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Doggone World: Best Places in London To Walk Your Dog

March 12, 2021
They say that a dog is a 'man's best friend,' which might mean they'd make great traveling buddies too. Unfortunately, however, there aren't a lot of places that are welcoming to these canine companions. It's mostly why, if you're a dog owner, chances are you leave them at home when you travel. At least there's one major city that happily welcomes pups: London! The British capital has tons of exciting parks where your dogs can run around and play to their hearts' content.

Doggone World: Best Places in London To Walk Your Dog


Alexandra Palace and Park 

Don't let its slightly baroque architecture fool you, just beyond Alexandra Palace are 196 acres of beautifully cut grass and plain fields. That's a lot of acres for your pup to run around on. They'll tire themselves⁠—including you⁠—as they play about and explore the area. And as for you, the palace is a great site to visit and take pictures in. Once you reach it, you'll find that the elevated plain on which it stands on gives you beautiful views of other parts of the city. It's perfect for an afternoon ending with a beautiful sunset. 

Doggone World: Best Places in London To Walk Your Dog

Source: Alexandra Palace Facebook Page


Battersea Park

A whole kilometer of riverside fun awaits you and your dog at Battersea Park. But even though you might not be allowed to have fun in the river itself, your pup can still get some wet fun by running through one of the many fountains in the area. It's these beautiful water fixtures that really captivate those who go here. On a hot summer day, running through any of them will guarantee a refreshing change of pace from the hustle and bustle of the British capital. And when you're in need of refreshments, you'll likely see an ice cream vendor or two ready to offer you frozen treats! 

Doggone World: Best Places in London To Walk Your Dog

Source: Battersea Park


Crystal Palace Park

Want to take your dog on a real tailspin? Lead him into the maze at Crystal Palace Park and see if he/she can get out of it easily. Out of all the parks on this list, this is one of the more fun spots because of the maze.  Play hide-and-seek with your pup by going into it and letting him/her chase you. In no time, your canine friend will tire him/herself out. If not, then that means he/she might have spotted one of the few dinosaurs scattered around the area. These prehistoric creatures are remnants of a former dinosaur theme park that used to operate in the park. 

Doggone World: Best Places in London To Walk Your Dog

Source: Crystal Palace Park


Hampstead Heath

Your dogs are likely up for a good climb, aren’t they? After walking on the many plain cobblestones and flat parks, a climb on Hampstead Heath will be a welcome challenge for you both. The park is situated up on Parliament Hill and once you get to the top, you'll be treated to a spectacular view of London's skyline, reaching through most of the city’s districts. Meanwhile, your pup will have a gay old time frolicking in the meadow-like fields of the park. You might even see him/her rolling down the hill just for fun. Either way, this is a great park to simply rest and rejuvenate, both for you and your dog. 

Doggone World: Best Places in London To Walk Your Dog

Source: Hampstead Heath


Epping Forest

There's just something about walking your dog through a forest that feels romantic. It's as if you've stumbled unto a fairytale in a storybook. While most of the country's most idyllic forests reside in the countryside, there's still one near London that's worth a look. Epping Forest has over 5,900 acres of land just waiting to be explored.  It's said to be the biggest open space in all of London. And it's a great spot to have a quiet stroll with just you and your pup, especially during summer! You never know, he/she might sniff around and discover something truly magical in this city woodland. 

Doggone World: Best Places in London To Walk Your Dog

Source: Epping Forest


Peckham Rye Park & Common

Peckham Rye Park & Common is probably the most welcoming out of all the places on this list. They love dogs here so much, they hold an annual dog show every September. It's here where people parade their best pups and see which one is the most beautiful, the most obedient, and more. But if you're not one to enter yours in such a contest, you can still enjoy the 113 acres of open space. A game of fetch will probably take hours to play here. To which your dog won't probably mind, but would you be able to handle it? 

Doggone World: Best Places in London To Walk Your Dog

Source: Peckham Rye Park & Common


Richmond Park

Remember the viral "Fenton!" video that made social media headlines a couple of years ago. Did you see how vast the space of that setting was where the dog could just chase around the dear for as long as he wanted? Well, that video actually took place at Richmond Park. One of the biggest Royal parks in the city, it boasts about 6.73 miles of open fields. It can practically fit the entire Buckingham Palace here! And it’s so peaceful, going to this part would probably make you forget that you're still in one of the busiest cities in the world. Your pooch will have an amazing time running around for miles, soaking in the fresh air! 

Doggone World: Best Places in London To Walk Your Dog

Source: Richmond Park


Valentine's Park

If your dog wants to splash around, take him to the many ponds and creeks over at Valentine's Park. This open area resembles a forest in the countryside⁠—ditches and reeds surrounded by beautiful trees and acres upon acres of land. Your pup will have a tremendous time just splashing along and waddling away in many of the shallow bodies of water in the area. As for you? It's a great place to just stroll about and meditate. Despite its close proximity to London, it's one of the more peaceful areas near the city. It also doesn't get crowded here often. 

Doggone World: Best Places in London To Walk Your Dog

Source: Valentine's Park


Wimbledon Common

Want to let your dog just wander and take off? If he/she is a good boy/girl, he/she'll know how to get back to you! Now, if only there's a place in London where your pooch can run wild and free? Enter Wimbledon Common! A vast field of greeneries as far as the eye can see, this is one of the more spacious parks in all of this list. It's all mostly flat ground with a few trees here and there. It’s quite a suitable escape when the Wimbledon Open comes and you want something to do that’s not tennis-related. At the same time, it’s perfect for your dog to just play about, run, and live his/her best life. He/she might never even want to leave the place after! 

Doggone World: Best Places in London To Walk Your Dog

Source: Wimbledon Common


London might be one of the most sophisticated cities in the world, but it still has many soft spots for dogs. Take your canines to any of these wonderful parks and let them play around and live freely. It'll be the highlight of their trip! 



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