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How to Dress Like a Parisian for Autumn

August 30, 2020
It's now September! And this can only mean that autumn is just around the corner. The air smells a little bit sweeter and the leaves are turning into different colors. It's arguably the most beautiful time of the year, especially in a city like Paris. Undeniably, the French capital is stunning no matter what season, but there's something about Paris during autumn that's so arresting. Like a calm painting you'd see on the wall of your grandmother's house. Now, you wouldn't want to look out of place, do you? Here are some ways you can dress to help you fit in the Fashion capital for this season.

How to Dress Like a Parisian for Autumn


The Ultimate Staple: The Trench Coat

The popularity of the trench coat may have started in London thanks to Burberry Prorsum, but wearing it in Paris is as fitting as in the British capital. Through the years, the once military garment has become a major style staple across the world, most especially for autumn. French designer labels have incorporated it in their signature styles. This season has the right weather for it since it's not too hot and not too cold. It's just right. And here in Paris, you can style it differently too. While the classic beige look will always work, having it in different colors and cuts won't be held bad as well. 

How to Dress Like a Parisian for Autumn


Borrowed from the Men

The French practically invented androgynous style that the world sees now. From Chanel's square-shaped suits to Yves Saint Laurent's iconic "Le Smoking" look, tailored pieces have become quintessential Parisian style staples. And this is why when autumn comes, Parisian women take to tailoring for their day-to-night looks. Think fitted blazers, long trousers, and a little bit of pinstripes here and there. For the more streetwise crowd, having them a bit oversized looks cool and fresh as well. But for that classic casual look, a crisp white button-down will always work no matter what. You won't even need a jacket to exhibit that manly swag. 

How to Dress Like a Parisian for Autumn


Red is The Color of The Season

If there's one color Parisian women love donning, it's red! This rings true during autumn as well. Why do you think 'Valentino Red' ever got popular among the haute crowd here? Thre's something so elegant yet seductive about this hue but in lighter tones or darker shades. If you really want to stand out against the Paris autumn backdrop, sporting monochromatically will really leave an impact. But if you prefer to tone it down a bit, just a slight pop of red will do, be it a red top, red shoes, or even your lips covered in smackingly red lipstick! 

How to Dress Like a Parisian for Autumn


Lead Your Outfit with Leather

Once autumn has come, many Parisian women love putting textures and textiles into the forefront of their seasonal styles. One of them is leather. Of course, they sport leather all the time via their designer handbags from the likes of Hermès, Loewe, and Louis Vuitton. But this season, they take it up a notch. Think black leather jackets that give even the most elegant outfits a more badass attitude. Or tight leather pants that turn the sex appeal up a few levels. Leather often connotes toughness and strength. And in this day and age, that's what Frech women want to express with their looks. 

How to Dress Like a Parisian for Autumn


Tantalize with a Turtleneck

What is fashion without function? What makes Parisian style stand out so much is the balance between practicality and prettiness. French women don't just look good, you know they feel good too. For autumn, the practical piece of the season is the turtleneck. A nice knitted and fitted turtleneck will not only keep your body warm, but it will also outline it in a sensual and, sometimes, suggestive way. It's the type of style staple in which you can still look sexy whilst all covered up. Fortunately, you can look for the right piece in any of Paris' fashionable shopping destinations

How to Dress Like a Parisian for Autumn


Feeling Velvety

Of course, you'd also want to stay warm at night, right? There's no beating that cool autumn breeze! And while knitwear makes a good case for leisurewear for bedtime, going out in Paris at night warrants a little elegance. This sophistication can come in the form of a velvet dress or even a tailored suit. There's no denying this material often makes one look a little older, but a well-cut piece in velvet makes for a lovely elegant look. Labels like Lanvin and Dior have made it the ultimate Parisian textile for the evening, next to silk that is. 

How to Dress Like a Parisian for Autumn


Golden Like the Parisian Twilight Sky

Go to any shopping district in Paris and you'll have no trouble finding a golden piece. The French capital sure loves its gold, and fashion is no exception. The twinkling lights of the city alone look like golden sparkles, why not add to them? If velvet is not to your liking for an evening autumn look, perhaps a gilded look would suffice? You can either go metallic for that futuristic appeal or have it bedazzled for that signature sparkle. Whether it be a mini-dress for the club or an evening gown for a formal affair, there's no denying a gilded look will leave quite the impact here in Paris! 

How to Dress Like a Parisian for Autumn


Autumn in Paris isn't just a lovely sight to behold, it's also a fashion show on the streets! This season brings out some of the best in many fashionistas and if you want to keep up with them while you're in the city, here are a few ways you'll need to dress.  

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