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Belgium's Biggest Mobile Networks

August 24, 2021
A local SIM card should be part of one's list of essentials when going off to another country. if you're planning to stay at a different land for a long period of time, you're better off investing in one. While you may think that you can simply rely on wifi to stay connected with your friends and family online, it can only get you so far, even here in Belgium It's better for your money and effort if you just get a local SIM card with a great package. And here are the best mobile networks to get it from.

Belgium's Biggest Mobile Networks



In terms of expenses, you're better off going for a prepaid SIM card. At least, with this type of plan, you're able to manage your money when it comes to getting yourself wifi data and calls & texts. And among the big mobile networks in Belgium, Base boasts a strong selection of prepaid plans. All you have to do is pick one, put it in your phone, and then pay extra for the data, calls, and texts. Though usually such extra expenses can get pricey, at least you have full control over what you're spending. Furthermore, all such expenses are worth every penny! 


Mobile Vikings

On the other hand, why not go for a mobile network that offers both mobile contracts and prepaid SIM cards? At least, if you decide to switch one for the other, you'll remain within the same network and face less fees than going for another company altogether. But which network offers such in Belgium? Mobile Vikings is one! With a wide range of selections on-hand, you can choose which plan will work best for you in the long run. Not to mention the fact that the network also takes pride in its wide coverage and 4G system. You can't go wrong with all of that! 


Belgium's Biggest Mobile Networks



Despite being an international mobile network with a strong presence in Europe, Orange's most attractive quality remains its price range. With both prepaid SIM cards and mobile contracts on offer,  you can get a great deal at a very affordable rates. It's no wonder why many people who live or even travel to Europe go for this network. It's conveniently cheap and you can still get coverage no matter where you are within the continent. And in Belgium, it's definitely no different! Get an Orange SIM card and you'll get great coverage and strong data at practically half the price of what other mobile networks go for. 



When it comes to overall popularity among locals, Proximus has every other network beat. It helps that it's the oldest telecommunications company in the country. But also the fact that it's the mobile network that first introduced 4G internet data to Belgium as well. Ultiamtely, the beauty of going for Proximus is that most users in the country have actually joined the network, especially those in more urban areas. You'll have an easier and more affordable time contacting them through calls & texts since you'll be in the same network yourself. And, of course, the 4G internet data on offer is always a winner! 



When it comes to calls & texts, the number one mobile network to go for here in Belgium is definitely Scarlet. From unlimited plans to a limit of 150 minutes, this company is more about the ld-school usage of your mobile phone. In fact, one can argue that their data plans level a lot to be desired. but i you're one to use your phone in calling or texting other people, you'll appreciate this network the most. Though don't worry, Scarlet still provides data in their many packages. Though limited, they are sold on very affordable prices. And that's another plus for this network as well! 


Belgium's Biggest Mobile Networks


Never underestimate the need for a local SIM card when going or moving to another country, even in Belgium. Fortunately, this country is home to a good number of great networks, each with their own strengths and fascinating offers!


The best part is getting a local SIM card can help you save more money to invest in that luxurious Belgian home you've got your eyes on!



Brussels, Belgium
350 € / night    
4 bedrooms2 bathrooms8
Brussels, Belgium
202 € / night    
3 bedrooms2 bathrooms6
Brussels, Belgium
188 € / night    
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms5-2