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Los Angeles' Gyms and Training Centers You Shouldn't Miss

June 26, 2020
If there's one city that has totally and whole-heartedly embraced the fitness lifestyle, it's Los Angeles. The city that houses Hollywood itself, there's an unseen and unofficial pressure to be fit and healthy while you're here. Gyms and fitness centers are as common as restaurants and malls put together. Just about any corner, you go to and there will be at least one gym there that's filled with loads of people. You can't even say that you've stayed in LA without ever entering one of these places. So if you are in the city and you're looking for the gym that's for you, try these ones out!

Los Angeles' Gyms and Training Centers You Shouldn't Miss


220 Fitness

Santa Monica might not be the most glamorous of LA's many areas, but it is one where health and fitness are the utmost priority. Not only because it's near the beach, a place where you can show off your tanned and trim figure, but also because the lifestyle here is pretty laid back. If you're not careful, you might find that you're not in your best shape at all. Fortunately, there's 220 Fitness. A nice studio where you can simply exercise and enjoy the area at the same time. 

Los Angeles' Gyms and Training Centers You Shouldn't Miss

Source:220 Fitness


Breakthru Fitness

Pasadena is the type of place you'd probably read a lot about in LA-set books and novels. It's a unique area where it's both urban yet suburban at the same time. And as far as fitness is concerned, there's Breakthru Fitness. A mecca dor cardio fanatics, it's geared with some of the finest exercise equipment known to man. Not to mention its many classes wherein practically the whole neighborhood joins every session. That's how popular this gym is! 

Los Angeles' Gyms and Training Centers You Shouldn't Miss

Source: Breakthru Fitness Facebook Page


Hollywood Boxing Gym

Up for some boxing? There's a place near the famous Hollywood boulevard that's great for practicing and doing the sport for exercise. The Hollywood Boxing Gym. Don't expect you'll get to punch your least-favorite celebrities here though—they probably have their own private gyms to begin with—you won't find them here. Who you will find here, however, are like-minded individuals who love boxing, be they pro or not. You can let out all your frustrations with ever swing and sucker punch you give to a bag or even your fellow gym member. 

Los Angeles' Gyms and Training Centers You Shouldn't Miss

Source: Hollywood Boxing Gym Facebook Page


Rise Nation

Apart from the many business-ready restaurants and snack havens you'll find in West Hollywood, there's also Rise Nation. It's become one of the most popular gyms in the area as it's both upscale and fun at the same time. The vibe here is far from the sweaty and murky atmosphere you'll find in other gyms in the city. Here, it's more like a nightclub. But instead of dancing and drinking, you're putting up a great workout! 

Los Angeles' Gyms and Training Centers You Shouldn't Miss

Source: Rise Nation


Rumble Boxing

If you're up for some more boxing, Rumble Boxing is another fitness hotspot you could go to! Also set in West Hollywood, this is one place where you really might get to punch a celebrity or two whilst you're here. That is, if they'll let you! In any case, if you're a fitness freak and you want to come out swinging, this cool gym is right up your alley. The hip-hop beats they play here are killer! 

Los Angeles' Gyms and Training Centers You Shouldn't Miss

Source: Rumble Boxing Facebook Page


Spectrum Athletic Clubs

El Segundo isn't exactly the area of LA but it does house one of the more upscale gyms in the city: Spectrum Athletics Club. There's practically no other gym within (probably) a ten-mile radius that has its own in-house cafe, massage chairs for hat spa-like feel, and flat-screen TVs to distract you from the pain (of working out). They also have professional personal trainers that will keep you in line and in check to make sure you reach your fitness goal! 

Los Angeles' Gyms and Training Centers You Shouldn't Miss

Source: Spectrum Athletic Clubs


The Wall

No, LA's The Wall isn't just one big wall for you to climb. It's not a rock-climbing place. It is, however, an upscale gym where you'll really burn all your calories in just a few sessions. And they'll make sure that you will. Joining this gym is almost like joining an unofficial fraternity/sorority that's all about keeping fit and healthy. Everyone will help push you to your limits for you to reach your highest fitness potential. But don't worry, their state-of-the-art heart-monitoring system will hold you back when needed! 

Los Angeles' Gyms and Training Centers You Shouldn't Miss

Source: The Wall Facebook Page


Training Mate

"Good day, mate!" as they say in Australia. This world-famous gym is so beloved in LA that it has three locations throughout the city: West Hollywood, Santa Monica, and Studio City. This is the place you'd want to go to if you want to do HIIT exercises. Cap it off with a little bit of Australian flair and you've got yourself quite the fitness regimen. But don't worry, at least you won't be boxing a kangaroo or running away from a crocodile or anything like that! Just pure HIIT workouts! 

Los Angeles' Gyms and Training Centers You Shouldn't Miss

Source: Training Mate Instagram Page



Out of all the official working and co-working spaces in LA, it's no surprise that the famous Yahoo! building houses one of the best gyms in the city. And don't worry, you don't need to be an employee of the company in order to gain access to it. They wouldn't keep such a first-class fitness center with an Olympic-sized pool, a yoga studio, and cool spin classes from people of the outside, right? Though expect that a good number of Yahoo! employees will work out here! 

Los Angeles' Gyms and Training Centers You Shouldn't Miss

Source: TriFit LA Facebook Page


YAS Fitness Center

Finally, this won't be a true LA list of top gyms and fitness centers without a yoga studio to two, wouldn't it? After all, the "city of angels" is full of yogis. Young and old, rich and middle class—there are tons of people who do yoga in LA. And one of the places they all flock to is the YAS Fitness Center. Just make sure you go at the right time as this place isn't as big as other gyms and you can only spin and do yoga for a certain length of time. 

Los Angeles' Gyms and Training Centers You Shouldn't Miss

Source: YAS Fitness Center


Los Angeles is one of those cities that you really will feel you have to be fit and healthy, even when no one is pressuring you to do so. Perhaps it's the many great gyms and fitness centers that you see on every corner that's pressuring you! 

Beyond these gyms, however, you can always work out in your own place. If you choose a swanky LA luxury apartment, you'll have ample space to exercise here! Not to mention your shower area is all yours!





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