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The Top Schools in Washington D.C.

July 22, 2021
Washington D.C. is one of those cities that you feel is full of intelligent people. Perhaps it's because it's the center of politics in the country that you're almost pressured to keep up, even when you're just visiting. Don't get it twisted, the city itself is a fun place to visit as well as to live in. But, of course, the standards there are really high, particularly when it comes to education. Washington D.C. schools are some of the most prestigious here on the East Coast. They're all about quality, dignity, and the readiness to face the world ahead.

The Top Schools in Washington D.C.



Just because BASIS DC is a charter school doesn't make it any less prestigious than the other institutions on this list. In fact, even though it is such, it still offers high-quality education to its students. And since parents don't have to pay a single cent to send their kids here, it has garnered popularity over the years. It's no wonder it's ranked third on the list of the best D.C. schools. Out of all of their departments, their English and Literature programs definitely take the cake as 84% of the student body are proficient in reading. 


Benjamin Banneker Academic High School

With a graduation rate of a commendable 100% and a college readiness rate of 80.9%, is there really any question as to why the Benjamin Banneker Academic High School is one of the most acclaimed secondary schools in the capital city? And if those commendable results don't convince you, perhaps the fact that 92% of the entire student body are proficient in reading and 69% of them are good in math will do? In any case, such results more than prove that this school deserves all the attention parents who want to enroll their kids in a Washington D.C. school can give. 


The Top Schools in Washington D.C.


Edmund Burke School

With so many good schools in Washington D.C., what makes the Edmund Burke School worthy of notice? For one thing, it's accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA). This means that the entity recognized the quality of education this D.C. institution offers. On top of that, the school is also known to prepare their students well for college life, going beyond just teaching them to do well in entrance exams but actually assist them in adjusting to this next phase of their lives. Their devotion to their students is not only worth one's attention but praise as well. 


School Without Walls High School

The strength of School Without Walls High School is in its name. It borders no walls when it comes to what their students strive to achieve. Here in this magnet school, the world is their oyster and the sky's the limit. And yet, the campus itself isn't that big at all. This school proves one's mindset can still be big even when his/her environment isn't. Plus, with their very diverse student body, the institution is also able to allow its students to not only interact with those who aren't like them but to embrace unity despite differences. 


The Top Schools in Washington D.C.


Sidwell Friends School

Founded in 1883, the Sidwell Friends School is one of the oldest institutions on this list. It's also one of the very few Quaker schools in the capital city. A private institution, enrolling your kid here will cost quite a pretty penny but it will all be worth it. They off high-quality education without limitations, allowing them to pursue their own interests and push them to their full potential. Even more than their academic programs, their art department and athletics department are also respectable. So no matter what your kid gets into, he/she will likely flourish in this institution. 


St. Albans School

Boarding schools aren't all too common nowadays but there are still a lot of them throughout the US. Here in Washington D.C., there's the St. Albans School for Boys. Originally instituted back in 1909 as a school for the male choristers of the Washington National Cathedral, it's become one of the most prestigious education institutions for your boys in the capital. So much so that going here almost guarantees that the student will have a pretty good chance of getting into a great university, possibly even in an Ivy League school. That alone should already tell you of the standards set here. 


Washington International School

While Washington D.C. relatively pales in comparison to New York and Los Angeles when it comes to diversity, there's still a big number of foreign families residing here. And more often than not, their kids are probably studying at the Washington International School. A private institution in the nation's capital, it's regarded as one of the finest international schools in the city. It follows an Adapted curriculum, making it easier for non-American children to get comfortable with the education offered here. And it also doesn't hurt that it's a multilingual institution, with classes taught in French, Spanish, and Dutch! 


The Top Schools in Washington D.C.


Washington D.C. is the kind of city where you'd like your kids to go to a good school. Fortunately, there's a good many of them in the capital, offering different approaches to quality education but the standards in all of them remain high nonetheless. 

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