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Top Tips for Taking Paris Taxis

July 09, 2023
Taking a taxi in ​​Paris is no joke. Though there are tons of taxis in the French capital, it's not always easy to get one. You can book a ride online, but even that has its own set of problems. Sometimes, it's just better to do things the old-fashioned way. And while it's not always easy, there are things you can do to make it less of a hassle. You can call a taxi, for example. Or stay in popular areas in Paris, if you can. You can also head to the nearest taxi terminal if the situation allows for it. Rest assured that any of these tips and more will get you a taxi in Paris in no time.

Top Tips for Taking Paris Taxis

Call A Taxi

Did you know that you can call a taxi to go right to your location? Instead of the hassle of grabbing one off the street, you can just call up any of the city's main taxi companies and they'll send one to you in a flash. In Paris, there are three major private taxi companies that allow you to call one up for yourself. There's G7 (+33-1-41-27-66-99), Taxis Bleus (+33-1-84-60-56-89), and Alpha Taxis (+33-1-45-85-85-85). All you have to do is dial them up, let them know where you are, and the taxi will arrive in no time.

Download A Taxi Company App

Fortunately, many of the aforementioned taxi companies have their own apps too. So if you think calling them up seems too arduous a task, you can just book a ride through their app. It's just like how you can use a transportation app to book a private ride too. Taxi companies have adopted this approach as a way to compete with the many ride-hailing companies dominating the transportation industry right now. And the main difference between the two is the price. Booking a taxi through a company's app costs right around the same as hailing one off the street. And there are no added charges like they do in Uber or Lyft.

Top Tips for Taking Paris Taxis

Stay in Popular Areas

When all else fails try to stay within the most popular areas in the city. Since Paris is a well-known tourist destination, places like the Eiffel Tower in the 7th Arrondissement or the Champs-Élysées are packed with tourists. And it's places like these where taxis tend to drive around. The more tourists there are, the more customers they'll get. Hence, if you have no choice but to hail one off the street, famous spots like these are where it's at! You'll have tough competition though, as tourists will likely try to get a ride too.

Head to The Nearest Taxi Terminal

Did you know that Paris has taxi terminals? These are designated spots to get a taxi in Paris. They're located throughout the city's many neighborhoods, yet you could easily overlook them. Why? Because these terminals are nothing more than signed with the word “taxi” on them. Set against the beautiful backdrop that is Paris, it's easy to miss these admittedly plain signs. Some are lighted, sure, but even that's not enough to truly steal your attention. You'd do well to keep your eyes peeled and really look for them the next time you need to get a taxi in Paris!

Top Tips for Taking Paris Taxis

Beware of The Unlicensed Taxis

Yes, there actually are unlicensed taxis that drive around Paris. They prey on unsuspecting tourists and charge them a higher fee, sometimes even higher than what you'd pay Uber or Lyft for the same distance. So how do you spot these unlicensed taxis? For one thing, they rarely have a 'taxi' sign on their roofs. And when you get inside, there's no meter to tell you how much the ride costs. Now, these may seem fairly easy to spot but oftentimes, these unlicensed taxis will act like they belong to transportation app companies, letting you think that they're legitimate.

Taxis are More Expensive At Night

It's worth knowing that taxis tend to spike their prices come nightfall. During the day, the basic fee is around €7.10 and the price per kilometer starts at €1.07 for the first seven and €1.65 for each additional kilometer. As well as a waiting time fee of €35.00 per hour. At night, however, the price per each additional kilometer goes up to €1.35, and a waiting time fee of €38.00 per hour. These might not seem all that much at first, but considering the high costs in Paris, every cent you get to save counts!

Top Tips for Taking Paris Taxis

Always Have Some Cash on You

Even though Paris is a city devoted to credit cards, it's always helpful to bring some cash with you when you take public transport. There are still a few places that only accept cash. And most taxis are some of them! Many taxi drivers still operate in a conventional way, only preferring to be paid in cash than through credit. As such, having some cash on you will let you have as hassle-free a ride as possible. At the same time, you're also sure to get exact change if the situation calls for it.

Do You Tip the Taxi Driver?

There's another reason why having cash on hand when you take a taxi is useful—tipping! Tipping is very important to the Parisians, especially those who aren't exactly as well-off as they'd hoped. Think working students, young adults in the service industry, and the like. Many of these people live on tips, especially when you consider how expensive it is to live in Paris. As such, they rely on your tips to help them get by. Of course, these include taxi drivers too. While it's not customary to tip taxi drivers, they will appreciate it if you do. And you only need to tip about 10%.

Look Out For The Credit Card Stickers

Although having some cash is more advisable when it comes to taking a taxi in Paris, you can still use your credit card on a few taxis. Emphasis on a 'few' though! Considering how many taxis operate in this bustling metropolis, only a handful of them accept credit cards. But how will you know the one you got does? Look for a credit card company sticker. If you see a Visa, MasterCard, or any other credit card company's sticker on there, it means they accept those specific cards.

Top Tips for Taking Paris Taxis

Are you having a hard time getting a taxi in Paris? Perhaps you'll benefit from learning a few tips. It's no secret that getting a ride in the bustling French capital is no walk in the park. These tips will definitely help you along the way!

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