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Antwerp's Most Prominent International Schools

April 28, 2021
Don't underestimate Antwerp for the fine city that it is. It may not be the most popular city out there, but it doesn't lack anything either! Not even in education! As the central artistic hub of Belgium, some of the finest art and design schools are located here. But also, some of the most prominent international schools too! Antwerp is not a major city by any means but it can still help foreign students to continue and further their studies. Who knows? They might even do better here than they did back in their native countries! Especially if they enroll in any of these prestigious schools!
Antwerp's Most Prominent International Schools

International School of Belgium

When you look into the International School of Belgium's official website, you'll instantly know why it's one of the best schools on this list. Proudly showing off their achievements online, they say that 100% of their graduates get accepted to top universities around the world. And since the school is also affiliated with the Cambridge Assessment International Education, there's reason to believe that their statistic is true! Basically, this international school serves as a preparatory school for those who want to go to the University of Cambridge, the most prestigious university in the UK and in the entire world. If that won't convince you to enroll your kids here, what will?

Antwerp International School

Offering an International Baccalaureate program to primary and secondary education levels, the Antwerp International School provides top-notch quality education. It's the type that can get them to the most prestigious universities and colleges around the world. But beyond that, the school's impressive campus in Veltwijcklaan, one of Antwerp's central districts, has everything a child needs to learn, grow and develop all his/her skills. From spacious gymnasiums and wide-open fields for athletics to laboratories, libraries, and the like all filled with a variety of resources, your children will practically have everything at their disposal! What's not to like?

Antwerp's Most Prominent International Schools

Da Vinci International School Antwerp

Located at Verbondstraat, Antwerp, which is practically the heart of the city, Da Vinci International School Antwerp stands as one of the finest international schools around. As well as easy to get to via public transport! Over the years, it has fostered quite a large yet close-knit international community, welcoming students from over 40 countries around the world. As you've probably surmised with who the school was named after, this institution focuses both on a student's academics and extra-curricular activities, particularly, the arts. For them, it's all about letting the kid take the lead and helping them balance all their interest and chosen ventures to find out which ones they can and would want to pursue!

Lycée Francais International Anvers

Remember that Belgium has a strong French community so it makes sense that a French school, Lycée Francais International Anvers, makes this list. Yet it's pretty ironic too considering the fact that Antwerp is located in the Dutch region of the country. Nevertheless, Lycée Francais International Anvers remains one of the most prominent educational institutions in the city. More than just offering up the National French curriculum to both local and foreign students, it established the French way of thinking, liberated views, and open mindset that you'd expect in France. All without taking away their own identities as well!

Antwerp Business School

This is one school that your kid won't have to worry about until he/she is old enough! From finance to fashion management, the Antwerp Business School is all about churning out the future movers and shakers of the business world. For decades, it has helped students hone their skills in entrepreneurship, management, and the like to help them start or further their careers. It even offers master's degrees to those who are already professionals in their respective fields! With proper accreditation by various international academic entities, this prestigious school is the one to go if one wants a steady future ahead!

Antwerp's Most Prominent International Schools

Don't let the city of Antwerp fool you! Though it may seem like a secondary, minor city in Belgium, it actually has a lot of prestige to it. Not the least of which are the fine international schools that welcome students from all around the world!