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The Basics of Antwerp's Public Transport

April 28, 2021
Antwerp is a city in Belgium that's been getting a lot of buzz lately. It's the central artistic hub in the country, even more so than the capital city, Brussels. Not to mention the fact that so many famous fashion designers have studied, worked, and set up their ateliers here too. So no wonder more and more people are visiting and relocating to this once-unknown city. Now, if you're planning to go here yourself, you'll need to know how to get around. Fortunately, the city's public transport is thriving right now. Here are what you need to know about it!
The Basics of Antwerp's Public Transport

Get The Travel Passes Here

First thing's first, as with any other city with public transport, you'd do well in getting its travel passes. Here in Antwerp, there are two you ought to get, The first is the MoBIB Card, a travel pass that allows for digital transactions. You load certain products onto your MoBIB card which includes multi-trip tickets to various public transport systems, among many others. The other is the Antwerp City Card, mostly used by tourists. Easy to purchase online or in the city's visitor's centers, they allow for unlimited access to modes of public transportation for 24, 48, or 72 hours.

The Pre-Metro in Antwerp

Similar to other cities like London and Paris, Antwerp has its own underground metro system. Though it's not exactly like your ordinary metro system as it's a 'pre-metro.' What does that mean, exactly? This 'pre-metro' is actually a continuation of the city's on-ground tram system. It basically works and feels like an ordinary subway but it's not. That's the difference. Either way, since it touches on eight lines of Antwerp's Tram system, it remains an effective way to get to one's destination on time. However, it's important to note that these lines only revolve around the southern and eastern parts of the city.

The Basics of Antwerp's Public Transport

The Trams in Antwerp

Speaking of the trams in Antwerp, they're probably the most efficient way to get around the city. The system is particularly popular among tourists as it allows them to still see the city while they're in transit. And since they go to all the districts of Antwerp, it's practically impossible that there won't be one that's near your destination. Do note, however, that since this is the most popular mode of public transportation that it tends to get extremely busy during the morning and afternoon rush hours. You'd do well to schedule your trip ahead of time in order to avoid crowds!

Taking The Bus

Of course, there are also buses in Antwerp. There are a total of 79 separate routes for buses in Antwerp. They include local and tourist buses for everyone's convenience. Riding the bus is also one of, if not the cheapest way to get around the city. And there are two ways to purchase one. The first is buying in the station which will cost you €3.00 for a single ride. There's also the SMS ticket which you can purchase via your phone. This will cost you €2.25 for a single ride and can only be purchased through a local Belgian mobile network.

The Basics of Antwerp's Public Transport
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Smiley.toerist

Riding A Taxi

When all else fails, you can always go for a taxi! Since Antwerp is a generally busy city, it's not hard to find a taxi going around wherever you are. Moreover, many of them often stop at various bus and tram stations throughout the city. Not to mention roaming around the popular tourist attractions and crowded areas in the city. With that said, expect that it'd be difficult to hail one off the street when it's the rush hour. You'll find that at these times of the day, you'll see fewer unoccupied taxis on the streets.

Using A Transportation App

Don't know which public transport system to go for? Let a transportation app help you! Fortunately, here in Belgium, there are a ton that operates here, ready to assist you in your commute. For the times that you can't hail a taxi off the street, you can always book a ride through a ride-hailing app. However, they tend to be more expensive because of the programs' added service fees. Navigation apps, on the other hand, will tell you which modes of public transportation will help you get to your destination faster, which routes to take, and your estimated time of arrival! Nifty, right?

The Basics of Antwerp's Public Transport

If you're ever in Antwerp, know that you won't need to worry about getting you where you need to be! The city's public transport is alive and well, containing various systems that are efficient, affordable, and convenient!