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Belgium's Best Transportation Apps to Have on Your Phone

August 20, 2021
If there's one city you can't deny is caught up with the times, it's Brussels. A haven for young professionals, exciting creatives, and a ton of imagination, the Belgian capital is often at the cusp of what's about to become the newest thing in the world. The same goes for the country at large as well. From technology trends to environmental revolutions, Belgium has seen it all. So it's no surprise that many transportation apps operate here to make one's commute that much easier. From the most famous programs to platforms you ought to know, here are the best transportation apps in Belgium.

Belgium's Best Transportation Apps to Have on Your Phone



Ever wandered off somewhere never realizing where you ended up? That's practically a common occurrence when you're in a major city, isn't it? Don't worry about that while you're in Belgium though. There's the MIVB-STIB app. A locally-developed program in tune with the country’s public transport systems, this app can find you wherever you are and show you how you can commute from there. It will tell you which metro/bus/tram station is the nearest, the timetable of the system, and how much you'll need to pay for a ticket. And since it's affiliated with the local transport, you can trust that the info here is accurate. 



Similarly, BeTrains tells you all you need to know about the city's metro system. Let's face it, metro systems, no matter which city it's in, are a challenge to decipher. Most especially if you're already in a rush or if it's your first time in the city. But with BeTrains, this app will tell you all you need to know in riding the metro. Type in your destination and it will show you the nearest station to where you currently are, the station you'll need to go down on, the line you need to board, and even the length of time you'll be riding the train. 


Belgium's Best Transportation Apps to Have on Your Phone



Is it still any surprise that Uber is one of the best apps to use whilst in Belgium. it's practically the best app to use in many other European countries when it comes to transportation. The app that "started it all," this ride-hailing program doesn't fail in providing fast and efficient service to its users. More often than not, the moment you book a ride, you're guaranteed to reach your destination safely and without a scratch. At times, even on time or earlier! And the best part? You get to ride a luxury car! How often do you get to do that? 



With Blacklane, you'll feel like it's prom night every night! That sounded a little unusual, doesn't it? But it's more or less true because this app allows you to book actual limousines to take you to where you need to go. Yes, they also offer luxury cars as well as a'la Uber, but the main purpose of this app is to provide efficient limousine service. If you're going to a formal event and you want to make a fashionable entrance or you simply have to travel in a big group, that just tap open this app and wait for your limo to arrive! 


Villo! Brussels

Many people in Brussels love cycling. In fact, riding a bike around the city came from being a touristy activity that they probably watched in a movie to a common mode of transportation. Unfortunately, not everyone has a bike and buying one for yourself can get rather pricey. But fortunately, however, there's Villo! Brussels. It's an app that helps you locate Villo! stations and lets you rent a bike for as long as you need to. And when you no longer wish to pedal your way around the Belgian capital anymore, you can simply leave your bike in another Villo! station which you can find via the app. 


Belgium's Best Transportation Apps to Have on Your Phone


Belgium can be a tricky country to travel around in at times so you'll need the help of some transportation apps to make the commute here less of a hassle. These top programs are some of the most popular and frequently used in this country. 

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