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Different Ways to Serve Turkey This Thanksgiving

November 13, 2021
According to American tradition, you can't celebrate Thanksgiving Day without turkey. Without turkey on Thanksgiving, it's like Easter Sunday without Easter eggs or Christmas without a Christmas tree. In many ways, it's become the symbol of the holiday altogether. Turkey is simply the holiday dinner table staple you just have to serve. But, even though there's a common way to serve turkey on Thanksgiving, it doesn't mean you have to follow suit. Thanksgiving isn't Thanksgiving without turkey, sure, but you don't exactly need an entire bird in your dinner table to follow the tradition. Here are other ways to serve turkey for Thanksgiving dinner!

Different Ways to Serve Turkey This Thanksgiving

Smoked Turkey

Let's start with the variation that's closest to a standard Thanksgiving turkey, the smoked turkey. Most of the time, a typical turkey for Thanksgiving with filling would be enough. Although the American holiday usually comes with a big feast, the turkey is often so big and juicy that it's practically a feast itself. And at times, your guests would be too full to try the other dishes on the table. However, with wood-smoked turkey, not only will its dark flavor fascinate the taste buds, but its overwhelming taste will have you guests reaching for the side dishes with every bite.
Different Ways to Serve Turkey This Thanksgiving
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Bacon-Wrapped Turkey

You've heard of all sorts of fillings stuffed in Thanksgiving turkey, right? There are vegetables, herbs, and at times, even dried fruits too. They add a whole new flavor to the traditional American dish that makes it special year after year. But what if, this year, instead of stuffing your turkey with something extra inside, you wrap the poultry in it entirely? Enter the bacon-wrapped turkey! As straightforward as it can get, this delicious variation of turkey has you wrapping the main dish in strips of bacon. If you want a sweeter taste, you can even glaze it with honey too!
Different Ways to Serve Turkey This Thanksgiving
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Scalhotrod

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Sometimes, during Thanksgiving dinner, you just have to get down and dirty! With your hands, at least! While eating Thanksgiving dinner with utensils and all is both ideal and idyllic, you can always spice it up with how you serve the main dish, the traditional turkey. A great way to make eating the poultry easier as well as making the dinner more fun is to serve turkey drumsticks instead of the typical whole bird. Prepare different sauces as well, so that you and your guests can add more flavor to it! And while this will get messy, as long as you prepared enough napkins and paper towels, you're good to go!
Different Ways to Serve Turkey This Thanksgiving
Source: Wikimedia Commons

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Turkey Wings

You've heard of hot buffalo wings, right? Not only is it a huge favorite in American snacks, particularly in places like Los Angeles, Miami, and the like, but it's also a dinner table staple for a lot of families in the US. But for Thanksgiving, instead of the usual buffalo wings, why not go traditional with turkey wings instead? It's the same sort of style, way of serving, and flavor, just with different poultry altogether. And just like drumsticks, serving turkey in the form of hot wings allows for easier and more fun ways to enjoy the dish.
Different Ways to Serve Turkey This Thanksgiving
Source: Wikimedia Commons

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Turkey Breast

Always remember that Thanksgiving is celebrated with the entire family. From your oldest living grandparent to the youngest baby in the family, this holiday invites all sorts of characters to your dinner table. Wouldn't you want them to enjoy turkey no matter their physical capabilities? Wouldn't you want your grandparents to easily chew the meat without the risk of the dentures falling off? And what of the little ones? Wouldn't you want them to easily chomp down a bit so that they wouldn't complain at the dinner table? With all this in mind, a great option is to make boneless turkey breast that's easy to eat this year!
Different Ways to Serve Turkey This Thanksgiving
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Kimberly Vaderman

Turkey Sandwich

What's another easy way to serve and eat turkey for Thanksgiving? Prepare it in sandwiches! As aesthetically pleasing to have a whole entire turkey at your dinner table can be, you must always think about your guests. Can all of them slice through the juice poultry while you share what you're thankful for? Do they have strong enough teeth to chomp down a turkey leg? Will they have enough room to try your other dishes after the turkey? At least, by cutting your turkey into think slices and putting them in sandwiches, you're sure to have guests asking for seconds before the dinner is through!
Different Ways to Serve Turkey This Thanksgiving
Source: Wikimedia Commons

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Turkey Burger

Whether you're at a street in New York or at a foodie hotspot in Philadelphia, you'll find that burgers are a huge staple in traditional American cuisine. But when it comes to when to eat them, Americans usually enjoy them when they go out to wat, watch sports, during a backyard barbecue, and when they need to relieve a hangover. Very rarely do burgers make into Thanksgiving dinner, that is, if they're turkey burgers. This is yet another fun way to serve turkey on Thanksgiving that will ensure that every single one of your guests will enjoy them. It helps that this variation is easier to eat than a standard turkey!
Different Ways to Serve Turkey This Thanksgiving
Source: Wikimedia Commons

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The turkey is, without a doubt, the main course and the main star of Thanksgiving dinner! It's an American dinner table staple that you simply must serve on this special holiday! However, there is more than one way to serve Turkey on Thanksgiving!

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