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The Living Costs in Antwerp

April 29, 2021
Antwerp is far from what many would consider a major city but its importance is not lost on anyone. After all, it is the central artistic hub of Belgium and of Europe in general. As more and more artists, designers, and the like come from Antwerp, it will continue to be an important city in the country. With that said, at least one benefit of going to Antwerp is its living costs. It's not that they're cheap, far from it, but they're definitely a lot more affordable than those in other notable European cities.
The Living Costs in Antwerp

Costs of Renting in Antwerp

Firstly, let's take a look at renting in Antwerp. More often than not, a city's common rental fees determine if the living costs here are expensive or affordable. And according to those in Antwerp, it's safe to say that they're the latter! The fact that one can easily rent a luxury apartment in the city for less than €1,000.00 already proves this. If you're going for a place at the heart of the city, the common rental fees here range from €500.00 to €1,500.00 per month. A home along the outskirts of town, however, will cost you €650.00 to €1,000.00 per month.

Costs of Buying Property in Antwerp

What about buying a property? Well, there's virtually no place in the world where buying a home is affordable. Here in Antwerp, you'll have to shell out thousands, possibly even millions of Euros to acquire your own property. However, the prices per square meter here are still considerably lower than those in other cities. Specifically, if you want to buy a home in any of the central districts of Antwerp, the price commonly ranged from €2,500.00 to €3,200.00 per square meter. Properties outside the city center, on the other hand, usually cost around €1,933.00 to €2,900.00 per square meter.

The Living Costs in Antwerp

Utilities Costs

At the very least, your utility costs aren't that bad either! The common average median price for all your monthly bills is just €129.12. And the costs only range from around €89.25 to €200.00 per month. They already take into account your electricity, water, heating, garbage disposal, and the like. Of course, if you use up more power and live in a bigger-than-standard home, these costs will definitely be higher. As for your wifi? Get connected with any of Belgium's telecommunications companies that offer connection deals that mainly range from €40.00 to €70.00 per month. Not bad, right?

Food Costs

If everything you've read so far hasn't convinced you of just how affordable it is to live in Antwerp, perhaps the common food costs here would do! Ask yourself: 'what will €100.00 get you?' Here in this city, more than your standard share of food! That's because the total common median cost of food here is only €72.69! That's right! For less than €100.00, you can already go grocery shopping and buy everything you need that can last you around one-to-two weeks tops. This will include milk, 1.5 liters of water, a dozen eggs, fruits, vegetables, meats, other snacks, and even alcohol too!

The Living Costs in Antwerp

Dining Costs

Now, since the food costs in Antwerp aren't bad, you're probably thinking that dining costs in the city are just as good too, right? Well, it depends on where you eat. Antwerp's culinary hotspots range from the upscale to the mid-range, cheap & humble places. If you prefer the former, expect to pay a lot for just a meal. However, there are just as many good places that are the latter! And when you pay for a solo meal, that would typically only cost you €12.00 to €25.00 per meal. If you want to treat someone to a three-course meal at a mid-range place, it'll cost you €50.00 to €110.00.

Transportation Costs

What about transportation? Surely public transport in Antwerp won't cost you a lot of money, right? Again, it depends! Normally, modes of public transportation won't cost you more than €10.00 for a round-about trip. Be it on a bus or tram, a single-ride ticket will only cost around €1.80 to €3.00 each. What about when taking the taxi? Well, the starting fares here range from €2.95 to €5.00. However, if you book a ride using a transportation app, it will cost you a lot more than the standard fares! That's because they also include an additional service fee for their drivers.

The Living Costs in Antwerp

Clothing Costs

Even though Antwerp is the artistic hub of Belgium, as well as becoming more and more known in the fashion industry, it's far from what many would consider a 'fashion capital.' Although luxury brands and designer stores have set up shops here, many can still go shopping without breaking the bank. It's all in where you shop! If you stay within the high street and contemporary labels, you can get a good piece that will only cost you around €20.00 to €60.00 each. A new pair of sneakers, on the other hand, will cost around €50.00 to €120.00.

Leisure Costs

In a city like Antwerp, relaxation is what helps it keep going forward. And among many others, people hear work-out and go to the movies. For the former, if you want to join a standard gym in the city, paying its monthly membership fee will cost you around €15.00 to €50.00. Of course, if you go for more luxurious and upscale fitness clubs, the costs would be much higher. What about watching a movie? This will only cost you €8.00 to €15.00 per ticket. Double those for a romantic date and you'll only have to spend €16.00 to €30.00 for both you and your partner!

Childcare & Education Costs

Say what you will about Antwerp, it has some of the finest educational institutions in Belgium! That's why their tuition fees are often expensive. If you want to enroll your kids into the best international schools in the city, prepare to shell out a minimum of €7,000.00 to a maximum of €24,000.00 per year. As for your little ones, to ensure they're well taken care of during the day, enroll them in a private daycare center. This will normally cost around €200.00 to €1,200.00 per month. At least, they'll be in there for the full day!

The Living Costs in Antwerp

Antwerp is as bustling a metropolis like any other. It will likely become a major city soon too! Yet, despite that, it's also an affordable city to live in! The living costs here aren't so low that it's cheap here, per se, but they are generally affordable nonetheless!