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Top Five Cocktails to Mix This Thanksgiving

November 14, 2021
Thanksgiving is an American holiday that's all about celebrating what you're thankful for. You gather around the dinner table, eat good food, share stories, and more. Doesn't that sound like a good time? Thanksgiving is the sort of holiday where you have to have fun, sort of like Christmas and New Year's. So if you want to, what's stopping you from serving up some Thanksgiving cocktails before, after, or even during dinner? Surely that'll make your guests feel even more thankful! Especially if you mix these holiday-appropriate cocktails to spice up Thanksgiving dinner!

Top Five Cocktails to Mix This Thanksgiving

Pumpkin Martini

Apart from the turkey, Thanksgiving is all about pumpkins. Right after Halloween with its lanterns and sweet treats, Thanksgiving brings about pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie, and now, pumpkin martini! This signature drink reeks of Thanksgiving flavor, from the pumpkin spice that gives one hell of a kick to the strong vodka to ensure you get your much-needed buzz. Oh, and don't forget the heavy cream and vanilla that lightens up the drink in more ways than one too! With all these different sensations swirling at every sip, it's bound to leave you feeling as fulfilled as you were when you left tha Thanksgiving dinner table!
Top Five Cocktails to Mix This Thanksgiving
Source: Flickr.com/ Personal Creations

Pear Martini

Still craving a martini? Well, instead of just having pumpkin martini, why not indulge in a pear martini too? Compared to the former, this one is sweeter and more delicate, perfect for those with dainty palettes and strong sweet-tooths. You also have to remember that Thanksgiving is practically one of a handful of holidays where you'll eat your fill and then some. You're bound to go beyond your limits and will likely even want to still drink after. Wouldn't a light cocktail like a pear martini work best for this situation?
Top Five Cocktails to Mix This Thanksgiving
Source: Wikimedia Commons

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Granted, Mimosa is more of a brunch drink that you'd get in high-class hotspots in LA or Miami, there's nothing wrong with serving it on Thanksgiving too! Think about it: what does a Mimosa consist of? Orange juice and sparkling wine, right? Others would even use champagne instead! Now, isn't the latter perfect for a sparkling holiday like Thanksgiving? As for the former, some orange juice would make for a great palette cleanser amidst all the turkey, yams, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and the like. Combing those two together into one delicious cocktail simply does the trick!
Top Five Cocktails to Mix This Thanksgiving
Source: Wikimedia Commons

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Pomegranate Prosecco Sparkler

Thanksgiving calls for festive food and drinks. Is there anything more festive than an entire roasted turkey at the center of the dinner table? What about some delicious pumpkin pie or apple cobbler for dessert? And as for your drink, something sparkly will do! If you're craving a cocktail during this holiday then look no further than Pomegranate Prosecco Sparkler. This concoction has everything you want in a festive drink. The fruity tartness of pomegranate, the zing of Prosecco, and a sparkling fizzling with bubbles. Just looking at it will make you feel some sort of way. What more when you take a sip?
Top Five Cocktails to Mix This Thanksgiving
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Apple Sangria

Thanksgiving is all about the autumn fruits. In fact, it's more likely that the pilgrims ate autumn fruits with the Native Americans on the first Thanksgiving than turkey and mashed potatoes. And apart from dessert, wouldn't a fruit cocktail work for Thanksgiving dinner too? You've already got a Pomegranate Processco Sparkley, why not add some Apple Sangria into the mix too? Just mix in some apple cider, dry red wine, brandy, cinnamon, some lemon zest, and, of course, apples, and you're good to do! Also, the great thing about Apple Sangria is that you can serve it like a punch so that most of your guests can enjoy it!
Top Five Cocktails to Mix This Thanksgiving
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Although Thanksgiving is normally a family affair, there's no rule that says the adults can have fun in their own way. In fact, there are even a few cocktails out there that are themed in line with this celebrated American holiday!

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