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The Best Places for a Business Lunch in Paris

May 05, 2020
It's easy to forget that Paris is also a major business hub in the world. From the biggest luxury conglomerates to the leading financiers, a lot of big business happens within the French capital. And more often than not, they're done over a delicious meal. Paris is, after all, one of the food capitals of the world. It's highly likely that people enjoy the best that this city has to offer when they negotiate and seal huge business deals. If you're a businessman who lives in Paris or staying here just for a business trip, where would you take your clients out? Here are a few good suggestions!

The Best Places for a Business Lunch in Paris



Headed by the acclaimed Chef Gaël Orieux, Auguste is one French restaurant you shouldn't miss. Even if you're just on a holiday in the French capital, you should still taste what this culinary genius has to offer. And if you're on a business lunch, your clients or colleagues will think highly of your taste is this is where you choose to have it. What makes this place so special is that it's a pleasure for the senses. The sound and smells here are just as first-class as the taste of the food! 

The Best Places for a Business Lunch in Paris

Source: Auguste


Ducasse Sur Seine

Though it's probably better to have a date in Ducasse Sur Seine, there's no rule that says you can negotiate on a business deal here either! And why not? Who wouldn't want to do business with someone who chooses a stunning riverside restaurant for a business lunch? You might make your clients feel so good that you're deal is already done even before dessert is served. Now that's an ace to have when climbing up the corporate ladder! 

The Best Places for a Business Lunch in Paris

Source: Ducasse Sur Seine



Any Shangri-la Hotel around the world is always a great place to do a business lunch in. You're guaranteed to get served exquisitely haute cuisine, fine wine, and sweetest desserts you'll ever get to taste in the city. And while in Paris, their hotel's L'Abielle is a sure winner! Infinitely luxurious, even down to the teaspoon that they use, you'll better convince your clients to do business with you inside such an elegant yet modern setting! And the food? Top-notch, of course! 

The Best Places for a Business Lunch in Paris

Source: Shangri-la.com


Le Cinq

Though the business you're doing is probably modern and forward-thinking, that doesn't mean you can seal the deal within a classic setting. Paris is, after all, a hub of preserved elegance. It might do you some good to choose a setting that brings out a tinge of nostalgia. And one place, in particular, is the beautiful Le Cinq restaurant over at the famous Four Seasons Hotel George V! But what about the food? No need to worry! The head chef here is none other than superstar Christian Le Squer, so you know you'll get served the best! 

The Best Places for a Business Lunch in Paris

Source: Restaurant Le Cinq Facebook Page


Le Panoramique

Sometimes, a simple lunch date is not enough to impress your clients. They've probably had tons of it in other cities, what makes yours, even when it's in Paris. noteworthy? Well, why not throw in a horserace in? Take your client to the Le Panoramique restaurant over at the Vincennes Hippodrome de Paris. Here, you get to watch exciting horseraces as you dine on fine French food. Just make sure that, where you're going through the important details, the horses aren't racing about! 

The Best Places for a Business Lunch in Paris

Source: Unsplash


Les Belles Plantes

You know, it pays to hold your business lunch in a rather homely setting. Ultimately, it will separate you fro the other businessmen/women who are trying to strike a deal with the same client. But where in Paris can you get such an atmosphere? At Les Belles Plantes! Situated in the beautiful Jardin des Plantes, you'll dine on haute cuisine surrounded by lush greeneries and magnificent flora. It's a sweet and homely paradise that's far from the more bustling atmosphere of Paris. 

The Best Places for a Business Lunch in Paris

Source: Les Belles Plantes


Maison Blanche

You're in Paris! The most beautiful city in the world! That in of itself is quite remarkable, isn't it? And shouldn't you impress your client that you're having a business lunch one of the most stunning places on the planet. Surely, even if they're from the city themselves, they too are aware of just how important the place is. So why not go for a restaurant that serves fine French food and has a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower! There's only one place for that: Maison Blanche! 

The Best Places for a Business Lunch in Paris

Source: Maison Blanche


Noto Salle Pleyel

When it comes to business lunches, either go big or go home! And if you decide to take your clients to Noto Salle Pleyel, it means you're going big and you're in it to win it! Not only is this art deco-styled establishment one of the most beautiful of its kind, but they also serve a killer menu of Mediterranean cuisine. Sometimes, just eating French food is not enough to impress in Paris. Slide-in some Italian, Spanish, and even Greek into the mix to really seal the deal! 

The Best Places for a Business Lunch in Paris

Source: Noto Salle Pleyel


Pavillon Ledoyen, Alléno Paris

Another place that says you're going big on your business lunch is the beautiful Pavillon Ledoyen at the Alléno Paris Restaurant. Situated near the Champs-Élysées, its prime location is already top-notch. And when you get inside, the Napoleonic decor just screams luxury and elegance from every corner. It's a feast for the eyes as well as your stomach. And speaking of a feast, with a menu headed by the great Chef Yannick Alléno, you're bound to have the best here too! 

The Best Places for a Business Lunch in Paris

Source: Alléno Paris


Train Bleu

Sometimes, when it comes to having a business lunch, you have no choice but to put out all the stops! If you want to really impress your clients, take them to Le Train Bleu, one of the most opulent and beloved establishments in Paris. In fact, the place is so grand, it's listed as a historical monument. With its Belle Epoque decor and classic haute cuisine menu, it's not hard to imagine that many huge business deals were sealed here. Hopefully, it will have the same effect for you too! 

The Best Places for a Business Lunch in Paris

Source: Wikimedia Commons


Paris is both a major global business hub and one of the most prominent food capitals in the world. So, it only makes sense that it's also a great place to have an important business lunch. If you're looking to impress your colleagues or clients, here are some places you must take them to! 





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