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The 10 Best Pubs in London

July 18, 2023
Drinking in London is the best! The British are known for their love of drinking, so it's no surprise that their capital city is one of the best places in the world to do just that. If you prefer a traditional old-fashioned English pub, look no further than The Holly Bush or The Grenadier! If you fancy a cocktail that even James Bond would kill for, check out The Kings Arms and Jamaica Wine House. And if it's the vibe you're after, head on over to popular hotspots like The Queen’s Head and Princess Louise. All of these and more are some of the best pubs in London.

The 10 Best Pubs in London

The Grenadier

It's hard not to notice The Grenadier Pub when you're by Belgrave Square in London. You can't ignore its colorful facade, complete with its royal blue walls and bright crimson threshold. But perhaps what truly makes it one of the best pubs in London is that it's a peaceful place to enjoy a drink after going to Hyde Park. Picture it: you just spent the day in the famous green space and you're up for a drink before heading back to your luxury home in London. The Grenadier is the right pub to quench your thirst. The food here is great too—Beef Wellington or Crispy Pork Belly, anyone?
The 10 Best Pubs in London
Source: The Grenadier

The Harp

In Covent Garden, one of the most famous neighborhoods in London, you'll find The Harp. This award-winning pub set in a traditional British alehouse has all the charms of the past while it offers a grand old time for the present. It's one of the best places to grab a drink in the bustling district, especially if you're into craft beer. The Harp has no fewer than 10 hand pumps customers can choose from, guaranteeing that you'll get the right kick you need on a busy day in London.
The 10 Best Pubs in London
Source: The Harp

The Harwood Arms

Fancy a pub and a Michelin-starred restaurant in London all in one? Then look no further than The Harwood Arms in Fulham. The place takes pride in its status as a gastropub, putting as much effort and emphasis on its food menu as it does on its drink selection. For the former, you really shouldn't miss their Cumbrian Pork served with carrots and mushrooms. Or their Blood Orange Trifle made with champagne jelly and buttermilk for dessert. As for the latter, this pub's extensive list of wines from Greece, Italy, South Africa, and Australia will give you a hard time choosing your order.
The 10 Best Pubs in London
Source: The Harwood Arms Facebook Page

The Holly Bush

The Holly Bush is the kind of old-fashioned English pub that's perfect for when you're spending autumn in London. It's a historic hotspot in its own right too, having been around for a couple of centuries now. Among the oldest pubs on this list, its impressive longevity is a testament to how great it is. And the best part? Dogs are allowed in! While most similar establishments are pretty strict when it comes to their 'no animals' rule, The Holly Bush has thrown that out of the window.
The 10 Best Pubs in London
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Ewan Munro

The Kings Arms

With multiple ales and beer pumps on offer, The Kings Arms pub in Waterloo is a definite must-visit! What's great about this place is it embodies an old-fashioned English pub but also doesn't rely too much on its nostalgic charms. Sure, the pub looks like a classic bar from past centuries, but the crowd and vibe are all so modern. They even host Pub Quiz Nights every Sunday to keep things fun and lively.
The 10 Best Pubs in London
Source: The Kings Arms London

The Queen's Head

Right around King's Cross in North London, you'll find The Queen's Head pub. It's a classic Victorian pub that even Sherlock Holmes wouldn't have minded hanging out in if he existed in real life back then. Its ambiance and aesthetic rely on old-world charms, pretty much like many of the others on this list. So what makes The Queen's Head one of the best pubs in London? The relaxing atmosphere. Despite the austerity of its Victorian appeal, this pub is a great place to just chill, eat, and have fun. Perhaps even join a sing-along by the piano too!
The 10 Best Pubs in London
Source: The Queen's Head London Facebook Page

The Royal Oak

In the trendy Marylebone district, The Royal Oak serves as the go-to pub! Like the other pubs on this list, there's free-flowing beer, wine, cocktails, and more. You'd barely have to wait for Happy Hour to get turned up in this establishment. But that's not even the best part either! The Royal Oak is also very much a foodie hotspot. This is where you can get your fill on traditional British food, the kind that'll practically give you an English accent with every bite. From a Scotch Egg to some Beer-Battered Cod, taste the fascinating flavors of the UK in this London pub!
The 10 Best Pubs in London
Source: Royal Oak Marylebone Facebook Page

Jamaica Wine House

The name of the pub alone already lets you know that you're bound to have a good time here, doesn't it? The Jamaica Wine House on St Michael's Alley is undoubtedly one of the best pubs in London. Its location is pretty strategic—right at the heart of the financial district. Many of the full-time financiers and big-time bankers head over here after work to have a much-deserved good time. And just as its name says, this place is all about fine wine. From the richest of reds to the most sparkling of whites, London's Jamaica Wine House is a wine-lover's paradise!
The 10 Best Pubs in London
Source: Jamaica Wine House Facebook Page

Princess Louise

Weirdly enough, Princess Louise is far from what'd expect to be the name of one of the best pubs in London. It sounds more like a children's toy shop than a place to have your fill of alcohol. But this classic pub in the historic Holborn district is exactly that! Another Victorian pub that lets you travel in time the moment you step inside, Princess Louise is all about getting that after-work buzz. They have their fair share of craft beer, gin, wine, and more to give you a good time!
The 10 Best Pubs in London
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Edwardx

Pembury Tavern

Finally, there's the Pembury Tavern on Amhurst Road in East London. And in this place, you only need to keep two things in mind: craft beer and pizza! From an English traditionalist's perspective, these two don't seem to blend well together. Craft beer with hearty British dishes is the more acceptable pair. While pizza goes well with standard beer than the craft variety. Nevertheless, Pembury Tavern surprisingly figured out how to make these two some of the best things you'll eat in London!
The 10 Best Pubs in London
Source: Pembury Tavern Facebook Page

Discover the best pubs in London to know where the hottest places to drink in the city are. The British capital is known for its trendy hotspots, after all, but these awesome bars are in a class of their own!

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