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Top New York Bars To Take Your Clients To

May 19, 2021
Don't you just hate it when the work isn't finished even the workday is done? Sure, you can still work on it the next day, but if your client isn't fully on-board yet, what's the point? At times, you just have to schmooze them over for them to do business with you and approve your work. And if you're in New York, you can just simply take them out on a late-night bender after work hours. You never know, what might happen then may change things for the better for the next morning. But where should you take them to? Here are a few good suggestions.

Top New York Bars To Take Your Clients To



If you want to get a good spot in Attaboy for you and your client, better to rush there as early as you can. The slightly underground and relatively "hush-hush" nightlife hotspot was one of the first in the city to take no reservations. Seating here adheres to a first-come-first-serve basis. Or rather, a first-knock-first-serve basis. This is what makes this place a less-crowded and ultimately private bar in the Lower East Side, which is one of the main reasons why you should take your client here. Apart from their uniquely and personally-crafted cocktails served here, you have a better chance of getting a good spot if you're one of the first ones to knock come happy hour!  

Top New York Bars To Take Your Clients To

Source: Attaboy Instagram Page



Ever seen those slick and sleek bars in period films set in the 1970s? Those with an elegant rustic appeal but still upholding pure Americal glamour? Well, that's the type of vibe you'll get at Dynaco. Exhibiting a slightly homely vibe, this swanky bar is a perfect place to continue talking business with a round of craft beers and intoxicatingly good cocktails. Though it's not the nostalgic factor that will win your clients over, there's no harm in making them well at home in this relaxing yet still refined New York hotspot. 

Top New York Bars To Take Your Clients To

Source: Dynaco



Cocktails with a delectable cheese plate in an Art Deco-style bar? No, this isn't a place in the 1920s. Such a hotspot actually exists and it's over at Cobbie Hill. The Name? Elsa. This is the type of bar you'd expect from a city like New York that's filled with preserved historic structures and traditional spaces. However, Elsa is a much more modern drinking hub whee you can still do contemporary work. Perhaps the best part about this place is that its serene vintage-like beauty matched the relaxed vibe here. You won't get disturbed discussing your work while you're here, that's a guarantee! 

Top New York Bars To Take Your Clients To

Source: Elsa


Holiday Cocktail Lounge

Every day's a holiday at the Holiday Cocktail Lounge in New York City, even work holidays! Though its original iteration closed its doors back in 2012, it has since reopened and become a swankier and funkier version of its former self. But best for all, for all your business-minded drinkers out there, it's also become a lot more intimate. Don't get distracted by its groovy 70s funk-style interior, this place isn't exactly a haven for disco. But rather, it's a nice evening retreat to enjoy great drinks where you can still discuss business against a playlist of jazzy classics. 

Top New York Bars To Take Your Clients To

Source: Holiday Cocktail Lounge



Sometimes, isn't it just better to go back home and continue working in your apartment? A place in the city where you're most comfortable in and the feel is relaxed and quiet? Well, it's not exactly great business etiquette to invite your clients back to your place, isn't it? They might get the wrong impression! However, a Manhattan bar down in the Lower East Side has the exact same homely vibe: Jadis. Set in what looks like a sitcom set of a stereotypical New York apartment, this often quaint and chill bar is a great venue to continue discussing work with your clients even after office hours and over a round of good drinks! 

Top New York Bars To Take Your Clients To

Source: Jardis Facebook Page


The Raines Law Room

Mood lighting, leather sofas, and quilted chairs. This all sounds like a setting for a 70s-era gangster film, doesn't it? But nope, you can just as easily find these in The Raines Law Room. The clincher here is its rustic vintage vibe, private and intimate enough to talk without it being too quiet nor too public at the same time. Sure, once you go inside, you'll feel like you're on the set of "The Godfather," but that's the appeal! And wouldn't be fun pretending to be Michael Corleone when discussing business with your major clients? You'll probably seem like a don yourself when you invite them over here! 

Top New York Bars To Take Your Clients To

Source: The Raines Law Room


The Third Man

Speaking of cinematic bars (of which New York has a lot of), another nostalgia-inducing hotspot is nestled in the trendy East Village, namely The Third Man. Here, however, the feel here is not that of the gangster films of the 1970s, but rather of the black-and-white film noir masterpieces of the 1940s. And if you've watched such films, you'll know that bars in them are often intimate enough for people to talk about murder, theft and other crimes over drinks. Well, this place has that exact feel and privacy. Not to mention its first-class menu of classic cocktails and modern concoctions that will tantalize your and your clients' taste buds! 

Top New York Bars To Take Your Clients To

Source: The Third Man


If you still have a lot of work to do after hours with your client, why not talk it out over a couple of cool cocktails in a nice New York bar? You never know, a strong kick might just seal the deal for you! And luckily, the "Big Apple" has a lot of hotspots that will serve as the perfect setting for that!



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