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Top American Designer Brands You Have To Know

March 13, 2021
America's influence knows no bounds! Since the 20th century, the United States of America has become the most powerful and most influential country in the world. Practically every country has had influence or impact from the US. And in various fields, America has come out on top. Not the least of which is fashion! It's safe to say that American designer brands are some of the biggest, most famous, and most influential in the world. They helped transform fashion into a billion-dollar industry. And while the country has so many to choose from nowadays, there are those that still deserve special recognition and investment.
Top American Designer Brands You Have To Know

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren's career is the epitome of the American dream. Starting out as a humble necktie designer, he eventually expanded his business, turning it into one of the most popular fashion behemoths in the retail world. Today, the Ralph Lauren brand and its many sub-lines and other collections represent American elegance at its finest. Over the years, the designer has made all facets of American history and heritage, from the Wild West cowboy look to preppy uptown style, into its own signatures. No other American brand has this much influence!
Top American Designer Brands You Have To Know
Source: Ralph Lauren Facebook Page

Tommy Hilfiger

Speaking of preppy Americana, Tommy Hilfiger has mastered this look to a tee! If you ever went to the Hamptons on Long Island, you'll find that people here mostly dress a certain way. A tinge of nautical here, a hint of classic preppy style there, and a whole lot of upscale style. This is the look that Tommy Hilfiger has perfected over the years. A clean and crisp style that defines wealth and prestige without looking too ostentatious.
Top American Designer Brands You Have To Know
Source: Tommy Hilfiger

Diane Von Furstenberg

Wild silhouettes, a mish-mash of prints, and, of course, the iconic wrap dress. If there's one American designer who has built her career to dressing all sorts of women, it's Diane Von Furstenberg. Her quasi-bohemian look has captivated women from all over the world, yet her signature styles remain as American as ever. Emphasizing both comfort and chicness in equal measure, she's become a go-to designer brand for working women in the country. And even though she's no longer designing for her namesake label anymore, the brand still continues to highlight women at its core.
Top American Designer Brands You Have To Know
Source: Diane Von Furstenberg

Carolina Herrera

A crisp white shirt isn't exactly a piece any designer can monopolize and claim as their own. It's popular here in the US, yet it's also a staple in Parisian style. With that said, how the French design and wear their white shirts is completely different from how Venezuelan-American designer Carolina Herrera has approached it over the years. A symbol of old-school elegance and classic style, the woman and her namesake brand has transformed the white shirt from an everyday garment to a piece worthy to wear in formal events and even on the red carpet. How's that for innovative style?
Top American Designer Brands You Have To Know
Source: Carolina Herrera Facebook Page

Vera Wang

Experimental, edgy, yet also elegant at the same time. This is what best describes Vera Wang, both the designer and her brand. Her ready-to-wear line has always stood for cutting-edge fashion, often veering into avant-garde territory without having to actually go there. At the same time, Vera Wang's bridal line has become one of the most popular among American designer brands too. Her innovative eye for wedding dresses and red carpet evening gowns continue to fascinate women all over the country.
Top American Designer Brands You Have To Know
Source: Vera Wang

Oscar de la Renta

When it comes to red carpet style, no one comes close to Oscar de la Renta. Regarded as a true American couturier, the late great designer has stood for traditional elegance and old-school sophistication since he first opened his brand in the 1960s. Today, his label continues to offer awe-inspiring red carpet looks, wedding dresses, evening pieces, and other formal wear from day-to-night. A style that perfectly fits Fifth Avenue—the most upscale of New York neighborhoods—ladies and their elegant lifestyles.
Top American Designer Brands You Have To Know
Source: Oscar de la Renta Facebook Page

Tom Ford

When you want to talk about American glamour, you can't have this conversation without mentioning Tom Ford. From the 90s to today, both the designer and his brand have personified glamour and redefine it season after season. Yet his codes remain the same: precise tailoring, sexy silhouettes, shimmering jewel tones, and an unapologetic sense of style. His designs are so lit, you'll see it sported in the hottest parts of Miami, the chicest areas in Los Angeles, and more!
Top American Designer Brands You Have To Know
Source: Tom Ford Facebook Page

Marc Jacobs

There's arguably no other designer on this list as fashion-forward as Marc Jacobs. Season after season, he hits it out of the park, starting trends left and right and making New York Fashion Week one of the hottest events in the industry. Part of why he's one of the best is because you can't exactly pinpoint his signature style. He changes season after season yet, despite that, you can still tell if something was from him. From his grunge origins in the 90s to his quirky style during the late 2000s, Marc Jacobs is the only American designer to ever turn fashion upside-down and inside-out!
Top American Designer Brands You Have To Know
Source: Marc Jacobs

Michael Kors

If there's one brand you can expect will always be in the best designer outlet stores in New York, LA, and more, it's Michael Kors. This isn't to say his designs are cheap or anything like that, but despite its luxuriousness, it's a rather approachable aesthetic. In a nutshell, Kors' style is city chic through and through. An upscale look that's common in big cities, be it in sunny Miami, the cool New York, or even the hot Atlanta down south!
Top American Designer Brands You Have To Know
Source: Michael Kors

Proenza Schouler

Right now, in the New York fashion scene, there's no designer duo more innovative, edgy, and fashion-forward than Proenza Schouler. Jack McCollough & Lazaro Hernandez founded the brand in 2002 but it wasn't until the late 2000s that everyone started paying attention to it. And since then, they've only elevated their techniques, style, and signatures to fit even the most discriminating tastes in fashion. Their clothes are those who want to look unique, embracing a sense of avant-garde without bordering on looking costumey. It's no wonder why Vogue magazine loves this label so much!
Top American Designer Brands You Have To Know
Source: Proenza Schouler Facebook Page

You may have heard of these American designer brands before but did you really know about them at all? From their influential styles to iconic signatures, these are the labels that have put the USA on the fashion map!

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