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Top Tips For Coming to Nuit Blanche in Paris

October 02, 2021
Today, or rather tonight, Paris will once host one of its annual festivals once again, Nuit Blanche! Known as 'White Night' or “Sleepless Night” in English, it's a citywide extravaganza that will last the entire night and up until the wee hours of the next morning. Countless places throughout the French capital will take part, from museums and art galleries to parks and other public spaces. It will likely be busy all throughout and if you're not that familiar with Paris yet, it'll be easy for you to get lost halfway through the night. In order to avoid that, follow these tips to ensure you get to enjoy Nuit Blanche the way Parisians do!

Top Tips For Coming to <i>Nuit Blanche</i> in Paris

Sleep Beforehand

As Paris is the 'city of lights,' that doesn't mean that everyone is used to staying up late. While certain neighborhoods in Paris serve as nightlife hubs and the like, the White Night Festival is a whole different ball game. One of those most hotly-anticipated events this October, it starts around the early evening of October 2, 2021, until the dawn of October 3, 2021. Of course, you'd want to last the whole night through, wouldn't you? In that case, it's better to sleep or even just take a power nap beforehand. You'll feel refreshed and ready to go once the festival starts!

Not All Events Are Free

Although most events and attractions during the Nuit Blanche are free, a good many will still require tickets and admission fees. From concerts and parties to art exhibits and various performances, these are special events within the festival. Some have probably sold out even before the night started, while others if you're lucky, might still have a few tickets to spare. In any case, make sure you have some cash handy in case you want to get into these sorts of events. Withdraw before the end of the day and, to be doubly safe, bring your credit card too. Although a lot of establishments in Paris will remain open for the festival, the local banks aren't one of them.

Top Tips For Coming to <i>Nuit Blanche</i> in Paris

Make an Itinerary

The White Night Festival in Paris encompasses most, if not the entire city. Although certain areas will probably be busier than others, the whole French capital will stay out late and party all night long in this special event. And the city is so big and vast, you won't know where to begin, won't you? To avoid such a predicament, make an itinerary beforehand. Sortiraparos laid out what this year's Nuit Blanche has to offer, from live events to cultural attractions with free admissions. Look into what you want to see tonight and list them down so you'll know where to go. You'd be surprised at how useful this itinerary will be once you see how busy the festival really is.

Charge Your Devices

Nuit Blanche brings about a lot in Paris that you won't see anywhere see nor at any other time of the year. Because of this, you'll probably spend most of your time taking pictures, recording footage, and even posting on social media. That is if your devices can last the entire night! Before heading out to the White Night Festival, it'd be wise for you to charge all of your devices to ensure that have enough battery to last you the entire night. Another smart option would be to bring a (fully-charged) power bank too. This way, you can still recharge no matter where you are in Paris.

Top Tips For Coming to <i>Nuit Blanche</i> in Paris

Go to Many Museums as You Can

This annual October festival is one of the very few times that many of Paris' museums let you go in free of charge. And considering that these cultural attractions are some of the most famous in the world, you won't want to miss this grand opportunity! From the beloved landmarks to the more unique galleries, Nuit Blanche lets you enter all of them without having to pay a single cent. Make the most out of this incredible opportunity and go to as many museums as you can! As already mentioned, if you made an itinerary on how you'll want to spend White Night, this will make it easier for you to visit the places you want to see the most.

Watch Your Kids

Nuit Blanche isn't just a festival for the adults. There are many places throughout the arrondissement of Paris that are open and even cater to the little ones too. Think museums and galleries that can educate them and help inspire them as they go through their many exhibits. Playgrounds and other fun establishments that'd usually close down before dinner time on every other night. Not to mention the special sports and games areas that are laid out on the street just for this late-night festival. There are many places your children will likely want to see and events they'll want to take part in. If you'll allow them, just make sure you can watch over them so they won't get lost.

Top Tips For Coming to <i>Nuit Blanche</i> in Paris

Keep Your Stomach Empty

If you chose to do the first tip and sleep before going to Nuit Blanche, you'll also be indirectly following another tip: keep your stomach empty. Just like any other establishment in town, many restaurants in Paris will stay open for the White Night Festival tonight. You wouldn't want to miss the chance to eat in any of them late at night, would you? This will probably be the only night in the entire year where your favorite foodie hotspot will remain open until the wee hours of the next morning. Whether it's the sports bar across the street, your trusty brunch spots, or the restaurant where you hold your business lunches, eat your fill during Nuit Blanche! After all, food is one of what Paris offers best!

Don't Forget Your Face Mask

Don't think that just because things seem normal enough that Nuit Blanche will take place this year that you don't need to follow health protocols. Sure, France did reopen this past summer, many businesses have started operating again, and life is slowly getting back to normal, but if you're not careful, you never know when Covid-19 might just creep up on you. Just because Paris is open again, that doesn't mean the pandemic has truly gone away. And in an event like the White Night Festival, where countless people will go to various places, it's more than important to wear a mask and sanitize yourselves.

Leave Your Car Behind

To truly maximize the Nuit Blanche experience, leave your car at home. The White Night Festival has Paris' public transport operating all night long as well, so you don't have anything to worry about. Remember that since most of the streets of Paris will hold art exhibitions, concerts, games, and the like for the festival, there's a big chance you might get stuck in traffic. You wouldn't want that now, would you? You'll miss out on a lot if you do! So even if you're used to driving or traveling by car every day in Paris, let this be the one night where you walk and commute, allowing you to see Paris at night in all its sparkling glory!

Top Tips For Coming to <i>Nuit Blanche</i> in Paris

Tonight, for one night in the whole year, the entire city of Paris will stay up late for 'Nuit Blanche,' or the White Night Festival. To truly enjoy this unique event, just follow these tips! Once you do, you'll likely have an amazing and unforgettable night ahead!

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