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Chic Ways to Dress like a Parisian This Spring

February 18, 2021
Parisian women are known for their innate sense of style. They somehow manage to look effortlessly cool and chic whether they’re at the bakery or at the opera. So harness some of that French style for yourself with our tips on how to dress like a Parisian in spring.

Get Your Basics Right

Parisians are all about the basics. That’s what most of their style staples are all about You can have all the fancy, floral, printed pieces in the world but if you don’t have a good wardrobe of basics then you’ll always feel like you end up with nothing to wear. Start with the essentials like a white T-shirt, a black T-shirt, and of course, a classic blue and white striped T-shirt. French brands like Saint James make some of the best Breton stripe T-shirts in the world and no self-respecting Parisian is without one. These basics act as perfect layering items which are essential in the Parisian spring. Which brings us on to our next point… 

how to dress like a Parisian in spring

Layer Up! 

Layering is an art form and if you can get it right then you’ll never fail to look effortlessly chic. Take cues from the city’s most stylish residents this spring and wear your summer dresses under more utilitarian jackets or trench coats. Remember: outerwear isn’t reserved for autumn style. These warmer layers can always be removed depending on the weather, which is notoriously unpredictable for Paris in Spring. 

how to dress like a Parisian in spring

Don’t Be Fooled by the Weather

As mentioned, the weather in Paris in the spring can be unpredictable so make sure you have options. While layering is a great way to showcase some warm-weather fashions without freezing yourself, this means you have to also adjust your look throughout the day. Think shift dresses in thick cotton or cashmere cardigans! Downpours are common in spring too so we suggest carrying an umbrella or maybe a bucket hat which is very in for SS20. 

how to dress like a Parisian in spring

Neutrals are Key 

While you shouldn’t shy away from a few splashes of color, French women tend to dress in neutral hues. You can blame Phoebe Philo’s Celine for that! Colors like navy, beige, and the classic black & white—made popular by Coco Chanel herself!—make up the majority of a Parisian wardrobe. If you do want to incorporate some colour into your spring wardrobe, try more muted tones like khaki green and burnt orange to keep it low key. 

how to dress like a Parisian in spring

Dress for Comfort 

There is nothing chic about being uncomfortable and Parisian women know that. In winter, flat, chunky biker boots are the order of the day but once spring has sprung, you’ll need some fresh white sneakers to keep you looking cool. A nice pair form <Off-White or Adidas will do! Sport them with jeans, skirts, dresses, and anything else you fancy. 

how to dress like a Parisian in spring

Invest in a Classic Accessory 

While your clothes don’t need to cost the earth, investing in a timeless accessory that costs a little more can make all the difference to your outfits. French women will often buy one classic handbag from their favorite designers and wear it year after year and season after season. If you can justify an indulgent purchase based on the cost per wear then go ahead. Choose something that transcends trends and fads like a classic Chanel quilted bag or an Isabel Marant sweater. 

how to dress like a Parisian in spring

Get A Good Pair of Sunglasses 

As soon as the sun shines in Paris, Parisian women reach for their sunnies. A cool pair of sunglasses can transform an outfit and will ensure you look like a local while you enjoy a cup of coffee in a café or sip wine at a pavement bistro. 

how to dress like a Parisian in spring

Be Yourself

While all these rules are telling you how to dress like a Parisian in spring, in truth, the secret to Parisian style is that French women dress for themselves. If they like something they wear it. So you have a bright orange jumper you want to wear. It might not be a neutral, but if it’s something you love wearing and you wear it with confidence then you can guarantee you’ll look chic in it. 


how to dress like a Parisian in spring



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