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What To Wear for Thanksgiving Dinner

November 13, 2021
There are times when fashion and function have to mix. As much as you want to look your best, dress to the nines, and sport the latest trends, your outfit has to fit the occasion. Also, depending on what you're going to do that day, you need to ensure your own comfort as well. A good example is Thanksgiving Day, the important American holiday that's all about family. More often than not, you spend this day with family and friends. And commonly, it comes with a huge feast too. So on a day like Thanksgiving, what should you wear? Here are a few suggestions.

What To Wear for Thanksgiving Dinner


Originally, athleisure was what you'd wear when working out. Think tracksuits, gym shorts, tennis tops, and the like. But thanks to the recent rise of streetwear, where sportswear is among the many staples, athleisure has since become fashionable even outside the gym. Thanks to Hollywood celebrities sporting their best workout outfits as they go to LA gyms, athleisure has become one of this generation's biggest fads. Now, why is it a great outfit option for Thanksgiving dinner? Simply put, it's comfortable. Beyond following streetwear trends, wearing athleisure ensures that you remain comfortable all throughout the holiday.
What To Wear for Thanksgiving Dinner

Flannel Shirt

Hopping on the streetwear trend and the recent revival of grunge, a flannel shirt is an easy yet notable sartorial choice for your Thanksgiving apparel. Firstly, just like athleisure, flannel shirts are comfortable. They're not that constricting and even if you go for one that's a size or two bigger, you'd still look good. Secondly, a flannel shirt is an autumn wardrobe staple. You'll find many, both in big cities and small towns, sporting this garment the moment the leaves turn color and start to fall. And third, though it depends on the material, a flannel shirt can also warm you up as you eat with family on a cold Thanksgiving Day.
What To Wear for Thanksgiving Dinner

Comfortable Jeans

Of course, when you have a top like a flannel shirt, you have to pair it with bottoms that are just as stylish! And for Thanksgiving, a day you celebrate with family and friends, a nice and comfy pair of denim jeans is the most appropriate choice. You can easily get a good pair from any high street brand nearby! To say that a pair of jeans is a staple, even for Thanksgiving, is an understatement. It's one of the very few garments that you can sport no matter the season it is. But what makes it perfect for Thanksgiving is that it warms up your bottom half all while providing comfort and sturdiness.
What To Wear for Thanksgiving Dinner

Oversized Sweater

Now, speaking of comfort and warmth, an oversized sweater will do the trick too! If you want a more sophisticated top that has all the coziness you'll need and with maximum comfort to match, this autumn style staple is your best bet. Imagine when you eat Thanksgiving dinner and you can just feel your stomach growing and growing with every bit. If you're conscious of your figure, you wouldn't others to see it, would you? An oversized sweater won't just help you hide your big Thanksgiving belly, but the difference in proportion will make you look smaller too. Now that's a win-win situation!
What To Wear for Thanksgiving Dinner

Chic Cardigan

On the other hand, there are those who don't care whether their tummies stick out after Thanksgiving dinner or not. After all, you're spending the holiday with your friends and family, aren't you? These are people that wouldn't care whether you gained one or ten pounds after the feast. And if you don't care about how you look after dinner, why should you hide your body? But even if you don't go for an oversized sweater, you'll still need something to warm you up! A great alternative is a chic cardigan. A comfy knitted cover that can add class to your look and embrace you with warmth.
What To Wear for Thanksgiving Dinner

Knitted Dress

Dresses are often tricky when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner. At times, you don't know whether you ought to dress it up or dress down. Not to mention the fact that a cool autumn breeze might give you a chill when you least expect it. What if you'll be eating Thanksgiving dinner outside? Will your risk your comfort and health for the sake of fashion? Well, you won't have to if you wear a knitted dress. A nice sweater frock can help you stay cozy while embracing your feminine side on Thanksgiving. Many designer brands offer great ones that are perfect to wear on this holiday!
What To Wear for Thanksgiving Dinner

Cozy Jumpsuit

Let's move on to more sophisticated options this time around. A great autumn style staple that's chic, elegant, classic, and comfortable is a nice jumpsuit. Whether you go for brighter colors, cooler tones, or stick to neutrals, a jumpsuit is a statement piece that's easy to wear and even easier to style. Not to mention, of course, it's also warm enough that you can eat Thanksgiving dinner outside and not have to freeze to death because of the autumn winds. You can still exude sophistication with a simple jumpsuit, looking balanced enough that you don't seem overdressed nor feel underdressed.
What To Wear for Thanksgiving Dinner


Let's say, for instance, that Thanksgiving dinner with your family is an elegant affair? Not necessarily a black-tie event, but sophisticated enough that not even a simple jumpsuit will do. And, to be even more specific, the dress code says that women have to wear dresses. What do you do? A sweater dress, as suggested earlier, wouldn't fit such a setting so what's another good alternative? A nice slip dress. One made in satin or silk will exude class and sophistication all while being simple and easy. The only drawback is that it might leave you feeling chilly if you're outside. But then, that's where the chic cardigan—and ther fashionable covers—comes in!
What To Wear for Thanksgiving Dinner

Pajama Suit

Although it's weird that sleepwear crept its way onto this list, wearing pajamas is still a great option for a Thanksgiving look. Or more specifically, a pajama suit. Over the past few years, many designer brands have embraced the pajama look like an elegant style that's both comfortable and classic. And aren't those two qualities what you're looking for in a Thanksgiving outfit? A nice silky suit would work well in a comfy and familial Thanksgiving setting. You'll still look sophisticated all while feeling great. It's even a better option when you're the host of this year's Thanksgiving dinner and you're holding it in your own home!
What To Wear for Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving was never a holiday that required dressing up but you can always use it as an excuse to flex your style game! And on the question of what you should wear, you might that these style staples will work wonders for this year's look!

Here's to hoping that you get to have a luxurious home with a big enough closet to store all of these Thanksgiving outfit ideas!

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