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How to Spend Valentine's Day in London

November 20, 2023
Is London a romantic destination? Some would say it is. The home of many love stories, the British capital has retained much of its classical charm amidst its continuous industrial and social evolution. So if you, for instance, decide to spend Valentine's Day in London, know that you won't regret it. There are many things that couples can do in the British capital to strengthen their bond and fall even deeper in love with each other. Dining at a Michelin-starred restaurant is one, especially since London is a beloved food capital. Riding the London Eye may seem cliche, but it never fails to capture hearts along the way too!

How to Spend Valentine's Day in London

Hop on The London Eye

Riding the London Eye is probably the most touristy thing to do in London. It's right up there with checking out Big Ben and visiting Buckingham Palace. But is that really a bad thing? Even if you're a local who has moved to London? Not necessarily! Sure, it's a cliche activity, but who cares? You're spending Valentine's Day in London! The holiday is all about doing cliche romantic stuff with your partner. Moreover, the moment you see the breathtaking views from the top of the London Eye, everything else will no longer matter. It's just you and your special someone on top of London!

Stroll Along Little Venice

Little Venice is among the more underrated neighborhoods in London. It's nowhere near as famous as Chelsea, Mayfair, Marylebone, and the like. But you know what? That's probably one of the best parts about it. Located in West London, it's a relatively affluent district where the Paddington Arm of the Grand Union Canal flows through. As such, the design of the place is reminiscent of the famous Italian city it's named after. A more peaceful and idyllic version of it, making the place perfect for a romantic stroll. It's a great affordable date option for spending Valentine's Day in London.

How to Spend Valentine's Day in London

Explore Notting Hill

Ordinarily, Notting Hill isn't exactly what many would consider a romantic part of town. A great place to hang out and perhaps even relocate to, sure, but to spend time for Valentine's Day in London? Well, if you're familiar with the 1999 rom-com starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, then you'd know why it's a must-see for couples in the city. The charming chick flick transformed what was a normal lovely neighborhood into a famous romantic destination. See the gardens/parks, browse through the shops, and relax in the cafes featured in the film.

Hang Out at Primrose Hill

Out of all the parks in London, Primrose Hill is arguably the most romantic. Located north of Regent's Park, this hilltop green space offers amazing views of the British capital's famous skyline. Even on Valentine's Day, which is in winter, the snow-covered city looks just as enchanting from atop Primrose Hill. Though the spot is freezing around this time of year, your date is a great excuse to bundle up and cozy up to each other. Perhaps you can even take your dog out on a walk during your date here too!

How to Spend Valentine's Day in London

Go Horseback Riding in Hyde Park

Hyde Park is London's most famous park. It's the British capital's answer to Central Park in New York or the Tuileries Garden in Paris. Surely such a beloved green space is perfect for a date on Valentine's Day, right? Of course, it is! One of the best things to do here is to go horseback riding in the Hyde Park Stables. You and your partner can go on beautiful stallions and live out your classic romance novel fantasies. Is it a cliche date activity? Yes! Is it still worth doing on Valentine's Day in London? Yes!

Sneak into a Speakeasy

As much as you want to go out and about on Valentine's Day, the sad truth about spending the holiday in London is that you have to contend with winter cold. February is when the snow and ice truly take over the British capital, making it more beautiful but also absolutely freezing. The climate is enough to want to lock yourselves in your London luxury apartments and stay close to the fireplace all day long. A good alternative, however, is to sneak into a speakeasy instead. These hidden gems are often warm and intimate hotspots where you can drink and be merry. They can easily rival some of the best pubs in London too.

How to Spend Valentine's Day in London

Visit Keats House

In the capital city of the country that originated the English language, it's worth visiting notable places of literature. One such is Keats House in North London. Once the home of the Romantic poet, John Keats, it's a museum dedicated to him and his famous works. It's a romantic spot not just because of Keats's lovely poetic legacy, but also because the house itself is like an idyllic of the English countryside. It's still part of London but it's near the edge of the city, which is a more serene part of the bustling metropolis.

Enjoy Some Theater

The theater is practically a requirement for Londoners. The quintessential city lifestyle here requires going to all sorts of shows in some of the best theaters in London. And for Valentine's Day, you can always go to romantic plays and musicals. Whether it's the classic “Romeo & Juliet” in the iconic Globe Theater or “West Side Story” at the West End, you and your significant other can enjoy as much theater as you want. Shows like these can't help but get you all up in your feelings, possibly even making you even more in love with your partner.

Dine in Clos Maggiore

Dining in a Michelin-starred restaurant in London is only natural for a Valentine's Day date. Your beloved deserves the very best on the most romantic day of the year, after all. And in the many starred hotspots in the city. Clos Maggiore is undoubtedly the best for dinner dates. Famous for its flower-laden interior, it's all about the very best of English cuisine. Paired with fine music and high-quality service, you and your partner will have a culinary experience you won't ever forget. Just prepare to spend an arm and a leg here!

How to Spend Valentine's Day in London
Source: Clos Maggiore Facebook Page

If you plan to spend Valentine's Day in London, you made the right decision! The British capital has a lot to offer couples, even around this time of year. Don't let the winter cold stop you and your special someone from having fun in the city!

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