has a truly welcoming approach to teaching English. They don't just go for the standard school setting here. They often go above and beyond. For instance, they hold different types of activities wherein students can still learn the language whilst in different settings and situations. This can include yoga sessions, group exercises, and more. And in fact, if you're enrolled here, you can also make use of their fabulous amenities yourself as well. Just a nice perk to learning English here. 


The Best English-Language Schools in Miami


No matter what your language is when you first visited or moved to Miami, you can still learn proper English within the city's fine institutions. They all are dedicated to transforming you into an eloquent and well-spoken English speaker in no time. 

Though it's important to note that not all of these schools provide accommodation. And if you're looking for one for your stay here, Miami's luxury apartments will definitely work best for you!





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Destin, United States
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Hollywood, United States
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