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London’s Ten Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants

February 24, 2022
London didn't just become one of the most prominent food capitals in the world out of nowhere. Over the years, many restaurants in the city have proven to be a cut above the rest. They employ prominent chefs, provide luxurious ambiances, and make sure that their guests have the best culinary experiences ever. With such dedication to excellence, it's no wonder that the Michelin Guides continue to notice many of the notable places to eat in the British capital. From one to five-starred hotspots, here are ten of the finest London restaurants you should know about!

London’s Ten Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants


Located in Belgravia, one of the central neighborhoods in London, Amaya stands as one of the finest Indian restaurants in the city. But just how fine is this hotspot? It's only one of the 66 Michelin-starred restaurants in London. And one of the most popular of the lot too. Its theatrical open kitchen allows customers to see how their delicious food is made, further whetting their appetite as they try so hard not to drool. Then once the curries and Tandoori chickens come, it's every man for himself!
London’s Ten Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants
Source: Amaya Facebook Page

A. Wong

Chef-owner Andrew Wong transported his home country of China to the British capital with his two Michelin star restaurant, A. Wong. Offering up a diverse menu of regional Chinese dishes, customers get to taste what true Eastern cuisine is like. For lunch, A.Wong's dim sum selections range from meaty steamed buns to seafood-filled dumplings, each more scrumptious than the next. And for dinner, a whole feat of roasted duck, fish fillets, and more will certainly prove satisfying!
London’s Ten Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants
Source: A. Wong


After a very public controversy back in 2018, Indian restaurant Benares got its Michelin star removed for a time. However, since the food here is so delicious, the Michelin Guides couldn't help but give the place's much-deserved star back eventually. Especially since prominent chef, Sameer Taneja took charge of the kitchen. Under his command, the culinary hotspot in the Mayfair district got its full glory back. Even cancel culture couldn't strike this Michelin star restaurant down!
London’s Ten Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants
Source: Benares Facebook Page

Casa Fofò

A single dining room in the Hackney district doesn't exactly sound like a Michelin star restaurant, does it? You'd easily expect foodie hotspots of this caliber to be big and grand, right? But Casa Fofò trumps all expectations with their delectable Asian-British fusion menu of seasonal dishes, expertly prepared by Italian chef Adolfo de Cecco. But the truly best part? The tasting menu only costs £39.00 per heard. Yep, it's pretty affordable here. So much so that if you want to eat out but you're too worried about paying your rent in your luxury London apartment, you ought to choose Casa Fofò!
London’s Ten Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants
Source: Casa Fofò Instagram Page

Chez Bruce

A clean and crisp Bistro on London's beautiful Bellevue Road awaits those who want to dine at Chez Bruce. Not to mention a high-quality modern European menu that will have you go on public transport just to have a taste. Among Chez Bruce's many delicious dishes, exceptional standouts include cuttlefish risotto, roast veal rump with ragù, and barbary duck with stuffed cabbage. And for dessert, you can expect mouthwatering helpings of crème brûlée, hot chocolate pudding with praline parfait, or Yorkshire rhubarb trifle. What's not to love?
London’s Ten Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants
Source: Chez Bruce Facebook Page

Galvin at Windows

What's better than enjoying a feast in a Michelin-starred restaurant in London? Doing it with an amazing view right in front of you. That's the first-class culinary experience that Galvin at Windows offers, a chic foodie hotspot that overlooks Hyde Park, one of the most beautiful parks in London. Head chef Marc Hardinamn serves modern British cuisine at its finest, complete with traditional dishes and new creations that will tantalize your taste buds. Paired with their amazing cocktails, it's the chicest meal you'll ever take in the British capital.
London’s Ten Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants
Source: Galvin at Windows Facebook Page

Hélène Darroze at the Connaught

The Connaught Hotel is a five-star accommodation in the heart of London's Mayfair district. And inside this illustrious establishment is an in-house Michelin star restaurant headed by French culinary genius, Hélène Darroze. In this beautiful blush-toned space, Darroze is queen. She doesn't just handle the kitchen, she also makes up the menu, picks the seasonal produce, and designs each dish to look like a work of art. She considers all of her customers, no matter who they are, as culinary connoisseurs worth impressing. And boy does she ever!
London’s Ten Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants
Source: The Connaught

Sketch Lecture Room & Library

Owner of three Michelin stars, the Sketch Lecture Room & Library is an elegant culinary hotspot that has seen its fair share of dates, business lunches, birthday celebrations, and more. Though it's more famous for its tea room, the place earned its Michelin stars with its exceptional British menu of poultry dishes and delectable desserts. Whether you're in the mood for a light lunch, a hearty dinner, or even just some afternoon tea, Sketch Lecture Room & Library will certainly satisfy all your cravings.
London’s Ten Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants
Source: Sketch Lecture Room & Library Facebook Page

The Dining Room at The Goring

With none other than Queen Elizabeth II as one of its many patrons, The Dining Room at The Goring is certainly more than just your average Michelin-starred restaurant. Of course, having those stars help draw in more people, sure, but when you got the monarch's stamp of approval, that's enough to fill the place with eager customers. And while its royal patrons are what many take notice of, what they'll remember, however, is the hotspot's exceptional traditional cuisine. From well-cooked lamb to finely grilled halibut, the food here really is amazing!
London’s Ten Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants
Source: The Goring Facebook Page

The Harwood Arms

The Harwood Arms is the only Michelin-starred pub in London. Let that sink in. Out of the many places where you can enjoy a pint of beer, this is the one and only hotspot that the Michelin Guides took notice of. That in and itself is already worth your attention. But its British menu is truly where it's at! Think charred hispi cabbage, sirloin of belted Galloway beef, and slow-cooked lamb neck. And for dessert? An Earl Grey tart, pear trifle, and custard flan. Sounds heavenly, doesn't it?
London’s Ten Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants
Source: The Harwood Arms Facebook Page

It's no surprise that there are a ton of Michelin-starred restaurants in London. As one of the finest food capitals in the world, it's only natural that the best of the best culinary hotspots are located here.

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