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How to Drink Wine Like A Parisian

April 20, 2020
It's no secret that the French always have their own special ways of doing things. Especially the ones who live in Paris. For a city that's so known and beloved by the entire world, it sure does follow the beat of a different drum. But that's okay. That's what makes the city so special! Among all the things that they've made into a unique ritual, drinking wine is something you must understand. They have certain rules and distinct ways of doing so. You can do it in your own home, especially as practice for when you go to Paris for real!

How to Drink Wine Like A Parisian


Choose the Appropriate Wine for the Season

Firstly, your choice of wine is just as important as how you drink it. When drinking wine like a Parisian, it's vital that you choose French wine in the first place. Although France, in general, is more known for their champagnes, their wine selection is just as good. And in fact, Parisians often prefer their homegrown bottles than those from other countries. Furthermore, you should also choose the wine that's appropriate for the season, Case in point: winter is for red wines, mostly, Especially since this is the season for the holidays. And nothing goes better with celebrations than your finest red! 


Open the Bottle Properly

Yes, there's a properly Parisian way on how to open a wine bottle. You don't just slice it open like any old bottle of liquor. You have to it the right way in order to fit in with the Parisians. Do you see that little knife on the corkscrew? You use it to cut around the rim of the cork to loosen it up. Once you feel that it's no longer tight, you pull it off. It's important to remember that you do not, under any circumstances, take the entire foil capsule off. It may not seem much to you, but it's seen as bad manners by the French. 


How to Drink Wine Like A Parisian

The Men Serve the Ladies

Parisian women may be independent and tough, but that doesn't stop them from letting the men fulfil their chivalrous duty. In a setting where wine is served, men should always serve the women their wine. It's customary that, even with any other alcoholic drink, that women do not pour the wine on their glasses themselves if there are men present. It's the man's duty to do that. Although this practice seems a little outdated, it's to uphold traditional French manners. Similarly, whoever is serving wine must never just serve himself. He is obliged to serve others or ask them if they want more wine. 


Don't Overfill your Glass

Do you really need a full glass of wine? If you're all by yourself and you're feeling a bit down, that's all well and good. But when you have company? It's actually bad manners to fill your wine glass all the way to the top. It's customer for Parisians to only have wine glasses come half-full. Having a full glass of wine can often mean that you're not in the mood to socialize, and in Paris, this is a no-no. Drinking wine always goes hand-in-hand with good conversation for Parisians. 


How to Drink Wine Like A Parisian


Always Pair it with Food

When you drink wine like a Parisian, you never really just drink it by itself. You always have to pair it with food. Why do you think they have several sorts of cheeses that go well with wine? In Paris, drinking wine is mostly done during a meal. Whether's lunch, dinner, or some snacks in between, you always have food on the table when you drink wine. When you just drink it by itself, Parisians will usually see you as somewhat of an alcoholic. And you don't want that reputation, do you? 


Drink it Slowly

Speaking of avoiding looking like an alcoholic, you also should drink your wine furiously. Drink it slowly, better in-between chatting with your friends or bites of fine French cheese, You don't down it all in one gulp. Wine isn't beer. In France, as well as other European countries, it's a drink that's meant to be savoured and enjoyed, Not a fast zinger to give you a strong kick! When you sip, make sure you have just enough for a nice mouthful. And always leave some in your glass, even when you want another refill. 


Finish When Everyone Does

Finally, the last rule to drinking wine like a Parisian is to always finish when everyone else is finished. This doesn't necessarily mean that when everyone else's glasses are empty, you chug yours down to finish a the same time (remember, drink your wine slowly.), but rather, you don't ask for more. When everyone's done with drinking with wine, you should be too. It's simple table manners that are most associated with drinking alcohol than anything else. Now, if you still want to drink even when the others are through, you can always go for a digesting. It's an after-dinner liqueur that helps with your digestion and it's very common in Paris. 


How to Drink Wine Like A Parisian


Enjoy wine the Parisian way by following these rules and tips on how the locals do it in the French capital. And they're very important too. While you're at home, this will serve as great practice for your next trip to the "City of Lights!"






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