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What To Serve for A Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner

November 06, 2022
Now that November is here, Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner. And you know what that means, right? It's time to think up a good menu for Thanksgiving dinner. Though this American holiday is all about sharing what you're thankful for, the feast is its pièce de résistance! It's arguably the most important part of the holiday and you'd do well to come up with a menu where everyone enjoys the meal. Of course, that includes the vegans too! They might not eat meat—therefore, turkey is a no-go!—but there are still other dishes you can serve like Butternut Squash Soup, Kale Salad with Pickled Cranberries, and even Apple Pie for dessert!

What To Serve for A Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner

Vegan Thanksgiving Wraps

Let's start with some appetizers: Vegan Thanksgiving Wraps! Just the name alone already sounds scrumptious, doesn't it? Made with pumpkin, chickpeas, sweet potatoes, and lettuce, it combines all the earthy flavors of Thanksgiving into one, compact, and easy-to-eat snack. It's a great starter to your vegan Thanksgiving dinner since it will satisfy your hunger but won’t fill your stomach too much. They even pair well with some Thanksgiving cocktails too! Moreover, kids will enjoy them too since you can sweeten them up. If you roast the sweet potatoes with cinnamon, for instance, you can add a little bit of a sweet kick to it!
What To Serve for A Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner

Pepita Guacamole

What if you're not a fan of the wrap? What if you're more into guacamole, instead? After all, plenty of vegans love it. Over the years, this Mexican-born avocado-based dip has become a major favorite among those who follow this strict healthy lifestyle here in the US. So much so that it's practically a naturalized American dish! But how can you make it into a signature Thanksgiving dish? Add some Pepita, or pumpkin seeds, into it! This adds a more autumn flavor to the famous dip. And with tortilla chips on hand, your dinner guests can simply help themselves to the appetizer!
What To Serve for A Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner

Butternut Squash Soup

As for which soup you ought to serve, Butternut Squash is the way to go! It's already an autumn dinner table staple do barely have to give it any thought. Mixed with cream and a few delectable spices, it's the perfect savory dish to prepare your palate and whet your appetite. For a bit of an extra crunch, you can also add some popcorn croutons to your soup. This gives it some more texture amidst all the smooth, warm liquid. Another great idea is to pair it with sliced baguette bread too. Soaking the soup up with each slice is the best way to go!
What To Serve for A Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner

Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls

Not a fan of baguette bread? It is rather hard and flaky, isn't it? While the French may love it, many others might not. And considering that Thanksgiving is an American holiday, not a French holiday, you don't have to add the latter's delicacy into your dinner. So what do you serve with your soup instead? Whole wheat dinner rolls! Not only are they fluffier, but they're healthier too. They're easier to break and chew and though they're softer than baguette bread, they'll still soak up as much of the soup as possible. Don't forget to butter them up too!
What To Serve for A Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner

Sweet-and-Sour Onions

Seeing as this is a vegan Thanksgiving dinner you're preparing, let's go back to the vegetable dishes. For a more complex flavored dish, serve up some sweet and sour onions! Pearl onions are already a Thanksgiving dinner staple, aren't they? So you're already halfway there! But instead of serving the up in a creamy dish, glaze them with a little sugar for a bit of sweetness. The sour flavors will still be there, but the more saccharine touch will make them more palatable for your younger dinner guests. And who knows? The little ones might end up loving onions after this dinner!
What To Serve for A Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner

Kale Salad with Pickled Cranberries

You can't have a vegan Thanksgiving dinner—or any vegan meal, for that matter!—without having some salad! And for this year's holiday, why not go for some kale salad with cranberries? Is it a salad? Check! Is there Thanksgiving food included? Cranberries, so check! And is it delicious? Major check! Kale salad on its own is already delicious and even quite trendy among the younger crowd. But by adding some cranberries into the mix, you don't just make it tarter, but you also enthuse some Thanksgiving spirit into it. What's not to love?
What To Serve for A Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner

Roasted Hasselback Sweet Potatoes

Now, for the main dish. Since you're forgoing Thanksgiving turkey this year for a more vegan option, replace this famous poultry dish with some roasted Hasselback sweet potatoes instead! Seasoned with Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, it takes the delicious blend of sweet and savory flavors to a whole new level. And since sweet potatoes are already fulfilling no matter how you serve them, you can bet that they will fill up just as much as any turkey leg can! Additionally, since roasted Hasselback sweet potatoes are often served all sliced up, it's easier to share with the entire family too!
What To Serve for A Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner

Apple Pie

Finally, some Thanksgiving dessert! Since you've experimented with vegan dishes that many of your guests have probably never tasted before, end the meal with something a bit more classic. And what could be more classic than some old-fashioned apple pie? You already know the recipe from your grandma or mom, don't you? All you need is some fresh apples, a dash of cinnamon, and big scoops of dairy-free ice cream to top it all off. There's no doubt that everyone will want more than one helping after they've tasted their first slice!
What To Serve for A Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner

This Thanksgiving dinner, why not go a healthier route and serve up a vegan feast instead? Make no mistake! Even without meat, there are many dishes that are just as delicious and fulfilling as a Thanksgiving turkey!

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