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Business Brunch in Paris: Five Best Hotspots

May 17, 2021
Paris isn't just one of the best cities to have a business lunch on. It's also a great city for a business brunch. Now, what exactly is the difference between the two? The latter is often more sophisticated in nature, bringing about the elegance of Paris for your culinary work meeting. Secondly, since the meal is between breakfast and lunch, the food yo get holds more weight in making an impression. It sounds like a lot of pressure, doesn't it? Not if you're in Paris! Fortunately, the French capital has a lot of great hotspots for a business brunch. Here are five worth noting!

Business Brunch in Paris: Five Best Hotspots


La Bauhinia 

Having brunch at a five-star hotel in Paris is always a winner. Even before starting the meal, you can already consider your deal signed, sealed, and delivered as this will surely impress your business client. What more if the hotel in question is the ever-famous Shangri-la Hotel? In this iconic luxury establishment, La Bauhinia is a perfect brunch spot for its French-Asian fusion cuisine. You and your client can choose between the classic French treats or the more exotic Eastern dishes that will certainly leave a lasting impression on your palates. And knowing this hotel, the quality of the food and service here will be truly top-notch! 

Business Brunch in Paris: Five Best Hotspots

Source: La Bauhinia Facebook Page


La Bossue

Of course, brunch is still very much a breakfast meal as it is a lunch starter. And what do the French often have for breakfast? Pastries, sweets, and delectable treats! All with coffee too! If you're a local taking foreign business client out on a business brunch or a foreign business traveler trying to schmooze a native Parisian executive, a good old-fashion French pastry brunch will hit the spot. And in the 'City of Lights,' one hotspot that offers this is La Bossue, With their freshly-baked croissants, tasty brioches, and delicate madeleine cooked, you can't get any more Parisian than what they serve here. 

Business Brunch in Paris: Five Best Hotspots

Source: La Bossue Facebook Page


La Nouvelle Seine Restaurant

For any business meal—be it breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, or dinner—the setting is just as important as the meal. It keeps up the impression you want to have on your client, which is very important if you're trying to convince him/her of doing business with you. So when in Paris, why not go big with your business brunch and take your client out on the River Seine. La Nouvelle Seine Restaurant is a floating culinary hotspot that sails along the city's famous river. The food here is high-quality, but the real clincher is the array of views you and your client will likely have as you both enjoy brunch! 

Business Brunch in Paris: Five Best Hotspots

Source: La Nouvelle Seine Restaurant Facebook Page


Nuance Cafe

In a city like Paris, your client will likely expect you to bring him/her to the fanciest place you could think of for a business brunch. And this might actually work against you in terms of leaving a good impression. What if your client has been to Paris numerous times and has already eaten in the places you considered taking them to? And what if they're tired of the first-class setting that probably many other executives have also invited them to as well? Enter the Nuance cafe! This charming coffee shop just near Jardin des Plantes et Les Arènes de Lutece is a perfect unexpected choice for a business brunch. It's wholeheartedly French, something your client might better appreciate. 

Business Brunch in Paris: Five Best Hotspots

Source: Nuance Cafe



Before you even being booking a table at what you might think is a great choice for a spot for your business brunch, it pays to learn more about your client's eating habits first. What if he/she is only into healthy eating? Or only into organic food? If that's the case, take him/her to Supernature. This first-class Parisian hotspot is all about a healthy lifestyle, offering up plant-based and very organic dishes and treats. Think freshly-squeezed orange juice, organically-made French cheese, and more. By the end of your meal your waller may have fattened up but your waistline didn't! 

Business Brunch in Paris: Five Best Hotspots

Source: Supernature Facebook Page


Out of all the major business hubs around the world, Paris actually gives you a ton of great choices for a business brunch. Here, brunch isn't just a one-off meal, it's an important part of one's day. And if you want to impress a client over brunch, here are some spots you ought to take them to!



Paris, France
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Paris, France
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3 bedrooms2 bathrooms7
Paris, France
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Paris, France

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Paris, France
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