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Top Parisian Style Staples To Have in Your Wardrobe

April 22, 2020
Although the Parisian style is all about a specific attitude, they cant' deny that they have their own style staples. Women who live in the French capital have certain key pieces that helped make their style pop out. They're mostly simple and basic, yet they also help elevate their looks. If you're stuck at home and you can't go to Paris, at least you can still look as if you belong there. The many French style staples are available in many online stores around the world. And here are the key pieces to invest in in order to look like a Parisian.

Top Parisian Style Staples To Have in Your Wardrobe


White Shirt

The white shirt is arguably the simplest and most basic style staple that's a fixture in Parisian style. However, it also comes in two distinct yet equally chic variations. The more popular of which is the button-down, a classic fashion essential that practically everyone has in their wardrobes. You probably have a good number of them already in your closet which you use mostly for business occasions. A Parisian twist calls for you to tone it down and make it casual via a slim-fitting pair of jeans or a nice leather skirt. The other variation, on the other hand, is simply a white tee. Just as classic, this staple pairs well with any other piece. 

Top Parisian Style Staples To Have in Your Wardrobe


Slim-Cut Denim Jeans

You may think that denim jeans seem so American but the French have embraced them just as well. When you go to Paris, there's nothing chicer than a woman in a nice button-down, paired with slim-cut denim jeans and thin-heeled stilettos. The outfit is simple in essence, but makes quite an impact, especially if the wearer has the attitude to match. Fortunately for you, you can find this style staple just about anywhere. However, go for a pair that's just right. If they're too tight on you, you won't achieve that cool nonchalant Parisian look that you were going for. 

Top Parisian Style Staples To Have in Your Wardrobe


Tailored Blazer

Now, do you what would pair well with the first two staples? A tailored blazer. A white shirt and jeans are great for a casual day our, but for work and other functions that call for a slightly more sophisticated look, just put on a tailored blazer and you're good to go! The structured silhouette gives you a more distinguished form, even if the other pieces you're wearing are downright casual. The sophistication isn't severe, and you can still have fun et look completely appropriate with this timeless piece. And just a pro-tip: the more structured the shoulders are, the better! 

Top Parisian Style Staples To Have in Your Wardrobe


The Camel Coat

Camel is one of those colours that will always chic no matter what. It is a neutral colour, after all. It makes sense that it's versatile enough to pair with other colours but also strong enough to stand on its own. Out of all the pieces that this hue renders, a nice coat is as Parisian as you can get. The outerwear gives you both a mysterious yet timeless appeal, as well as eating of elegance no matter how casual your outfit is underneath. Even during the hotter seasons, you can sport the lighter versions of this style staple to still keep up your Parisian look. 

Top Parisian Style Staples To Have in Your Wardrobe


Silk Camisole

If there's one fashion market that Paris has mastered, it's lingerie. Boudoir-style dressing practically started in this city, and for many women who live here, they've translated the style onto the streets as well. So what do they wear to look sexy yet still appropriate while walking in the beautiful streets of Paris? A silk camisole! Often used for sleepwear—and technically, it's still an undergarment—Parisians have worn it with jeans, over their white tees, and under their blazers for a casual yet classically sensual look. That little sheen from the silk and the lace trimmings bu the neckline add a touch of romance to an otherwise normcore outfit. 

Top Parisian Style Staples To Have in Your Wardrobe


The Little Black Dress

One of the biggest fashion houses in Paris, Chanel, practically invented the little black dress. So naturally, it belongs on this list of Parisian style staples. What's so great about this classic piece is that it's a quick and easy answer for any woman who is in sudden need of a more sophisticated look. A guy spontaneously asked you out for a date? Your boss wants you to hold an impromptu presentation? Your friends invite you toa swanky establishment for brunch? The 'LBD' will work for any or all of these and more! There's no other garment with this much star power yet versatility. 

Top Parisian Style Staples To Have in Your Wardrobe


An Evening Suit

But what if you're not into dresses? Say that your style is more rebellious and dresses simply aren't for you. Yet you still want to look elegant for your hot date or for an evening gala that your friend is hosting. What do you wear to it? Well, thanks to Yves Saint Laurent and his 'Le Smoking' suit, you can now opt for a nice tuxedo-like ensemble. Though slightly masculine, the staple's charm and essence are purely feminine and oh-so-sensual. Also, the more tailored your suit is, the better you can work it and allure and seduce the Parisian way! 

Top Parisian Style Staples To Have in Your Wardrobe


Paris may seem like this shining fashion capital that you can never get to the same level of, but in reality, looking like you belong here is easier than you think. You just need the right staples that Parisian women swear by. And, of course, with an attitude to match! 

All Images come from Unsplash.com







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